30-Minute Gift: Simply Colorful Coasters


Are you ready for a quick and easy gift idea? I'm Amy DeCesare from  Pennsylvania, and I'm so happy to be the newest chef here at Moda Bake Shop! My blog is called Amy Made That!...by eamylove and I hope you'll pop on over to visit me there. {You're welcome to stop by any time!}

Today I'll show you how to make a charming set of coasters to give as cute and practical gifts. These little sweeties stitch up quickly! Once you've gathered your materials, you can make a set in about 30 minutes. They would make an excellent project for a beginner or even a child.{I've been sewing for years, and I can't stop making these. The design possibilities are unlimited!}

1/3 yard Bella Solid fabric {I chose Gray}
(8) squares from a Moda Charm Pack OR (8) 3" squares from a Moda Layer Cake {I chose a Simply Color Layer Cake}
1/4 yard fusible interfacing, such as Pellon 987F

Matching thread
Iron and ironing surface
Pinking shears

First you will need to select your prints.
I chose to use the blue and green colorways from my layer cake.
{You could make all 8 coasters the same, or all different to coordinate.}
From solid fabric, cut background and backing pieces:
Cut (2) strips 5” x WOF
Cut each 5” strip into (8) 5” squares, for a total of (16) 5" squares.

From the charm pack or layer cake, select (8) prints, and cut each into a 3” square.

Cut (8) 3” squares.
Cut one strip 5” x WOF: Cut into (8) 5” squares.

Fuse the Pellon 987F as follows, using manufacturer’s directions:

Fuse one 3” square to the back of each charm print, for a total of 8 coaster centers.
Fuse one 5” square to the back of each of (8) of the solid  5” squares, for a total of 8 background squares.

{The remaining (8) solid 5” squares will not have Pellon 987F fleece fused to them.}

Center one of the 3” squares on one of the background pieces which have been fused with the 987F fleece. Pin the 3” square into place.

Using a straight stitch, take a few stitches very close to the edge of the charm square.

Switch to a zigzag stitch (or another decorative stitch) and sew around all 4 sides of the charm square.  When you arrive at the starting point, change back to a straight stitch and backstitch to secure the stitches.

Now layer your finished square on top of a bottom solid square. {Your coaster will not require any turning, so place the squares just as they will appear when the project it finished.} Using a straight stitch, sew ¼” all around the outside edge of the coaster, through all layers.  Backstitch at the end to lock the stitching.

Repeat these steps to assemble the remaining coasters.

To finish, use pinking shears to trim near the stitching on all four sides.

Look how cute and cushy they are, all stacked up...

Or all fanned out! Which one will you choose?

Use a beautiful ribbon or a fabric strip to tie your coaster set for a pretty presentation.  I used pinking shears to cut a ribbon of Bella Solid 1" x WOF.

 8 colorful and fun coasters

Don't forget to make a set for yourself! And speaking of gifts....head on over to my blog Amy Made That!...by eamylove for a chance to win my latest giveaway!

Amy DeCesare


Quiltjane said...

Welcome Amy. Fabulous little coasters. I love the presentation.

PinkGranny said...

What a wonderful gift idea. I like the reminder to make a set for myself too.

Thanks Amy!

teresa said...

I love the idea. Thanks

Anne D said...

Love them. What a great idea. Thanks

The Patchsmith said...

What a perfect gift to wrap and have under the tree. That way when you receiving an unexpected gift you will have something to give back. Love the fabrics and the neat ribbon.

S Walker said...

Just what I need - cute and quick! Like your fabric choices.

Kate said...

They look great and are quick and easy - thank you.

Rosa said...

They are very cute.Thanks for the tutorial!

legato1958 said...

LOVE these as a gift! Fun and practical!! Your colors are lovely, too.


fionao's said...

Can I just ask if it is okay to wash them? I was thinking in a lingerie bag in the washing machine. Will the pinking sheared edges hold up under a wash do you think?

Amy DeCesare said...

Hmmm...I hadn't thought about washing them. If anyone tries it, please update me! They are just so easy to make that I'd probably just make new ones. ;)

Beesknees said...
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Beesknees said...

I am SO making these. Thank you!

Beesknees said...
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Beesknees said...
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Terry Kessinger said...

I just made these last night for gifting this morning. They turned out adorable and now I can't wait to make some for myself. I tweeted a picture of them here: https://twitter.com/TerryKes/status/281513889445842944

Thanks for the super cute and easy tutorial!

Amy DeCesare said...

I just checked out your photo on Twitter, Terry...your coasters are so pretty and I know they will be appreciated! {No need to tell how easy they are to make, right?} Thanks for sharing the photo!

caitlyncerutty said...

I’m not good at mixing different patterns but I will try my best to do my own coaster. I’ll mix different pink patterns and pair them with baby blue ones. Do you think it’s a good colour combination?

-Caitlyn Cerutty

charlotteshea said...

I think it will take me an hour to do this. I need to practice first because I’m not confident with my crafting skill.

-Charlotte Shea

Sophie Tyler Neil said...

I tried this and I can say is that its not hard to make. At first I thought that it would be difficult to get an end product like you did in the photos posted but as soon as I did the first step, everything just fell into place.


justin baynton said...

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