Isosceles Picnic Quilt


Hello! Penny here from sewtakeahike! Today I'd like to share a tutorial with you for making a HUGE! picnic quilt! I don't know about you, but when I need a picnic quilt, a little quilt just won't do. So if you like a big 'ole quilt when you go on a picnic, this might be just the quilt for you!

1 fat quarter set pezzy prints

1/3 yard each of 6 different coordinating moda solids

1 yard each 9 different pezzy prints

6 yards backing fabric

90" X 105" batting

23" binding fabric, cut into 9 strips 2.5" wide

Isosceles template (included in Printer Friendly Version)

Coordinating thread

Notes: all seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise specified.

1. Cut 144 triangles from fq set, yardage of pezzy prints, and 1/3 yard cuts of solids.

2. Choose your layout for the triangles, (18 across makes a row) and sew them together in rows.

TIP: to keep the triangles organized and in the order I wanted, I picked them up a row at a time, keeping each triangle in the correct order and then pinned a sticky note to the first triangle with the row number on it.

There will be 8 rows. When sewing the triangles together, the edges of fabric will not meet up as if you are sewing squares together. Instead, you will overlap them like this, and the edges will come together where the 1/4" seam allowance is.

Then when you sew the next triangle on, make sure the point of the new one is even with the one previously sewn.

3. Sew the 8 rows together, making sure to pin, pin, pin to match up points and edges.

4. Trim the side edges so they are straight.

5. Make your quilt backing. (For my quilt back, I cut out a few extra triangles and used some coordinating moda solids)

6. Make a quilt sandwich and quilt your picnic quilt.

7. Square up your quilt, and make sure to keep the batting and backing scraps to use later to make your handle strap.

8. Make your binding and bind your quilt.

9. Using the backing scraps from squaring your quilt up after quilting, piece together two strips 3" x 92"

10. Spray-baste a strip of the scrap batting and lay one of the strips onto the batting.

11. Quilt the strip lengthwise with a straight stitch every 1/2" and then trim the batting even with the strip edges.

12. Layer the quilted strip right side up and the remaining strip right side down and sew together along long edges, stopping and starting sewing 2" from each end.

13. Turn.

14. Place the right sides of the two ends with no batting together. Pin and sew together. Repeat with the ends that have batting. (This will be fiddly, just go slow).

15. Topstitch along each edge of the strap.

To pack and carry the picnic quilt, fold the quilt lengthwise in thirds.

Then fold each end in about 18".

Then fold one end again.

Fold the other end over and place the quilt evenly over the handle strap.

Grab the loops and bring them together, folding the quilt in half one more time, and there you have it!

84" X 101.5" isosceles picnic quilt with a carrying handle strap!

Penny Layman


Andie said...

Love!! Great looking quilt and really great pattern. Good stuff.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Hi Penny
What a great blanket. Any tips on cutting those million isoceles triangles?

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Excellent tutorial Penny, this is such a fun quilt!!

kulazzv said...

Just briliant! I want one for myself.

Quiltjane said...

Love it Love it Love it

Jenny said...

what a great project!

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Debra,
I actually folded my fabric so that I cut two at a time. And make sure to cut them so the pez all goes in the same direction!

beth lehman said...

I love the triangles! Can you add the dimensions of the triangles or give advice about cutting them? I see the word isosceles, but wonder what size they are!

PatchMe said...

What a great pattern and Tutorial. I "must" sew the Quilt ASAP but I can't open the .pdf file.

sewtakeahike said...

Patchme, I just emailed Jennifer to let her know the printer friendly link isn't working, so hopefully it will be up and going later today.

Beth, the template should be available when you click "printer friendly version" at the end of the post, however, it isn't currently working so the dimensions of the triangles are: 14.5" on each long side, and 10.5" on the bottom.

Frieda said...

I love this Penny. Thanks for a great tutorial.:)

pam said...

That is so cute!!
It would be nice to know the actual yardage needed also. I have no idea how many fat quarters are in that bundle.

Aunt Marti said...

