Happy Weekender Quilt

The Happy Weekender Quilt is a super easy quilt that can be completed in a weekend {or two}. It is a great beginner quilt and is the “oh my goodness I need a gift super fast” quilt.

This Happy Weekender is inspired by a mini I made for my grandmother last year using Dream On. When I saw Vintage Modern, I knew it was the perfect fabric for a larger sized quilt!

{this is a photo of the mini using Dream On}

I hope you enjoy making and using the Happy Weekender :o)

3 charm packs of Moda Vintage Modern
Moda Bella Solid White 1.5 yds
Moda Bella Solid Aqua {binding}
Coordinating thread {I used Aurifil 50wt 100% cotton}

Cut 1.5 yds solid in to 5″ strips {all length measurements are approximate}
{2} 5″ x 41″ strips
{2} 5″ x 41.5″ strips
{2} 5″ x 25″ strips
{2} 5″ x15.5″ strips

Use the excess from the other pieces to piece together the longer strips
{2} 5″ x 58.25″ strips
{2} 5″ x59″ strips

Take your charms and place them randomly to create seven rows across and nine rows down. You can either do this on a design wall or a floor in your house.

When you are happy with your placement, take your first two charms and sew the right sides facing using a 1/4 in seam.

Continue to connect the charms until you have your first row of seven.

Repeat the process until you have your nine rows.

Press all of your seams open.

When all the seams are pressed open, line up one row at a time, again, right sides facing, matching up the seams and pinning.

Using a 1/4in seam sew each of the rows together and then press the seams open.

Continue to add the rows until you have all nine sewn.

The quilt top center block is completed!!!!

Measure the sides center patchwork section and using the 5″ x41″ {approx} in solid strips, attach to the right and left sides of the center patchwork block, press open and trim any excess.  Then take your 5″ x 41.5″strips attach to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Press seams open and trim any excess.

When you have attached the strips your quilt will look like this:

Using two sets of seven charms with 20in”( approx measurement) solid strips we will be making the next step. Sew the charms in a row, press and attach to a strip of the solid fabric

Pin to the quilt in the left and right sides, right sides facing, trying to line up the seams of the blocks in the center to the outer row.

Sew the strip on, press and trim up the edges.

This is how the quilt will look at this point {it looks wonky but it was being super bunchy for some odd reason}.

You will repeat the previous step using five charms instead of seven. For the five charms will have a 25″ solid strip attached. These will be placed at the top and bottom.

This goes together so quickly!

For the final step, take your 5″ x 58.25″{sides} and your 5″ x 59″ {top and bottom} in sashing strips and attach them to each side of the quilt, the sides then the top and bottom.

The quilt top is now completed!

For the quilt back, I chose to take some of the remaining charms and made a half square triangle zig zag pattern. The quilting is a simple rectangle box.

One fast fun and functional quilt to love :o) The final quilt size is 66.5″ x 58.5″. It is the perfect picnic or lap blanket. This one will be going to my grandmother for her birthday :o)

Kim Niedzwiecki