Starry Terrain Quilt

Horray, Horray, it's a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Well everyday is a Moda Bake Shop day, but today it's my day to show you the latest project that I have been working on, Starry Terrain. I needed a wedding present and the couple had requested a black, lime and magenta quilt. I checked to see what fabric lines Moda had and of course, they had something that would work...the fabric line Terrain along with the black swirl fabric...perfect. For interest, I ended up adding the orange too. I hope you like it.

Terrain is a fun fabric line with deep jewel toned colors. Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop has fabric from the line at her shop. She has generously offered to sponsor a give away for $50 gift certificate to one of my lucky blog readers. After you check out the tutorial here, head on over to my blog, Jo's Country Junction, to learn more about it.

1 Terrain Layer Cake
6 yards Black Marble Swirls Jet9908 29
2 yards Orange
Terrain Lichen Bloom 27098 13
3 1/2 yards Magenta Terrain Fern Berry 27099 12
2 yards Lime/Teal Terrain Lichen Foliage 27098 14
6.5 yards Backing Terrain Forest Floor Foliage 27090 14-More fabric will be need if you don't want to piece a scrappy backing.

Cutting Instructions:

Black-6 yards
Cut 32~ 2 1/2" strips sub cut into 512~2 1/2" squares
Cut 19~2 7/8" strips sub cut into 256~ 2 7/8" squares cut on diagonal
Cut 8~5 1/4" strips sub cut into 64~5 1/4" squares cut twice on diagonal

Lime-2 yards
Cut 19~2 7/8" strips sub cut into 256~ 2 7/8" squares cut on diagonal

Orange-2 yards
Cut 8~5 1/4" strips sub cut into 64~5 1/4" squares cut twice on diagonal
Cut 7~ 3 1/2" strips. Set aside for a pieced back.

Magents-3 1/2 yards
Cut 16~5 1/4" strips sub cut into 128~5 1/4" squares cut twice on diagonal
Cut 9~2.5" Strips for binding

Layer Cake
Remove the lime, orange and magenta squares from the remaining squares cut 64~ 4 1/2" squares. There will be a few repeated fabrics and some leftover.

When you initially look at this quilt, it appears like the quilt features the green star block. That is not true! This is the actual block:

As the blocks come together, they create the secondary green star. Also note the center square of each of the stars features a different fabric.

Start by sewing the black and green triangles together to make half square triangle blocks. You will need 512 total. Press to the black.

Now take a black 2 1/2" square and pair it with one of the half square triangles that were just created. Sew together as shown. Press to the black square. Now pair the pieces together and sew. Press seam to one side. Set these aside.

To create the hour glass portion of the block take a magenta triangle and lay it on a black triangle. Sew as shown. Press to the magenta. You will need 512 total.

Take a magenta triangle and lay it on an orange triangle. Sew as shown. Press to the magenta. You will need 512 total.

Lay the newly formed triangles on top of each other and sew making sure to match the center seams. Continue until you have 512 quarter square triangle blocks.

Begin assembling the blocks by sewing the pieces into strips as shown.

Sew those strips together to create the block. Complete 64 blocks.

Assemble the blocks into an 8 x 8 layout.

To piece the backing, take the leftovers from the layer cake and sew them into a 126" long strip that is 10" wide. Sew the 3.5" orange strip pieces together. Sew them along the sides of the layer cake pieces. Cut the backing fabric into two 126" pieces. Sew that to the sides of the orange fabric.

Press the backing and top. Layer backing, batting and top. Quilt as desired.

Bind with the magenta 2.5" strips. ENJOY!!

96" x 96"

As long as I quilt, it will always amaze me to see the designs created when blocks come together.

Don't forget to come on over and check out the give away I am hosting for the $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

Jo Kramer


Pat V. said...

Oh, Jo, this is so fabulous! I just happen to have a layer cake of Terrain that has been waiting for the perfect pattern to appear. I love this!

Jennifer said...

Very nice Jo!

krisgray said...

Lovely! The secondary pattern is so cool. It is so nice to see traditional patterns here. The black is just so restive and makes everything pop.

Michelle said...

It's gorgeous!

Kayla K said...

Gorgeous! I thought those colors were a little to bright for my taste but you brought them together brilliantly.

Barb in Mi said...

Great & colorful quilt, sure to be loved!

Neabear said...

This quilt is so pretty! I am sure the recipients will love it! The book I have is on the side bar on this blog.


Laurel said...

It's very striking and I'm sure the newlyweds will love it! Especially now that it's 'famous' :D

Carol said...

I love all of you Bakeshop patterns. It is such a bonus that they are all big enough for a bed size quilt.

teachpany said...

Great use of bright colors in a traditional block. I also love secondary designs!

Unknown said...

love love love! the colors are beautiful!

Diane said...

Wow! This is an eye-popping quilt. I love these colors together!

saraann50 said...

Love it!!!!!

Becky Clay said...

I absolutely love this quilt and can't wait to make it..I have the fat qtr pack, but need the yardage to make it. I so hope I win!!!! Would be a great New Years present!!,

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone gets to sew twice as much in the new year!

LoriLou said...


Tisha said...

Jo its beautiful...i love the brights set on black. I love the terrrain collection and have some sitting here waiting for a project. I love all your quilts. Thanks for sharing another beauty

Linda said...

Absolutely stunning, love the way you use the old standby blocks and add a modern twist. I too am amazed at how many different patterns come out to play in this quilt. Your use of color is absolutely perfect.

SoozeM said...

Oooh just gorgeous, I love the "bonus" stars that appear!

Shelley said...

I love that this quilt is easy to make but looks complex. AND, I love that it is a true bed size quilt!

Claire Jain said...

That's super cute! I'd love to see it in other colors, too :-)

Will Work for Fabric said...

Super cute quilt! I love that you stepped out of you normal color zone!