Peaks and Valleys

Hello...It's Jo from Jo's Country Junction.  I was doodling during a long meeting one evening and came up with this quilt design, Peaks and Valleys. Once I got the quilt together then realized I wanted something a little more creative than my typical stippling for the quilting.  Dawn, The Pajama Quilter, came to the rescue.  She sent a video with a wealth of quilting ideas.  I topped the quilt off with a strip border from the Salt Air Fabric line and wa-la...a finished quilt. The colors and prints are very kid-friendly, which makes it a perfect picnic or snuggle quilt for the whole family.

To cut out this quilt you will need a Tri Recs Ruler. Stop over to my blog, Jo's Country Junction, to sign up for a chance to win.

You will need a tri-recs ruler or a similar ruler that allows you to cut a triangle in a square block.
Fat Quarter Bundle of Salt Air
5 yards Moda Marble
3/4 yard stripe for binding
6.5 yards for backing

Before cutting I want to show you what the block looks like that we will be making.

We will be constructing "triangle in a square units" and coupling them with squares to create the block.  Each block consists of:
4~ cream squares
4~colored squares

4~triangle in a square blocks with a colored center

4~triangle in a square blocks with a cream center

56 of these blocks are joined together to create the zig zag Peaks and Valleys design.

Working with this specialty ruler can be a bit tricky but very do-able.
Please note
:  There is a left and a right side to the small right angled triangles that are sewn to the center triangle.

To cut these right and left hand side pieces it is important to keep the fabrics laying right sides together as you cut the triangles.  This will insure that you will get a right and a left side piece each time you cut.  If you are hesitant to use the ruler, there are good videos out that show you how. Here's one

Let's start cutting:
From the cream background fabric:
Cut 48~ 3.5" strips.
Subcut:  232~ 3 1/2" squares
232 center triangles
232 right handed triangles
232 left handed triangles

Open the fat quarter pack and press the fat quarters. (I did not use the panel that looks like labels.)
Cut four 3 1/2" strips that are 18" long from 29 of the fat quarters.
From each set of strips:
Cut 8~ 3 1/2" squares.
Cut 8~ center triangles
Cut 8~ right handed triangles
Cut 8~left handed triangles

Now that everything is cut, let's start sewing.  I sorted my left and right handed colored triangles into piles.

All seams are sewn at 1/4".

Take the cream triangles and add the left hand side piece like this.

Press the seam to the printed fabric to create this.

Add the right hand triangle next.

Press to the printed piece to create this.

Repeat to create 232 units.  Repeat the process making units with a printed center and cream outer triangles creating 232 units.

Next add a square to each triangle unit as shown.  Note that the center of the triangle is the color of square that is added.  Make 232 units of each type.  Press all seams to the point of the triangle.

Sew the units together in a line as shown.  Press all seams to the point of the triangle.

Make 232 units.

The units now need to be sewn together to make blocks.  To do that, arrange four of the strips together as shown.

Match the seams and sew.  Press.  Repeat to make 56 blocks.  You will have some units left over.  Save these to piece the backing.

Sew 8 blocks together in rows.  Make 7 rows.  Sew the strips together to create the quilt top.

To piece the backing sew the remaining units together into one long strip.  Cut the backing in half.  Sew a strip of backing to each side of the pieced unit.  Press.

Sandwich top, batting and back.

Quilt as desired. 

I quilted mine using the Pajama Quilter's flower and ribbons design for quilting in the cream area.   I put evergreen type Christmas trees in the colored zig zags.  It's free hand quilting.  It's the most complicated design I've done but I love it.

Cut 9- 2 1/2" binding strips.  Bind.

84" x 96" Quilt

Make sure to stop by at my blog, Jo's Country Junction, to sign up to win one of the tri-recs rulers.

Jo Kramer


Johanna said...

I love it Jo! Another great Bake Shop pattern from you :)

Unknown said...

You Rock! :)

teachpany said...

Great quilt! Fun, pretty, and easy, but great design and movement.

trish @ notes of sincerity said...

What a fun quilt! :o)

Luana FlorĂȘncio said...

Me siga

Debbie said...

This is a very cool design - nice!!

Jody said...

Definately going on my to do list!

Lurline said...

How wonderful - a definite for me, just have to decide on fabrics, maybe will splurge on Salt Air. Thanks so much Joh!
Hugs Lurline.

materialgirlquilts said...

Beautiful quilt Jo! I've had a Salt Air FQ bundle for awhile now and couldn't figure out what pattern to use...I think this might be it!

Julie said...

Fabulous! What a fun take on the oh so popular zig zags!

Kimberly Cassie said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Heather said...

Beautiful, the quilting is really lovely.

QuilterBee said...
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QuilterBee said...

Great quilt and pattern!! I'm going to make it BUT...why not just use the either the Triangle in a Square GO die OR the Sizzix Triangle in a Square die(it's bigger)?? It's soooo much faster that way. I've followed your blog bc of the die friendly patterns/quilts. The GO die is not much more than the ruler is. Just curious :o) Amie

Kell said...

Beautiful new quilt! I can see it in so many different colors & making it smaller for a baby.

Marcia W. said...

Thanks for a great quilt design. This is a very imaginative pattern.

Vic in NH said...

What a perfect way to use fat quarters! And your instructions are so clear and easy to follow. Thanks for another great pattern!

Ali said...

Gorgeous design. I think the image of sewing the first side to the triangle is wrong though.

Susan Suchower said...

I think this interesting quilt would be a great stash buster for those of us who have various fq from quilting bus trips. Actually how many fq did you use? You mentioned you left some out.

CindyP-H said...

You've done it again, Jo! You're created yet ANOTHER quilt that I can't wait to make! ^_^ Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Alice said...

You are so clever, and they really shock me! Thank you very much! Like you post!