Uncle Sam's Quilt with American Banner Rose

Hello there, lovlies! I'm Andie and I sew and blog over at Andie Johnson Sews. I'm so excited to share this vintage-inspired quilt with you!  This quilt was born from a longing to make something patriotic and slightly old-fashioned looking, but it had to have a fresh and sweet feel to it. For me, this quilt is just the right mix of traditional and modern - which, quite frankly, makes me a little giddy. This quilt is a snap to put together and would make a wonderful gift for your favorite veteran, military family, or patriot!

1 jelly roll of American Banner Rose
1 1/4 yards of tan and white woven check {which is 54" wide}
1/2 yard of red small floral print {for the binding}
2 3/4 yards of aqua background with red flowers {backing}

Begin by sorting your jelly roll into colors: light blue, dark blue, red, light neutral and dark neutral.

Cut the strips that will make the stripes first: keeping the strip folded in half the way it comes off the roll, measure 16" from the selvage end and cut across the strip. Repeat this process with all of the red strips and all of the light neutral strips. You'll need to add a few of the darker neutrals to round out the neutral totals.

This will give you two 16" pieces and one 11ish" piece. I chose to leave my selvages in the quilt {I think it makes it scrappier, which I totally dig.}

Red strip totals: {18} 16" strips and {9} 11ish" strips
Neutral strip totals: {9} 16" strips and {9} 11ish" strips

From the blue strips, cut {54} 2.5" squares, using whatever color combo of the lights and darks you like. I mixed mine up.

Begin sewing the blue squares together.  Piece {2} rows of 3 squares.

Sew the rows together.

For each flag:
1. Piece {2} 11" pieces together - one red, one neutral with the red on top.
2. Piece {3} 16" strips together, two red and one neutral. The neutral will be in the middle.
3. Attach the 11" strip set to the blue square set.

4. Attach the blue/strip set to the 3-strip set to create the flag.

Layout your {9} flags on a design wall or on the floor to find the arrangement that is the most pleasing. Trim the flags to 16" x 10".

Next, cut the sashing fabric {the woven check}. Cut:
{6} 3" x 16" strips for the vertical sashing
{4} 3" x 35" strips for the horizontal sashing and top and bottom borders
{2} 3" x 60" strips for the side borders

Add the checkered sashing and borders: first add the 16" vertical pieces between the flags. Then add the horizontal pieces that will separate the rows. {You can see in the picture that I didn't do a stellar job of lining up my rows. Be careful when adding the horizontal pieces to make sure the rows match. I had to go back and fix this!} Add the outside borders, attaching the top and bottom strips first and then the sidepieces.
Cut the remaining blue strips into 6" pieces.

Piece together {2} strips of 8 pieces for the top and {2} strips of 10 pieces for the sides. Add the side strips first and then the top and bottom strips to the border.

This is the pieced top!

Quilt as desired. My dear friend Jill, whom I met through the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild , is
a truly gifted quilter and longarmer and she quilted this for me! She did a fantastic job and I just
 love the stars, loops and ribbons she added. Yum!

Bind the quilt with the red floral yardage and run this little gem through the wash to make it crinkly and cuddly!


60" x 45" quilt

The back is just as yummy as the front! I like to piece my quilt backing, but this quilt will be just as sweet without it. I just used some leftover strips from the roll in a random pattern.

I had so much fun making this quilt. I love a quick project that has huge eye-candy payoff. This quilt would also be delicious using other Moda lines like Hometown or Ruby. Thinking outside the box with something as iconic as the American Flag made with unconventional colors can result in the most unique and inspiring projects!

Happy stitching y'all and God Bless America!

Andie Johnson


Jeni said...

Oh, I love all the flags. Perfect timing as we think of the many things we are thankful for here in America.

Shawn said...

Great quilt and idea, I love it!!

Dawn Hendrix said...

LOVE IT... and I have the fabric sitting here,,, WIN win!

Sherry said...

Love this quilt & the American Banner Rose fabric line. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Having trouble downloading it but will try again later.

Suzanne said...

This is really lovely!

The Tulip Patch said...

Cute quilt! congrats on your first bake shop!

eatmoresmores said...

I love the fabric and the quilt!

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Love this! Perfect pattern!!! I was thinking this Veteran's day that I wanted to do a "American flag" quilt soon!

RETRO-Fabulous Blog said...


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jillquilts said...

Great job, pumpkin! It looks wonderful! ;)

Muddling Through said...

What a great quilt! Thanks for sharing. It's going on my list.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love this!

harleywife57 said...

Oh I really love this !! Thanks for the ez to follow tute ! I am thankful to find this !

Shannon said...

Beautiful quilt with such an old-fashioned look about it! I LOVE it, and thanks so much for the tutorial. This will definitely be a quilt on my to-make list! :)

Jo said...

CUTE idea. Perfect for a quilt Quilt of Valor!! Congrats on a great design.

brenna said...

I've been wanting to do a quilt for QOV, this looks perfect!

Carla said...

How fun, Andie! I really like how the striped fabric adds some interest too. Great job on the tute, girl!

Jennifer said...

great! this is another one to add to my quilting bucket list. thanks so much!

nena said...

oh, I so love this pattern. I just ordered the same fabric and a nice background fabric to make this quilt. I can hardly wait for it to come in!!!!!!

Sharon C said...
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Sharon C said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. It's absolutely lovely. I was about to order fabric for my 82 year old fathers birthday quilt and the American Banner Rose was too "fru-fru" for him, so I picked out fabric and cut my own strips to use. He's a retired navy veteran. Fabulous instructions, easy and fun. Can hardly wait to give it to him now!

donna said...

Beautiful! I have the jelly roll, can you point me to the check you used? I would be grateful.THANKS!

Joanne Stine said...

Lovely quilt, but if anyone intends to use it as a bed quilt, or quilt of valor with the flags "hanging vertically", please place the field of "stars" in the upper left. Proper flag etiquette can be found at http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/more/displayonly.htm
Thank you so much for the great pattern!