1930s Summer Perspective Quilt

Hello! It's Crystal Hendrix from Hendrixville! I'm bringing you another fun quilt, but with a twist on my usual tutorials...this one is using only solids! I must admit that I have never before made a quilt using only solids and after making one, I would like to encourage everyone to do it! It's different but very fun!

1 Jelly Roll 1930s Bella Solid
1 Jelly Roll Bella White
1/2 yard Bella White (Binding)
*Optional - 3/8 yard of each of the different 10 colored solids (Backing) or 5 yards of desired color (Backing)

I know looking at this tutorial you see so many different measurements and it looks quite confusing. No worries! Just take a deep breath and relax!

1. Start by separating your different colors and cut and sew each to make the desired lengths below:

Dark Purple: 
2.5"x 3.5"; 2.5"x38.5"; 2.5"x46.5"; 2~ 2.5"x12"; 2.5"x65.5"
Light Purple:
2.5"x 3.5"; 2.5"x38.5"; 2.5"x46.5"; 2~ 2.5"x12"; 2.5"x65.5"
Dark Green:
2.5"x6.5"; 2.5"x14.5"; 2~2.5"x12"; 2.5"x2.5"x65.5"
Light Green:
2.5"x6.5"; 2.5"x14.5";2~ 2.5"x12"; 2.5"x65.5" 
Dark Blue:
2.5"x14.5"; 2.5"x22.5"; 2~ 2.5"x12"; 2.5"x65.5"
Light Blue:
2.5"x14.5"; 2.5"x22.5"; 2~2.5"x12";2.5"x65.5"
Dark Pink:
2.5"x22.5"; 2.5"x30.5"; 4~2.5"x12"; 2.5"x12"
Light Pink:
2.5"x22.5"; 2.5"x30.5"; 2~2.5"x12"
Dark Yellow: 
2.5"x30.5"; 2.5"x38.5"; 2~2.5"x12"
Light Yellow:
2.5"x30.5"; 2.5"x38.5"; 4~2.5"x12"; 2.5"x12"
2~ 2.5"x2.5"; 4~ 2.5"x10.5"; 4~ 2.5"x18.5"; 4~ 2.5"x26.5"; 4~ 2.5"x34.5"; 2~ 2.5"x42.5; 6~ 2.5"x65.5"; 22 ~ 2.5"x12"

**In the pictures below, the shapes shown are NOT to scale, but are used to give a visual to the instructions.**

2. Take your 3.5" pieces of the dark and light purple and sew together using a 1/4" seam line (use this throughout). Press seam when done (do this throughout for all your seams as well).

3. Take your 2.5" in white and sew to the edges of your purple rectangle, then add the 10.5".
4. Sew the 6.5" strip of each greens to the top and bottom. Dark green strip goes on the top and light green strip goes on the bottom. Attach the 14.5" dark green strip to the right side and the 14.5" light green strip to the left side. 

5. Sew the 10.5" white strips to the top and bottom and then 18.5" strips to each of the sides.

6. Sew the 14.5"  dark blue strip to the top and the 14.5"  light blue strip to the bottom. Sew the 22.5" dark blue strip to the left side and the 22.5" light blue strip to the right side.

7. Sew the 18.5" white strips to the top and bottom ends to the rectangle and then add the 26.5" white strips to the sides.

8. Sew the dark pink 22.5" strip to the top of the rectangle and then 22.5" light pink strip to the bottom. Sew the 30.5" dark pink strip to the right side of the rectangle and then light pink 30.5" strip to left side.

9. Sew the the 26.5" white strips to the top and bottom to the rectangle and then the 34.5" strips to the sides.

10. Sew the dark yellow 30.5" strip to the top and the 30.5" light yellow strip to the bottom. On the right side sew the light yellow 38.5" strip and then on the left side add the 38.5" dark yellow strip.

11. We are now adding our last white strips to our little rectangle section, sew the 34.5" strips to the the top and bottom and the 42.5" strips to the sides.

