Q&A with Oda May: The Fabric Sleuth

Join Oda May today for a fun tip on finding out about upcoming fabric lines from Moda.

{fabrics shown are from upcoming lines: Baby Jane by Eric and Julie Comstock, Flats by Angela Yosten, and Boho by Urban Chiks}

Dear Oda May,
All of my friends seem to know more about fabric than I do. They know all of the names of old fabrics lines and the ones in stores. They know all about the designers. They even know which fabric lines are coming out long before they are even available! I confess – I am a bit jealous of their fabric knowledge. I just can’t face another sewing circle where everyone is talking about the new Bonnie and Camille or Kansas Troubles line, and I’m in the dark. How can I ever keep up with them?
Competitive Quilter in Kansas City
Dear Competitive,
It seems your friends have been studying their selvages, but don’t fret, my dear. There is a wealth of fabric knowledge just at your fingertips. Visit the United Notions/Moda Fabrics website to see our archive of fabric lines {Fabric Collections}. You can search by Designer, Style, and Collection Name. Sort the collections by release date to see our upcoming lines.  Hope over to our {Meet the Designers} while you’re at it.
You will never be in the dark again!
In the Know,

Oda May

Oda May

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