Introducing: Q&A with Oda May

We are introducing a new feature on the Moda Bake Shop called Q & A with Oda May. Today Oda May will answer questions about out of print fabrics, how to become a Chef, and what to take on quilt retreat. Do you have a question for Oda May? Send her an email.

Dear Oda May,

I love this Pinwheel Baby Quilt and want to make the exact same version. But I can’t find the Snippets charm packs anywhere. Can you help me?
Pinwheel Pining in Paducah

Dear Pinwheel Pining,

Snippets by American Jane sure is cute with all of those paper dolls, daisies, and polka dots! It is out of print (OOP) and now hard to find (HTF).  My first suggestion is take a look at American Jane’s latest collection, ABC 123. Won’t that make a perfectly pretty pinwheel quilt?!
If your heart can be satisfied by Snippets alone, start with your local quilt shops. They often hold on to inventory a bit longer than online shops.  Next, try online auction sites. Then, take to social media to see if there is another quilter out there who has the fabric and wants to do a trade. And finally, you never know what an internet search might bring. Search for American + Jane + Snippets and don’t give up if the first page doesn’t yield success.
Sincerely Snippets-less,
Dear Oda May, 
I love the Moda Bake Shop! I have so many ideas for using pre-cuts that I’d like to share with your readers. How can I become a Chef?
Wanna Cook in Walla Walla
Dear Wanna Cook,
The Moda Bake Shop thanks you! We love you, too, and all of our dear readers. So you wanna be a Chef? First, take a look through all of our wonderful recipes and make sure your idea is not too similar to a published project. Second, sketch or sew up your project idea. It doesn’t have to be complete, but it should give an idea of how the finished project will look. Third, submit your application right here {Moda Bake Shop Application}. Be sure to check “submission.”
Rolling in Recipes,

Dear Oda May,
Last year I joined a local quilt guild, and I have made so many wonderful friends. It’s such a joy to sew with others who are passionate about the same craft. The annual guild retreat is coming up, and it will be my first time to go on a retreat. I am almost paralyzed with indecision. What should I pack? How many projects can I make in 3 days? 
Reflective Retreater in Racine
Dear Reflective,
How wonderful to find a shared joy with others! I remember my first quilt retreat like it was yesterday. Luckily for you, I have a short list of packing “must haves.”
-Sewing machine (don’t forget the foot pedal!)
-Rotary cutter and mat
-Thread snips
-A good cotton thread
-Extra needles
-As many Moda pre-cuts as you can stuff into your bag (rolling bag recommended)
Seriously, my dear, Moda pre-cuts are the only fabric to bring on a retreat. Most of the cutting has been done for you so you can maximize your sewing time (and still have time for those whispered quilt retreat chats “Is she really going to just lop the ends off that fabric to make her borders? Well, I never.”)
Have a lovely time!
With Retreat Envy,