Tips & Tricks: HSTs

Today's tip is from Chef Pamela Lincoln from the blog Mama Spark's World.

Pam shared her trick for perfectly lining up the points on your half square triangles (HSTs). Her method prevents those "clipped" corners that can so ofter happen with HSTs.

Pam says...."A little bit of time spent pinning helps with not cutting off your points!  If you have pressed your seams correctly as indicated in your pattern/recipe the seams should "nest" as shown below."

Line up your pieces and insert your pin...check to make sure that the pin is just at the point on each side of the intersection.  Sew right up to the pin and then take it out.

Happy pinning!


Peppi said...

Fantastic! I was going to ask how you get everything to match up so nicely, perfekt timing :-)

bridalbuy said...

WoW! So magic! I can't believe my eyes!

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Crazyquiltgirl said...

Great tip! And great picture to illustrate.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Thanks for the advice.

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Dorothy said...

Thanks for the tip. My Home Ec teacher always said you can never pin too much!

dianne said...

you rock, Mama Spark!!! said...

You do rock Mama Spark. Thanks for your tips.

queenopearls said...

Sew, I was looking at the photo and reading the tip... looks to me like the pin is just on the fold of the fabric for each side *OR* are you putting the pin through the stitch line for each side. Maybe I am splitting hairs but, with a nod to Dorothy, I was failing miserably in Home-Ec so I dropped it like a bad habit. Now.... 40+ years later I'm playing catching up. :)
Thanks bunches,
Christina in Cleveland

Mama Spark said...


I noticed your comment and thought I would respond. You are actually pinning through the part where the small points on each side are to match each other. Technically you are correct that it is in the seam but in a specific place in the seam. There is another photo here
on my blog that actually has a little bit better photo.

Hope that helps!

Happy Sewing,

~ Pam

harleywife57 said...

thanks for your tip ! it really helps ! and I love your blog !!

Sutphin Denae said...

*my needle was a regular 'ol needle (but make sure you have a THIMBLE, it's murder on the finger without!)
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