Ribbon Candy Tree Skirt


1 Jelly Roll – Bella Solids Natural
1 1/3 yard – Bella Solid Natural (990039)
1 1/3 yard – cream felt

Happy Holidays! I’m Jennifer Rodriguez from All Things Belle. While my regular cup of tea is pieced quilt patterns, during the holidays I’m always feeling rushed to make more projects in less amount of time. Today I’m going to show you how to make a dramatic and classic tree skirt that is so simple. I love how it resembles Christmas ribbon candy. This tree skirt would be easy to match your decor; all you would have to do is change the Bella Solid jelly roll or serger thread.

In my project I used both my serger and ruffler foot. These accessories are not necessary to complete this tree skirt and I will give you tips how to work without them.

Step One: You will first need to decide on your color scheme for the skirt. Our Christmas tree is full of colorful ornaments and I didn’t want the skirt to be too bright. I choose to work with the Bella Solids natural and green serger thread.

Step Two: You will serge both sides of every jelly roll strip. If you don’t want to lose any width to your fabric, you can choose to not use the blade in your serger. However, I find you get a smoother serged edge if you have it cut the fabric as well.
*If you do not have a serger, you can zigzag the sides of all the strips. The sewn sides are decorative and to minimize any unraveling.

When you are done, you will have a very large pile of jelly roll strips.

Step Three: You will cut both the Bella Natural fabric and the felt into a very large circle with a 42″ diameter. Find the center of the circles and cut a 21″ slit -this will be the opening that will fit around your tree base.

Step Four: Spray or pin baste the two circles together; serge them together. This is will be your tree skirt base.
*If you do not have a serger, you can do a straight stitch to sew them together and bind them together with bias tape.

Step Five: With your ruffler foot set at 12:1 (twelve stitches for every ruffle), place the strips so that the needle will sew down the middle. Please refer to picture below.
*If you do not have a ruffler foot, you can sew a long running stitch and gather by hand. This will create a slightly different ruffle, but will still be adorable.

Step Six: Once you have ruffled/gathered every strip, pin the strips in a circular manner on the skirt base. The strips will not be long enough for the circumference for the outer rows – simply pin another strip on top of end of the last.

Continue in this manner until the tree skirt base is covered.

Step Seven: With a long elongated serpentine stitch, sew the strips in place.

I did a serpentine stitch to give it a more decorative look to the strips.

When you start and end the strips, fold the raw edges under about 1/4-1/2″.

And that’s it! Can you believe it? This project is so amazingly easy, but it provides a dramatic result.

With this color combination, it’s complementary to our very colorful tree but does not provide a glaring contrast.

I hope you will try this skirt. It’s easy to alter to fit your personal style. Wouldn’t this be fabulous in black and white? Or maybe orange and black for a little kitsch Halloween tree next year? The possibilities are endless!



A 42″ round tree skirt that is so adorable you will be hesitant to let Santa cover it up with presents!

Thank you so much for spending this time with me. I wish you a very happy holiday season! I would love to see if you make one of these skirts. Please feel free to share it in my All Things Belle Flickr group.

Jennifer Rodriguez