Q&A with Oda May: Tape Measures, Pre-Washing, and Jelly Rolls

Welcome to today’s edition of Q&A with Oda May. Today Oda May answers reader questions about out of print fabric, pre-washing, and favorite fabrics. Do you have a question for Oda May? Send her an email.

Dear Oda May,
I was thinking yesterday how wonderful it would be for Moda to release a mini range of the American Jane Tape Measure Fabrics.  They are one of those fabrics that just add something special to small projects.  I have some fabric eggs that I made up from a kit, which I treasure because there was a square of the yellow tape measure fabric in the kit. It was the whole reason I bought the kit!  A small re-release would be wonderful. Any thoughts?
Tape Measure-less in Tampa
Dear Tape Measure-less,
Oh, those lovely tape measures! I know just the ones you mean. They were from American Jane’s Recess collection. They do add a bit of whimsy and fun to any sewing project. I’d love to see them in print again myself. Maybe a few whispered sweet nothings in the right ear can make that happen. But in the meantime, I have another print you will love! It’s from Moda’s Made with Love collection:

It comes in yellow, red, and aqua.

Dear Oda May,
Do you pre-wash your fabrics? I haven’t been washing my fabrics because I wasn’t sure if it was necessary.
Cleaning Conundrum in Concord
Dear Cleaning,
Prepare yourself for lots of “pre’s” in my answer! Moda pre-cuts never need to be pre-washed. Pre-washing means pressing and that takes a lot of the ease of use factor out of the pre-cuts, and you could also end up with a big tangle of thread ends. If you are using yardage for clothing, definitely pre-wash so that your seams don’t go all wonky on you. I would also recommend pre-washing vintage or any non-traditional fabric you may be using in yours quilts (sheets, clothing, etc.)
Prewashed and Pressed,

Dear Oda May,
I have this jelly roll of Wonderland by MoMo that I have been hoarding for a long time. I think I’m ready to finally use it, but I don’t know what to make. Oda May, please help me!
Wondering about Wonderland in Winnetka
Dear Wondering,
Remember, dear, it’s just fabric. There is always a new collection being released so you can fall in love again.  Make hay while the sun shines! Once you sew your beloved fabric into a quilt, you will still have that precious fabric but it will have become something lovely and useful.
To find recipes made with a particular fabric line, use our search field on the main page. The Bakery page will help you search for projects made with a certain type of pre-cut.  
With Pieceful Thoughts,
Oda May

Oda May

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