Line Dance Baby Quilt

Hi, I'm Kathy Mack from Pink Chalk Studio. I'm very excited to share with you this quick and easy baby quilt. A simple project you can complete the day before the baby shower! All you need is one Charm Pack and 1 1/2 yards of background fabric.

  • 1 Charm Pack - Sweetwater Reunion Charm Pack
  • 1.5 yards Background Fabric - Moda Cross Weave Green Orange
  • 5.5 yards Binding - Moda Bella Bias Quilter's Binding Christmas Red
  • Backing and Batting for a 41" x 49" quilt top

1. Cut the following selvage to selvage strips from the background fabric:

Cut (2) strips 2.75" x WOF (width of fabric)
Cut (4) strips 4" x WOF
Cut (4) strips 5" x WOF

2. Layout charm squares into 4 sets containing 7 squares each and 1 set containing 8 squares. Arrange prints for a pleasing balance of color and scale.

3. Piece together charm square sets to create 5 vertical rows. Select your 3 favorite 7 square rows for the quilt center.

4. Place charm square rows on work table. Place 4" sashing strips between the vertical charm square rows and on either side.

5. Sew a sashing strip to the left side of each vertical charm square row. Trim ends of sashing to match length of charm square rows. Sew rows together.

6. Sew 2.75" sashing strip to top of quilt center. Trim ends of sashing to match width of quilt center. Press seams open. Repeat on bottom for remaining 2.75" sashing strip.

7. Fold the remaining 2 charm square rows so they fit on your cutting mat. Cut in half lengthwise to create 2 strips that measure 2.5" x 32" (the 7 charm square row) and 2 strips that measure 2.5" x 36.5" (the 8 charm square row).

8. Sew a 2.5" x 36.5" strip to the left side of quilt center. Press seams open. FLIP the remaining strip so fabrics run in the opposite direction. Sew remaining strip to the right side of the quilt center.

Repeat for top and bottom using the 2.5" x 32" strips.

Sew 5" strips of background fabric to left side of quilt center. Trim ends of border to match length of quilt center. Press seams open. Repeat with another 5" strip of background fabric on the right side of quilt center.

Repeat for top and bottom using remaining 5" strips.

9. Layer quilt top, batting and backing. I used a simple, no-mark approach for my quilting. Working from center of quilt out, use a walking foot to stitch a wavy line using the edges of the vertical column charm squares as a guide. Stitch down the center of the 2.5" strips and finally, stitch down the middle of the borders.

Finished quilt: 41" x 49"

Kathy Mack


Quiltjane said...

Kathy, what a quick project to make. I love the wavy quilting. It really sets the quilt in motion.

Shakey Stitches said...

Such a cute quilt. I love the colours. The quilting looks great!

Okatava said...

I like such an optical illusion!

Pamela Nees said...

Great quick quilt! Love the name of it!

Suzanne said...

I LOVE this project! The quilting lines create a great optical illusion. Besides that, what makes this tutorial so nice is the bright and clear pictures and the clear instructions. Thanks, Kathy!

Karen said...

Great quilt. It should be quick and easy. I have some charm packs. I will need to use your pattern. Thanks for sharing.

neslininatö said...

cute quilt, thanks for sharing

Cindy said...

Great job Kathy!

Beeshebags said...

How would one enlarge the size of the quilt please? I'd like to make it a single bed size for AHQ and they need the quilts to be 42" x 66" and I love how the way this is quilted, it makes the optical illusion of being a wavy quilt....fantastic job....I'm sure I could work it out in the end, but if someone can help with the method, I'd muchly appreciate it (beadnv (at) westnet (dot) com


Laura said...

Wow, I have been looking for a quilt pattern to make for my twin boys. I already have 1 charm pack and enough coordinating fabric to cover 2 of these... How perfect! Thanks for the tutorial :)

Lettyb said...

This seems like a perfect quilt for the niece or nephew, or grand baby of a close friend - you know someone you want to give a special treat to, but don't want to spend a fortune in time or money. Thanks!

Laurel said...

wow - i love it... so simple with the 7 charms / 8 charms outer border... that's definitely going on my "inexpensive baby quilt" idea list! thanks!

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

@beeshebags - when modifying a quilt pattern I like to use a pencil and paper to draw the modified layout. Always use the finished size of your components and then make notes for cutting that add on 1/2 inch for seam allowances.

You're wanting to expand a 41 x 49 quilt to be 42 x 66. You only need 1 extra inch in width so I would begin by making the sashing between the columns 2.5" each instead of 2.25" each (remember, those are finished sizes, you would cut those strips 3" wide). Since there are 4 columns you add your extra inch in width with that single change. You'll need to add one extra charm square to your top strips to make them wide enough.

For length, you need 17" extra. That could be accomplished by adding 4 more charm squares to each vertical column. Remember to add 4 additional charms to the side borders.

You'll also need to length the background sashing strips and borders. I often cut as I go when doing a change like this to ensure nothing is cut too short.

Have fun! Kathy

Elsa said...

Love the colors of this quilt and the quilting really made it unique! Thanks for the tutorial!

calicodaisy said...

Sweet and simple!

Marcia W. said...

This is a wonderful quilt for a Reunion charm pack. It has an optical illusion of a floating appearance of the large charms and the end-to-end border. Plus, it looks like the movement in line dancing with the wavy quilting.

Erika said...

Oh my goodness I can't wait to get my hands on the Reunion collection. Love this!

Beth said...

Charming and easy to complete are a great combination. Thanks so much!

Ginny said...

Love this quilt, easy and fast! Great choice for the background fabric,different but goes wonderfully with the Reunion line.

Sherry said...

What a great baby quilt. Love how you quilted it. Thanks for sharing.

Potpourri said...

I love it, thanks for a quick and easy pattern.