Easy Pezzy Crib Quilt


Hello Friends! This is Alyssa from Pile O' Fabric. My goal at Pile O' Fabric is to connect with fellow quilters, and inspire them to continue learning, to step out of their comfort zone, try new techniques, join new events, try new products, and fall even more in love with quilting than they were. And Conquer that Pile O' Fabric!

I am very excited to be sharing my very first Moda Bakeshop Recipe with you all today. The Easy Pezzy Crib Quilt. This quilt just like the name is very easy and can be made quickly. It would make a wonderful gift for a new baby!


for Quilt Top
  • 1 Pezzy Print Charm Pack by American Jane for Moda 
  • 1 2012 Bella Solids Charm Pack for Moda
  • 1 New Bella Solids Charm Pack for Moda
  • 1 Dark Bella Solids Charm Pack for Moda
  • 25" x 5" piece of white solid (cut into 5 charms for applique background)

for Appliqué
  • fabric scraps 2 1/2" or larger
  • 1/2 yard HeatnBond Light iron-on adhesive
  • freezer paper
  • appliqué templates (download here)
for Finishing
  • 2 1/2 yards fabric of your choice for backing
  • 1/3 yard Bella Solids in Christmas Red for binding
  • Crib size batting (45'' x 60'')

This quilt can be made with our without the Appliqué section, depending on the look you want to achieve.

First you will begin by laying out your charms alternating one Pezzy Charm with one coordinating Solid Charm.


If you plan to add the Appliqué section you will layout your charms 8 x 11, with 5 white charms for the background. Otherwise if not layout your charms 8 x 10.


Once you have your final layout label and seperate each row piles.

IMG_0672_sm IMG_0674_sm

Starting with row #1 piece each charm together with a 1/4" seam.

IMG_0692_sm IMG_0722_sm

Now we will press our seams and trim the thread tails.


Press your seams to one direction for each row, alternating directions per row. For example Row #1 press seams to right, Row #2 press seams to left and so on. This will help assure your squares line up when sewing.


Pin your first two rows with seams together.


Sew the pinned rows together with a 1/4"seam allowance.


Continue to sew your rows together until you reach your Appliqué row.

Appliqué Section
If you plan to skip the appliqué section, then you can skip these instructions and continue to piece your rows together.

Print your templates on printer paper. Next trace the template onto the paper side of your freezer paper. (if you have printer friendly freezer paper than print the template directly onto the freezer paper) Cut all your templates out of the freezer paper and set aside.


Following the directions on the HeatnBond packaging, press your fabric scraps to the HeatnBond.


Layout your freezer paper templates onto the fabric scraps and press with a hot dry iron.


Cut each template out.


Remove the freezer paper from front of your template. The wonderful thing about freezer paper is you can reuse it multiple times. So I put all my templates into a Ziploc bag to save for future projects. Then remove the HeatnBond paper backing and throw away.


Position letters shiny side down on your white appliqué section, then press with a hot dry iron.


Sew along the edges of the appliqué with your choice stitch. I chose to use the zig-zag stitch in a beige thread.

IMG_0819_sm IMG_0822_sm

You will have a lot of thread tails leftover. Don't just cut them short. Thread a quilting needle with the thread tails, and pull thread to the back of the fabric.


Tie a knot, and then trim your thread tail.


Once you complete your appliqué section, finish piecing all your rows together until your quilt top is complete.


Continue on and baste your quilt, with your favorite basting technique. I myself like to spray baste my quilts.


Then quilt with your pattern of choice. I chose to quilt 1/4" on the left and right side of all my seams. And then for my appliqué section I quilted diagonal lines 1/2" apart using painters tape.


Continue on and bind the quilt with your preferred binding technique. For quilts I plan to wash often I machine stitch the binding.


And you are done!

One Easy Pezzy Crib Quilt
35" x 48 1/2"

Gift it or Love it, Cuddle it and Enjoy it!

IMG_1958_sm IMG_1945_sm

Are you a beginner quilter looking for more details on how to quilt, baste, and bind? Monday June 25 at Pile O' Fabric a Beginners Quilting Series starts which will go through every step to creating today's featured quilt. We will talk about tools/notions, fabric shopping, layout/design, piecing, basting, quilting, binding, tagging, and washing. And for more quilting and sewing tutorials, reviews, inspiration and encouragement, come visit me at Pile O' Fabric!

If you use this tutorial to make a Easy Pezzy Crib Quilt, I'd love to see it!  Be sure to add it to my Flickr group, and of course to the Moda Bake Shop Flickr group as well.  Thanks for stitching along!

Pile O' Fabric

Alyssa Lichner
{Pile O' Fabric}


Katie B. said...

What a happy quilt!

Cyn ;-) said...

Darling little quilt. Thank you for the nice tute. Well written.

KaHolly said...

Sweet as can be!! Excellent tutorial!

Anna V said...


Anna V said...
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Quiltjane said...

I love the mix of the solids with the Pezzy prints. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.

Debra said...

Your link to the printer friendly copy is not working. Please fix, as I want to make this beauty!

Maimie said...

How cute! I also love your detailed instructions. I need all the help I can get when trying to see how it is all put together. Thank you for a great pattern.

Tonya said...

looks great, love it

P'tite Plume said...

Love beautiful palette colors!

Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

I love this! Does anyone know why I can't pin it to Pinterest? How else will I ever find the pattern again?? =)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

So bright and colorful! Perfect for a baby to develop those eyes!

Great tutorial too...love your pictures and detailed description!


Pile O Fabric said...

@Debra, Sorry about the Printer Friendly version not working. I'm trying to get that fixed ASAP.

Amanda said...

I love this quilt and was looking to buy the charms packs necessary and I can find all but the '2012 bella charm pack'. I even went to United notions to try and reference the colors there and can't find it. Is it called something else? Thanks for you help!

Pile O Fabric said...

@Amanda It is called the

2012 Bella Solids Charm Pack

You can find it at the Fat Quarter Shop Here

Wilma said...

Es Precioso y de Alegre colorido. Gracias por Compartir. Con mucho cariño wilperez38@gmail.com

Melissa said...

I am a bit confused on the solid charm packs. The new and 2012 are the same thing right? So is it 1 New 2012 and 1 dark solids or is it 2 charm packs of the new solids and 1 dark, for a total of 3 solid charm packs?


Dee D said...

I love this quilt, especially with the name in it.

Mjoy81 said...

I LOVE this quilt and am currently making it for a baby whose gender is unknown. any suggestions about placement of the name if it is a girl? I thought about omitting the black and adding her name in pinks or yellow row!