Tips & Tricks: Bobbin Storage

Today's tip comes from Erin of the blog Domestic Adventure.

Clever Erin shared several great tips for organizing her craft room. My favorite was how she stored her bobbins:

Erin says, "I accidentally realized that the metal bobbins are attracted to magnets, so I looked in the craft section of our local big box store and found strips of adhesive magnet.  Then I just lined them all up!"

Looks great, Erin! Thanks for sharing your ideas. To see more clever organizing tips, check out her blog post {Craft Closet Makeover}.

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Happy sewing,


ZippyZippy said...

What a great idea - definately going to use this one.
Thanks for sharing :)

Cindy Sharp said...


Sherron said...

If only my bobbins were metal. The plastic bobbins are missing out!

Sara said...

I need to organize my bobbins and this is perfect, thanks!

Alexandra Abarca said...

Thanks for the ideas.

Costa Rica

Sandra said...

For those with plastic bobbins, this might work:
Hang a cork board in your sewing space. You can get chunky push pins that have a large "head" that protrudes. The bobbins would sit on these.

LesQuilts said...

Hi! Great idea, but I'm concerned the metal bobbins become magnetized and will affect the motherboard on a computerized sewing machine.
Anyone have similar concerns?
Take care, Leslie

Erin @ said...

Thanks so much for the feature!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Great idea for metal bobbins! I don't think the magnetic strength of these little strips could do any damage to a computerized sewing machine. My husband attaches magnetic picture frames with strips similar to these directly onto our cpu box with no adverse effects.


Yllek said...

I've been using these HandiBobs for a couple of years. They fit on to the top of the spools and you can just clip the bobbin to the spool. The guys at the local sewing machine store showed them to me.

I love them!! Keeps me from trying to rematch bobbins with their thread spools. Especially when you have 5 reds all very similar XD

One place to get them:

Quilty Stuff said...

I love this! It's Brilliant! I can't wait to add this to my sewing room.


Calvin Brock said...

The Blog title is the name of the album and the number in brackets next to it tells you the number of images currently stored. At the bottom of the page, you can see a message in green small font which gives you an overall idea of how much storage space all your Blog images have taken up.

Edward Thirlwall said...

When we visited my mother, we found her working in her DIY corner of the house. And we saw how she organized her working area for sewing. I am amazed that she also organized her items and storage the way it is being shown on this blog. It looked great and neat.