Q&A with Oda May: Tape Measures, Pre-Washing, and Jelly Rolls

Welcome to today's edition of Q&A with Oda May. Today Oda May answers reader questions about out of print fabric, pre-washing, and favorite fabrics. Do you have a question for Oda May? Send her an email.

Dear Oda May,

I was thinking yesterday how wonderful it would be for Moda to release a mini range of the American Jane Tape Measure Fabrics.  They are one of those fabrics that just add something special to small projects.  I have some fabric eggs that I made up from a kit, which I treasure because there was a square of the yellow tape measure fabric in the kit. It was the whole reason I bought the kit!  A small re-release would be wonderful. Any thoughts?

Tape Measure-less in Tampa

Dear Tape Measure-less,

Oh, those lovely tape measures! I know just the ones you mean. They were from American Jane's Recess collection. They do add a bit of whimsy and fun to any sewing project. I'd love to see them in print again myself. Maybe a few whispered sweet nothings in the right ear can make that happen. But in the meantime, I have another print you will love! It's from Moda's Made with Love collection:

It comes in yellow, red, and aqua.

Dear Oda May,

Do you pre-wash your fabrics? I haven’t been washing my fabrics because I wasn’t sure if it was necessary.

Cleaning Conundrum in Concord

Dear Cleaning,

Prepare yourself for lots of “pre’s” in my answer! Moda pre-cuts never need to be pre-washed. Pre-washing means pressing and that takes a lot of the ease of use factor out of the pre-cuts, and you could also end up with a big tangle of thread ends. If you are using yardage for clothing, definitely pre-wash so that your seams don’t go all wonky on you. I would also recommend pre-washing vintage or any non-traditional fabric you may be using in yours quilts (sheets, clothing, etc.)

Prewashed and Pressed,

Dear Oda May,

I have this jelly roll of Wonderland by MoMo that I have been hoarding for a long time. I think I’m ready to finally use it, but I don’t know what to make. Oda May, please help me!

Wondering about Wonderland in Winnetka

Dear Wondering

Remember, dear, it’s just fabric. There is always a new collection being released so you can fall in love again.  Make hay while the sun shines! Once you sew your beloved fabric into a quilt, you will still have that precious fabric but it will have become something lovely and useful.
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With Pieceful Thoughts,


KatieQ said...

I don't know how I missed "Recess" when it was first released, but I would love to have the tape measure fabric. Please point me in the direction of the ear I should whisper in.

Lynda said...

In the 80's I was buying a mini heart fabric put out by Cranston Print Works Company - A VIP screen print. There are 12 hearts to the inch and the fabric came in all colors with white and white in the color. IE red with white and white with red. This is my favorite fabric to this day and I would like to see more of it. Who owns the copyright to these prints? Does Cranston still exist or have they been bought by someone else? Inquiring minds would love to know.

The Tulip Patch said...

I have all the American Jane tape measures...even from Building Blocks. BWA-HA-HA! Some of the Building blocks ones are still available if you check skus on the internet.

Kathy said...

Whoa, I definitely need to know what ear to whisper in! I wasn't into quilting whenever "Recess" was available or I certainly would have purchased it! Please please come back!

Winter said...

I saw Sandy, American Jane owner, at the Long Beach Convention Center for the International Quilt Festival, and to my surprise she had a few yards of measuring tape, and also ticket stub yardage. She is my favorite designer and I was lucky to grab a yard! Try the Quilters Coop in Temecula, California, online. They carry quite a line of American Jane fabric.

Linda said...

I always per-wash all my fabric & batting so there won't be any surprises when the quilt is finished. I also wash & dry the quilt when completed. These are mostly baby quilts so need to be able to handle lots of washing & drying. I wash everything as soon as I purchase so it's ready to go. Don't mind ironing afterwards.

Aliza said...

I realy love these jelly roll races going on... they make beautiful quilts just by sewing all the strips together continuesly until you have a finished quilt top. they are realy beautiful without cutting up the fabric.

TheLazyQuilter said...

Oh how you taunt us with the measuring tape fabric. I've searched high and low and in-between and come up with... nuthin. Is this a tease for a reprint perhaps? :)

Dustin Cage said...

For kitchen towels, I used dishwashing back then. Can you believe that? Now I make sure to use anti-bacterial soap.