SLICED Runner-Up Beth Studley

The Moda Bake Shop is so proud of our Sliced runner-up, Beth Studley. Visit Beth’s blog, {}, to see a behind the scene’s look into her design process for the contest. Stay tuned for Beth’s Sliced tutorials in the near future!

Like so many, Beth’s love of all things crafty started in childhood. From making friendship bands and modeling clay beads, to stenciling walls and painting furniture, she was always creating. Thanks to a terrific teacher, Beth fell for quilting in a big way when she was 15. She soon began to enjoy exploring her own ideas more than following patterns. It just wasn’t worth doing unless it was a challenge and different each time! 
Beth went on to study textile furnishing design at University which greatly improved her approach to design. She became much more interested in designing ‘products’ and functional items. Beth likes problem solving and the satisfied feeling when something ‘works’. Almost everything Beth has made is in use somewhere in her home or someone else’s. 
Today Beth lives in London with her partner and their 2 young children. She has a couple of online shops that sell bunting, fabric notebooks, and purses. Beth has also written a number of sewing patterns for UK magazines. These have been varied from quilts and bags to recycling projects and children’s craft ideas. Beth enjoys designing her own prints and has quite a few ranges available through Spoonflower.
Please visit her website {} for links to her online shops, details of magazine publications, news and free patterns.

Congratulations again, Beth!!