Kids’ Craft Containers

Hello everyone 🙂 It’s me, Melissa from Happy Quilting.   I am so excited to be here with a fun Summer Kids’ Camp Tutorial!!  My kids love all things crafty.  However, I don’t always love the mess.  The crayon and marker boxes don’t last long and craft supplies rarely get put away  as they are always “Just about to play with that.”  So this year, we made up some craft containers that are cute enough to be left out and make cleaning up easy!

Oh, and one last note before we start, These cute containers also make excellent teacher gifts!! I love when the kids can actually make their teacher’s gifts!  (The apple one above was for my son’s teacher, she loved it! 🙂

So let’s get started.  And if you are like me, you will have most of this already at home!!  Yippee Skippee 🙂

You will need:

A container – Metal, glass, plastic, as long as it has smooth sides it will work.  (Check out your local $1 store, they always have great stuff like this for a buck 🙂

Mod Podge – This stuff is the duck tape of the craft world

A foam brush

Ribbon for decorating

And finally, your Moda Scrap Pile!!!  Don’t you just love projects that use up scraps 🙂

Basically, you will be helping your children make applique designs to attach to their container.   But you don’t have to bother with fusible webbing or anything like that.

The easiest way to create your applique is to just fussy cut some of your scraps.  My daughter loves butterflies so she used my pinking shears to fussy cut around these butterflies.

Another option for those with some artistic talent is for you or you child to draw an applique design on a piece of paper.  Have your child cut out the design and then use that design template to trace the design on the wrong side of their chosen fabric scrap.  Then cut out your applique from the fabric.  (If you are a really confident artist you can skip the template and just draw your design directly on the back of the fabric scrap)

Another option, for the less artistically talented like me, is to print off a desired image from your computer.  Then you can use it as a template.  Either trace it onto the wrong side of your fabric, or if it is an easy enough design, just help your child hold it in place on the fabric scrap and cut around the template.  (You can also pin it in place to make it a little easier 🙂

(Oh, and one final option for cutting your applique, which I didn’t picture, if you have any applique cutting machine, a Slice, Go Cutter, Sizzix, ect. it really speeds up the process 🙂

So, once you have all of your applique cut you are ready to adhere it to the container.  My kids love this part as it is a bit messy.  Start by letting your child use the foam brush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the wrong side of their applique.

Then have them stick the applique to their container.  The Mod Podge doesn’t dry instantly so you can play with the placement a bit.  It is okay if there is excess glue sticking out, it will all dry clear.  Continue sticking on the applique as desired.

Once the applique is all in place, go ahead and brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire container.   Including over the applique.  This will seal everything.  Mom’s you might want to help out a bit here to make sure you get a nice even layer trying to keep your brush strokes long and even.  It dries clear but if there are big blobs somewhere it will show up 🙂  Now go ahead and set it aside to dry.

Once it is dry, have your child choose some ribbon to decorate their container with.  Help them add cute bows or knots to their creation.

Now just fill it up with their crayons, markers, scissors, scrap papers, ect.  The sky is the limit 🙂  Enjoy your  adorable Kids Craft Container that looks totally cute, makes your child happy because they made it, and makes mom happy because they (hopefully) clean up with it!

Super cute Craft Containers perfect for keeping your kids craft messes to a minimum.   Tall jars are great for pencils or markers!

And initials on the container help to personalize the container to your child 🙂

And yes, They also make adorable Teacher Gifts!!  This was for my daughter’s 1st grade Teacher.  It has a school house, scissors, and crayons on the sides and back.  She loved it and my daughter loved making it for her 🙂

I hope you and your children have fun making your own Kids Craft Containers!!  I would love to see your creations.  Just add them to my Inspired by Happy Quilting Flickr page 🙂

Here’s wishing you a marvelous summer holiday with the ones you love!!!

Melissa Corry