Simply Charming Tablecloth

Simply Charming Tablecloth

Hello All! My name is Angela and I blog over at   I'm back with another tutorial for you, this time using the lovely Domestic Bliss line by Liz Scott.  I fell in love with these fabrics as soon as I saw them and wanted to make something quick and "easy" with all of the colors.

Sometimes you love every single fabric in a line and just want to USE them.  Right now!  Well this tablecloth pattern will let you do that and gives you a very functional item along with the joy of diving into a collection.  It uses just 2 charm packs.  So there is enough to have some fun but not so much that it gets overwhelming.

This tablecloth is perfect for special occasions like birthdays or holidays (with the right fabrics!) but is also simple enough for every day use.  There are special details like a mitered edge border and a single piece backing.

It's "Simply Charming".

(2) Charm Packs of Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott
  *update - not on PDF instructions* - you need 88 charms total...some lines will have enough in two charm packs.  If you don't have enough, I would take some of the extra Bella solid and cut it into charm squares and use them as corner squares on the table cloth.
1 1/4 yard of Bella Solid Marine
2 yards of 108" Grey Dottie Backing

Cut the Bella solid into a 40 1/2" square piece of fabric.

Arrange your charms around the Solid center in rows.
You will need
     (2) 9 piece strips
     (4) 11 piece strips
     (2) 13 piece strips


Sew the charms into rows and attach the rows to the solid center as shown below.

First attach each 9 piece strip to opposite sides of the solid center.
Next attach an 11 piece strip to the two remaining opposite sides of the solid center to create a square piece again.


Then attach an 11 piece strip to opposite sides of the new square piece.


Finally, attach a 13 piece strip to the remaining two opposite sides to once again square up the piece.


Your piece should now be 58" square.

Cut the Dottie Backing into a 67" square piece.
We will be creating a deep mitered hem around the perimeter of the tablecloth.

On all four sides of the backing fabric, press the ends wrong sides together with a 1/2" fold.


Follow this by pressing all four sides in with a 2" fold.


At each corner, unfold the fabric back to reveal the wrong side of the fabric.  Fold each corner in at a 45 degree diagonal, wrong sides together.  You should be able to match up your pressed creases.


   Trim the folded triangle to a 1/2".


Refold the fabric back along the original pressed edges to reveal a perfect mitered corner.

simply charming tablecloth - mitered edge

Lay the backing fabric out with the wrong side up.  Place the tablecloth pieced top on top of the backing, centering it.  Keep each fabric as smooth and flat as possible.

simply charming tablecloth

Fold the hem along the edge of the pieced top and pin in place around the entire tablecloth.  Top stitch around the entire edge of the hem, including the mitered edges.


And ta-da!  You are done!  Easy peasy!

One Simply Charming Tablecloth!

Simply Charming Tablecloth2

So pull out those charm packs...feel free to mix and match!  And whip up a fabulous tablecloth for that special occasion.  You could make some coordinating napkins too. ;)  Oh and how cute would a novelty tablecloth be for a child's birthday party?!  Endless possibilities... 

If you do use the tutorial to make a tablecloth I would love to see it!  So please share it in my flickr group, Cut To Pieces and of course the Moda BakeShop Group as well.  Enjoy!

Angela Pingel


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Jowyn Jenson said...

Lovely table cloth. I have some charm packs in my vast stash that I could use for this! :)

Wendy said...

such a pretty tablecloth!

Julie said...

This is so cute! It looks so easy too! I love the fabric as well!

Garilyn S said...

I love how you did the mitered corners and it's such a beautiful tablecloth!

Jeana said...

I love this - thanks for the tutorial!

Gunilla said...

Love it!!!! Thanks Angela, great idea!

Carmen Nuland said...

Simply beautiful! I've saved the tutorial. Gonna have to make this!

Joy said...

This is such a great idea for using charm packs!

ktquilts said...

Pinning it! Great tute!

Lisa's Mom said...

Luv this tablecloth and the Marine solid you chose for the center. My family room walls are the same color with a cocoa accent wall...jpr :)

Christine M said...

I love your table cloth. I wish we had a rectangle table so I could make one.

Amy DeCesare said...

The lining and mitered hem is very smart! This is a cute charm pack idea!

Michelle Hudak said...

So cute and eye-catching. I'm putting it on my "must-do" list.

shel704 at aol dot com

donna said...

what a great tablecloth. i like that the top is a solid.


Becky said...

I need new tablecloths for my card table - this is perfect! Thank yoU!

Rebecca said...

Love the fabrics you used - so fresh and fun! THANKS for the tute!

Alisa said...

Nice tutorial, Angela! It looks great!

sandyb said...

I just LOVE this tablecloth. I really enjoy patterns that use charm packs and a tablecloth that uses a charm pack, what a win - win!!!!

Thank you for sharing this with us!!!!

Binks said...

Love it. And THANK YOU for that wonderful breakdown for the mitered corners. I always end up doing something screwy there.

Pat V. said...

What a very fun tablecloth! I think I'm gonna have to make one...

The Whelan Family said...

So this recipe!

andri. said...

Very cute!:) love it!

Susan said...

Wonderful tablecloth, what a great idea and fun way to use up some charms! Thanks, buddy!

P'tite Plume said...

Beautiful combo-color!

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