SLICED - Week 3

Oh my... what a daunting and difficult task we had to judge this round of projects! All three aprons were fabulous in their own way and really made us critique down to every little element. 

First, we would like to send out a big THANK YOU to Pat Sloan for participating as our Guest Judge for Week 2.

What the Judges said....


Addison Hostess Apron by Twee ✁cut to pieces


Lovely design! I love the detail on the bodice. This is a beautiful apron but just not as functional as the other two designs.

I absolutely love the details that went into construction. I have not seen an apron like this and would love to wear one at the next party I host. I just love the combination of techniques and the thought Angela put into using the required materials.

I really like the styling of this apron, it's a fresh take on cozy item. the stripe is used very effectively, and I love the pleating detail on the bib which incorporates the required embroidery.
The tape measure is hidden a bit but used in a clever way that does not take away from the overall look. 

I love the use of required materials used in this apron.  Very sleek, simple and classy. Love that she thought of an everyday apron instead of a "crafty" apron.


Two way Apron sideways by lovefrombeth


Absolutely love this unique design and that it can be used as a desk apron as well as a wearable apron. What a great idea she had of incorporating the measuring tape in a very useful way. Fun and sassy design with great functionality!

I love the strategic placement of the measuring tape. I could definitely use that at my sewing machine station - and cute pockets!

What a clever design for a '2fer' apron! Great job making it usable as both a sweet half apron and a desk apron, which are both super clever. The measuring tape is placed in a usable spot and I like the pocked construction. The embroidery is very subtle and adds interest. Great fabric combination as well.

Love everything about this apron.. from the cute simple bow on the front, to the attention to detail with the measuring tape on the back. Love the choice of fabrics and overall simplicity of this design.  BRAVO!


Quilt Story's Apron by By QuiltStory

You had me at "secret iPhone pocket"! I don't go anywhere without my phone so this apron would be perfect for me. Also love the creative use of the measuring tape to make a lovely flower. The add-on tool belt is great as well as sometimes you don't need to tote around your tools. Funky, Functional & Flexible! (I may make it a little less busy- a few less details ie scallops, trims, variety of different tiered fabrics.)

This apron is jam-packed full of surprises! The deer on the quilt embroidery is so precious and my favorite detail. I also love the sewing tape rosette and scalloped edge. This is a very bright and cheery design.

This apron project is great for showing off your fabric collection! I like the addition of the tool belt since I use those myself. The embroidery adds a sweet touch to this classic apron design.

Lots going on with this apron. A bit too scrappy looking for my taste, however very cute and functional. I would prefer to see this apron done a little shorter so it is not so busy. I do like the hidden pocket for phone or iPod access.

Week 3: March 18 – 23, 2012
Guest Judge: Liz Johnson
Liz Johnson owns and operates the website Sew4Home is a daily website dedicated to stylish home d├ęcor sewing. S4H offers beginner-friendly sewing projects by making instructions clear and simple. At the same time, their creations are designed to appeal to all levels of capability for their to-die-for results. The winner of this challenge will be featured on the Sew4Home website during the month of April.  Please help us welcome Liz to the Judges panel for Week 3 - The Championship round!
Two contestants will compete against one another to create a one-of-a-kind project.
Crafters may submit only one project that stays within the Sliced rules.
  • Projects must use all items contained in the sewing basket listed below.
  • Additional items may be used to complete your project.
  • Completed projects must be submitted on the Moda Bake Shop Sliced Flickr Group {} and a link to your submission must be emailed to
  • Anonymous submissions are not allowed. A contact email/website must be provided with each submission.
  • All submissions must be your own original design.
  • All pictures must be clean and clear.
  • No animals are allowed in pictures unless the project is specifically designed for animal use.
  • Contestants must submit their completed project by March 23, 2012 at Midnight {central time}.

The Challenge? Competitors Choice
Sewing Basket of Mystery Items:
·        Fabric used from a Moda Layer Cake - can be any moda collection or mix of collections
·        Grommets/Eyelets - Any size and any number of grommets/eyelets are allowed.
·        Zipper - can be any size or color.

 Please email with any questions you may have.

Who will be SLICED???

We really hate to have to slice a contestant since all three crafters have really shown true talent and creativity in their projects. Unfortunately, someone has to go.  This week the judging was super tough and the projects were scrutinized in every detail. After consuming lots of chocolate, we finally came to a conclusion.

You have shown unbelievable designs throughout the weeks and we are very honored to have had you be a part of the competition. We loved your apron design and the multifaceted uses it had. You will be sent an awesome prize package from our wonderful sponsors and your projects from the audition round and week 1+2 will be published on the Moda Bake Shop.

Find out more about Quilt Story...

Heather and Megan are two sisters with the love of all things crafty that make up the dynamic team, Quilt Story. They quilt, mod podge, refinish furniture, decorate, sew clothes, decor and so much more! Heather has 5 young children and Megan has 2 babies. Quilt Story was created from all the gorgeous quilts in blog land and their amazing stories behind each one. They thought it would be fun to compile them all in one place, so that day after day they can present new quilts with their stories. There are lot of fun plans and ideas in store for their site, so be sure to bookmark them and see what they have to share.

Be sure to check for their wonderful tutorials to be published in the following week.


Mel said...

well. I have to say I didn't see this coming. I personally didn't care for all that the first apron had going on. Very surprised by the slice! Especially after reading the judge's comments.

Sorry to see you go, Quilt Story!

Congrats to the other two. can't wait to see what you bring us next week.

Amy said...

Congrats to the two that made it to the next round! I also was surprised to see Quilt Story gone!
I look forward to the last week of compitition!

Kelly said...

There is no need to make disparaging remarks about the other contestants' work. Everyone did a great job and I'm sure the judges decision was difficult. I can't wait to see what's to come for the next round!!!

The Tulip Patch said...

congrats to Angela and Beth! Heather and Megan you made some awesome projects as usual. I am glad I am not a judge...pressure!

Mhairi said...

During this competition I have seen some amazing creativity and I can't believe the judges made this decision lightly especially when you read the comments. However, the brilliant thing about this competition is that these people who entered are not one-hit wonders, if you follow the link to their sites you will find the most unbelievable projects to try, admire and wonder at.
Congratulations to the finalists, I am really looking forward to your final projects. Commiserations to Quilt Story (if you ever feel like releasing the pattern for the apron please put me down for one!!

Frankie said...

Wow, really surprised this round -- totally loved Quilt Story and her adorable apron. Loved it!

Congrats to the finalist -- can't wait to see what's next!

LillyBelle Threads said...

I second everything Mhairi said!! Well put:)

Good luck to those of you continuing on - I must admit, the zipper would stump me for a bit!

Sara said...

sad to see quiltstory cut! :(

Wendy said...

Wow, I can't believe that some people are being so thoughtless in their comments. It is sad to see Quilt Story go as these ladies are very talented, but so are the two contestants left in, it was a closely fought battle, well done to all three of you.

Lucy said...

I think the first one is outstanding. Understated elegance with clever details. It would make a fabulous gift for someone who likes to entertain. That photo is the perfect way to market a pattern for it.