SLICED Honorable Mentions

WOW! There were some fantastic projects submitted by all who participated in the audition round of the contest. It made the Judges decision very difficult to select who the four contestants will be competing during the month of March.

First, we would like to thank Anne Sutton as our Guest Judge for the Audition round. It was a pleasure!

Here are some of the Judges Favorites, but didn’t quite make the cut. (not listed in any specific order)



Bookmark/Page Holder by dragonflyquiltworks

Moda Slice Contest-use up left over jelly roll strips from previous projects for bookmark/page holders. Can be expanded to fit any size book. Won’t damage pages. Makes great gifts and stocking stuffers. Great for those cookbooks, craft books and any other book that won’t stay open. Made with one jelly roll strip, vintage buckle, batting for structure. Moda Fabric: Amelia by Me & My Sister Designs Submitted by: Lora Douglas of Dragonfly Quiltworks,
Love the overall concept of this design… simple yet very functional at the same time. Nice Job!

photo Artist’s Portfolio by SunniLoveAffair

Artist’s Portfolio–
Circa 1934 jelly roll with porcelain solid made for Sliced Contest.
Portfolio measures 16.5″ x 17″ when closed.


Awesome Jumbo Sized pouches!!! What a creative and practical use of fabrics resulting in a perfect way to store away all our quilt blocks, no matter what size they might be.


Week planner by jednoiglec

My entry to Moda Bake Shop Sliced Contest (Auditions).
This version of my week planner is designed for two family members (each member has its own row) – half of charm pack is needed to make it (for colorful parts) plus fabric for white sashing, fabrics for back and binding.
In version for four family members one charm pack is needed (for colorful parts) plus fabric for white sashing, fabrics for backing and binding.
It can be also used at the office.
Corners of each square are pockets to put there cards with plan for each day of the week or another information. These corners were made from 1/4 of charms and they are sewn between the rows.
Buckle is used to indicate day of the week. When the day changes, buckle is moved to another.
Depending on weight of the buckle (mine is quite heavy) buttons for secure the strip are needed.
Machine quilted (cotton batting was used) and machine bound.
I blogged over at:

Love the design, fabric choices and functionality of this project.  Very well done!

Crocheted Caddies by akalauni

For the Moda Bake Shop Sliced Contest I used two Jelly Rolls from the Blush–by Basic Grey collection to crochet a cozy basket, a utility tumbler and a batted pin cushion. The decorative buckle will easily adjust to fit any of the items. :}
Launi Anderson

This is so cute and unique. An office set that includes a pin cushion.

Living the “I” Life by Sew Incredibly Crazy

This is a messenger bag to take to the Office! It is made with Moda Redwork Renaissance Jelly Roll and a little yardage. It’s outside is completely quilted and it buckles in the front. It is different than that of other bags because it is completely reversible. The handle has built in loops so the your ear buds cords will no longer will be exposed. It is large enough to handle files from the office and several devices (I-pad, phone, and more). You can leave the office in style and rock out to your favorite music (or business proposal) on the way out. You can take the ear buds out of your ears and they won’t hit the ground or get tangled.
Cute tote. Stylish and charming. Loved the use of the diagonal strips on the top flap.

Tote Along Tool Caddy by sherrodstudio

This is a tote along tool caddy made using fat quarters from the Lovely Fat Quarter Bundle by Sandy Gervais and yardage for the exterior and lining of the bag. This tote along tool caddy has pockets all around the exterior and interior for easy organization and the exterior back pocket will fit a notebook or a 6 x 12 ruler. The interior pockets also have dividers to hold pens, pencils or small marking tools. When traveling you can easily take this along by simply pulling out the double straps and using it as a tote bag to take your supplies with you.

Love this Tote Along Tool Caddy. Great choice of fabrics that coordinate beautifully together .
This tote is classy, creative and will help us stay organized with all our quilting tools.

Quilt Show by Sarahsewssuessox

Camera, Fabric samples, pad of paper, pen, and business cards are just some of the things you can tote around your favorite quilt show or market day.
This “Quilt Show” companion is such a great idea and a perfect solution for keeping us organized when we set out to market. It’s compact, creative, practical and yet attractive. All the essential requirements were met when this was designed!!!

3-Ring Binder Cover by quiltmaven

Moda Bake Shop Sliced Entry for Monica – Diary of a Quilt Maven…in training (
Made from one Flora charm pack and Moda yardage with batting and a decorative buckle.
Blogged at…
love this! very useful. think a lot of people would like this.

Studio Apron/Sewing Caddy/Chair Caddy by Jules loves stitches

I don’t like losing time walking around to grab tools or notions or having them scattered across my work bench. This keeps everything in arms reach. Each pocket is large enough to hold plenty of tools or notions. They hang open just enough to look into and easily see what each contains.
I used pieces from a Moda “It’s a Hoot” Jelly Roll, quilt batting to help give it shape and body along with some pellon. D-rings function as buckles on each side of the apron to turn it into a chair caddy or undo them to turn it into a sewing machine caddy.
Absolutely love this studio apron/sewing caddy/chair caddy. Beautifully created with fabrics that coordinate well and create a very attractive organizational tool. Great idea which is very inventive, creative, and practical as it will save us time looking for all our tools. Must have this!!!
Thanks to everyone that submitted into the auditions round. Lots of beautiful and talented crafters out there. Made it very difficult to pick just four people to continue on to the competition.

Stay Tuned… The winning four contestants that will compete in the SLICED competition will be announced soon!