Penny, Jill at the etsy shop TabSlot makes acrylic templates to order. It would be wonderful if you asked her to make a "real" template for this quilt. And a LOT easier to use than flimsy template plastic templates!

Amanda said...

That's amazing!

Elsa said...

What a great quilt and tutorial Penny! Not sure I'd use it as a picnic quilt tho ~ I'd put it on my bed! Love the carrying strap too!

ayumills said...

I am so making this quilt!

KatieQ said...

The carrying strap is such a clever idea. The back of the quilt looks as fabulous as the front.

Lee said...

This is fantastic, Penny! I have been wanting to make a HUGE picnic quilt, and this one is perfect! Thanks for the pattern, I'll definitely be making it (hopefully before summer gets here!)

ashjoy said...

What a great idea! Perfect for an emergency blanket for a car as well, another item on my to do list!

Kerry said...

It is a mighty beast of a quilt, love it!

Lisnaweary Quilts said...

This is gorgeous - love the mix up with the solid triangles. Reminds me of the beach for some reason!

Vickie said...

So great. Love the few 'bold' triangles sprinkled throughout.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Great Penny. Thanks for the tip about cutting 2 triangles at once. It will sure make more sense once the PDF link is working. I am thinking this would would well to use up some serious scraps at my place.

Suzanne said...

So fun! I love the idea of making a handle.

J said...

Love this pezzie picnic quilt...would set a joyful, playful picnic mood...thanks for the tut!

sewtakeahike said...

Pam, there are 12 prints in the pezzie fq bundle, so 3 yards of fabric.

traceyjay said...

wonderful job Penny! the handles and back are especially wonderful additions.

Jacklynn said...

Penny - I can't see how you machine quilted this quilt. I get the idea from looking at the back, but would love to see a close up of the front. Could you put a pic of it on your blog? Thanks!

lej619 said...

oh my that makes a king size quilt!!! cool!! have to put this on my to make list!n bourse

Karin said...

maybe I missed it, but what are the dimensions of the triangles?

Lynn Douglass said...

How stinkin' adorable is that? WAY!

Jen Conlon said...

Great tutorial! You've been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.

Grab a brag button!

sewtakeahike said...

Jacklynn, I'll try to post a pic of the quilting on flickr sometime this weekend!

Patches said...

The Isosceles template is a blank page on the print friendly version. Pls reply with a solution

Jenny Garland said...

Hi Patches, Please make sure you have the most up to date version of Adobe Reader. We just checked and the template is on the last page. Thanks!

Kellie said...


Do you recall the Bella Solids you used to make this quilt? I love everything about this and want to recreate it... I'm itching to make a picnic quilt and Pezzy Print is one of my all time favs!

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Kellie,
These are the solids I requested:


but I didn't receive all of them from Moda and I have long since thrown away the little identifying cards that came on the fabrics that were sent. I hope this helps!

Inspire Me Heather said...

Your quilt is beautiful, I love the colours! I have this linked to my picnics post as well today too!

Lynne said...


Jessica Morgan said...

Beautiful quilt! I am keen to get started but the template on the last page doesn't seem to be there. I have the most up to date Adobe Reader. Any suggestions. Thanks

Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby, Crafted Spaces said...

What a wonderful quilt. It also looks like a lot of fun to make. Thanks for sharing!

Felicity Mozdzen said...

This is a beautiful and amazingly-done quilt. It brings back memories of beach picnic with my girls dressed in their kids rashies. How time flies.

Carlisle Dekerlegand said...

Okay, one flashy and creative thing to pack for our annual trip to surf camps australia event. This is so resourceful and creative. Nice!

Gwyn Stiles said...

Hey that's pretty cool! Very creative, resourceful and beautiful. Maybe I can do one, in time for our upcoming camping trip this weekend.

-Gwyn Stiles

And We Sailed On said...

I can't get the template to pull up on the tutorial. this quilt is beautiful and I would love to make it. Thanks for sharing.

Bethany Morrison said...

That's very creative. I guess I can make this as my summer activity while my kids are in their music classes.

-Bethany Morrison