Renaissance Waves Quilt

Hello!  My name is Karin Vail from Cascade Quilts, and  I am pleased to bring you my first Moda Bake Shop project!  I call this quilt ''Renaissance Waves'' and this one I have made in ''Redwork Renaissance''  by Cloe's Closet.  I just love the classic feel of an all red and white quilt.  Simply timeless!

If you visit my website, I have an additional tutorial to share made with the leftovers from this quilt.

1 jelly roll (#32620JR - Redwork Renaissance by Chloe's Closet)
1 3/4 yards for panels (#32625-11 - white with rows of red print)
1/2 yard binding (#32624-12 - red with white polka dots)
3 1/2 yards backing (#32623-12 - red with white flowers)

**note** all seams are 1/4''

Step 1:
Unroll your jelly roll and sort into 8 stacks of 5 strips.  Try to get as much contrast between each strip set as you can.

Take each set of 5 and sew them together lengthwise:

Fold the strip set in half lengthwise so the top edge meets the bottom edge.  Sew this seam together to form a tube:

Cut the selvage edge off one end and then continue to cut the tube into 2 1/2'' widths:

You should get 17 pieces from one jelly roll strip.  You will make 3 blocks with each strip set (with 5 of the subcuts) and you will have 2 subcuts leftover.  Set the two leftovers aside for now.

You will see that each subcut is a 'tube':

Take each of the 'tubes' and with your seam ripper, open up one seam on each:

You will open each of the tubes at a different seam so that the block can be arranged with a focus fabric on the diagonal.  In my first block, the focus fabric is the red with the white cherries:

Here is where it's a good time to re-press the parts.  I took strip 2 and 4 and pressed the seams in the opposite direction so that the seams will 'nest' and your seams will match perfectly:

Sew the 5 strips together to make your first block:

Now, the next set of 5 strips, you can either arrange the same as the first, or you can pick a different focus fabric and the block will look totally different.  I picked the red on red flower print for the focus fabric for my second block:

Now continue with your 3rd set of 5, and either make another block the same, or pick a different focus fabric.  I chose the red on red print with the tiny flowers for my focus fabric for my 3rd block:

Continue with the remaining strip sets in the same manner until you have 24 blocks (setting the two extra subcuts aside for each strip set, you should have 16 extras set aside total by the time you are finished).

Arrange your twenty-four 25-patch blocks into rows of 6, arranging them so the middle focus fabric alternates directions so it flows from one block to the other.  Sew them into long patchwork strips.  They should be 60 1/2'' long.

Now, take your 1 3/4 yard of your panel print - and cut it into 3 strips 10 1/2''x 60 1/2''.  You will have some leftover (set this aside for now).  Attach the 3 long panels between the 4 patchwork strips.  PIN PIN PIN this long seam before you sew, or you will get puckering (even with my dual-feed Pfaff I had to pin).
You will end up with a quilt top measuring approx 70 1/2''x 60 1/2'' :

Layer your quilt sandwich, baste, quilt as desired, and bind!  I decided to quilt mine with straight lines in the large panels following the stripes in the fabric, and with zigzags following the patchwork blocks.

One approx. 60''x70'' quilt.

Don't forget to come visit me at for the bonus tutorial!



Маша said...

Wow! So many small details! Wonderful quilt!

Logan said...

Love it! Thanks!

Sherry said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

Suzanne said...

Ingenious construction! Thanks!

Cherie said...

Such a gorgeous quilt! =D

Quiltjane said...

Such a beautiful red and white quilt. Thank you for sharing.

KatieQ said...

Wow! This is an amazing quilt. I would never have guessed the construction method by just looking at it. This is definitely a case of love at first sight.

Malini said...

I love this quilt. The pattern is really great and nice trick with the tube. Also love the quilting it really adds to the design.

This is definitely in my to-do list :-). Thank you Karin for sharing this with us.

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andieclark said...

It looks so easy to make but I'm no sewer so I'll probably buy these ones. I'm sure I won't need natural sleep aids just to fall asleep with this comfy quilt.