12. Now adding our last colored strips to our rectangle section, sew the 38.5" dark purple strip to the top and the 38.5" light purple strip to the bottom. On the right hand side sew the dark purple 46.5" strip and on the left hand side sew the light purple 46.5" strip.

13. Yeah we have the majority of our quilt top done now. Now with all of our 12" strips we are going to make TWO multicolored strips. Below shows the order of the colors to add, make sure that you follow the sequence or they will not line up later. The order goes as the following: dark pink, white, light yellow, white, dark purple, white, light green, white, dark blue, white, light pink, white, dark yellow, white, light purple, white, dark green, white, light blue, white, dark pink, white and light yellow.

14. Once you have your two multiple colored strips made, sew each one to the sides of your rectangle (be mindful of which is top and bottom - dark purple on top and light purple on bottom). Sew the strips on so that the dark pink strip is on the top and the light yellow end is on the bottom.
15. Now we are moving in to the last stage. We will now be taking our last  strips that measure 65.5" and add them to our quilt. You can either add them one at a time or you can sew your strips together and then add them to your quilt top. Whatever way you decide make sure that the top is the following: light purple, white, dark green, white, light blue, white and then the quilt top. On the bottom going from the down up you need to have the following: dark blue, white, light green, white, dark purple, white and then the quilt top. 

16. Once you have added your last strips make sure you press your quilt well, and then you are finished! You can use any remaining fabric to make a pieced backing or you can do what I did and get some more of the bella solids and make different sections of the 10 colors to make the backing just as interesting as the back!

17. Once finished, baste, quilt, and bind as you so choose.

Yields one colorful summer quilt approximately 65.5" x 70.5".
 The backing looks like a fun tic-tac-toe type of board that you could use to have a large game!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you decide that you would like to make it I would love to see your creation or any other creation that you have made from my previous tutorials! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! 

Crystal Hendrix


Luisa said...

I love it! It's on my to make list.

Jeanine D'Arras said...

I just love it. It's so fresh with an great visual impact.

Bravo !

tiffanyfarhner said...

Oh my...I am soo making this...will be buying fabric for this next week for sure!!! It's beautiful!!! I wonder what it would look like in batiks???

Dawn Hendrix said...

Beyond LOVE this.. mercy it is PERFECT and thanks so much for posting!

KathiP said...

All you need are left over scraps or charms to make bean bags for the tic tac toe! It's a lovely quilt!

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

This is beautiful, thanks for the great tutorial!

Ruth K said...

This is the first jelly roll I bought a few years back never made it into anything, I'm glad I waited. I have now the perfect project.

Toni Stone said...

This is beautiful. I would love to see it in the bella solids warm collection.

terrieannie said...

So yummy in those colors... like sherbet desserts! Definitely going on my "to do soon" list!

Kathy said...

So very pretty. I used to have a summer dress in colors like this. Everyone told me my dress looked like rainbow sherbet! Definitely will try this. Thank you so much for sharing!

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Love the colours and design

Pam said...

I love the colors and design! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Creando con graciela said...

Colores románticos para un proyecto precioso.

Sara Richins said...

Not to be nit picky, but I've found that there are left cut cutting directions. You need to double all 12 in cuts. And she completely left put to cut 22 white 12 inch cuts. Kind of depressing when you're sewing up a storm and realize you need to go back and do more cutting.

Crystal Hendrix said...

Thanks Sara for finding those errors!

I have gone through the whole quilt again and I have fixed all the errors that Sara found and then one that I found too!

I'm not perfect and am terrible at math, so if anyone finds anything else please let me know! Thanks guys!

candy said...

I too found a couple errors. I caught the first one you have corrected since I made mine (the first purple pieces needing to be 3.5"). I also had to cut 2" off each side because it measured 65.5" and the stripes for the top and bottom measured 61.5. Also i did not have enough purple to do the top and bottom strip so i just substituted pink. Not sure if I did something wrong but it was an easy fix. It turned out to be a beautiful quilt. Thanks you.

doll65 said...

How do you make the back there are not cutting directions or sewing directions for the back. Thanks