Clover Cake Quilt

Mom and I are so excited to be bringing you our fourth recipe.  This one uses the lovely Cattails & Clover by Kansas Troubles which is absolutely gorgeous and a Bella Solid layer cake.  This quilt finishes around 80 x 80 inches.

Mickey & April

sweetwater cotton shoppe

1 Cattails & Clover Layer Cake
1 Bella Solid Layer Cake Natural
1 yard brown for setting triangles
1 1/2 yards gold for outer border
5/8 yard woven for binding
5 yards backing
90 x 90 inches batting

From 41 of the prints in the layer cake cut the following (do NOT cut into strips cut each separately):
5 ⅞ inch square
3—3 inch squares

Cut 5 ⅞ inch square in half diagonally once.

From 41 of the squares in the natural layer cake cut the following (do NOT cut into strips cut each separately):
3—3 inch squares
4—3 inch squares
2—3 ¼ inch squares

Cut 2—3 ¼ inch squares in half diagonally once.

Piece together half square triangles using the 3 inch squares.  For a total of 6.
(place squares face to face...draw a line diagonally and stitch a ¼ inch seam allowance and cut along the drawn line)

....these pictures would NOT load...

Piece together blocks as follows for a total of 41 blocks.

From the setting triangle fabric cut 2—15 ½ x 44 inch strips cut into 4—15 ½ inch squares cut in half diagonally twice (setting triangles) and 2—8 inch squares cut in half diagonally once (corners).

Layout quilt as in picture 5 x 5.

Cut 8—6 x 44 inch strips for wide border.  Piece together 4—6 x 88 inch strips then piece to sides first then top and bottom.

Cut backing in half and piece together to measure 86 x 90 inches.

Layer quilt with backing and batting and quilt as desired.  I machine quilted Clover Cake with a variagated thread in an over-lapping free-style meander.
***I machine quilt on a Juki, so i do not have a stitch regulator which makes some stitches longer.***

From the binding print cut 8—2 ¼ inch strips. 

Piece strips end to end.

Stitch strips down.

Roll strip around edge and stitch binding down--or hand stitch down on back.

1 Clover Cake Quilt measuring 80 x 80 inches.

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happy quilting!
mickey & april


dungeonquilter said...

The link to the pdf file is not working. Would love to make this up.

Leah Douglas said...

This is great, thank you!

Jo said...

Beautiful quilt!! Congrats on a great finish!!

sajuki said...

great :D
Greetings from Poland

Sherryl said...

Gorgeous. Love your choice of fabrics too. This would be a wonderful quilt for autumn. Another one for the to-do list!

pojeda said...

I would love to make this quilt later, but, the link to the pdf file is not working. That seems to be happening allot on the Moda site lately. Can someone find the working pdf link and post it? I would be so grateful!

vivoaks said...

The pdf worked fine for me. Give it a try again.

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Rose E. Glasses said...

Lovely quilt. Nice to see pre cuts and how to effectively cut them into a traditional quilt. Thanks.