Ring of Memories

Hi! It's Quilted Works blogging with you today on the Moda Bake Shop. We are excited to be here again to share a unique project created by Rhonda Ferguson, an instructor here at Quilted Works. This super easy "Ring of Memories" is sure to be a project you're going to want to make. It's just perfect as a gift for little ones, because we all know kids LOVE to see pictures of themselves. And what a great way to accomplish that...with fabric of course!

  • Family Pictures
  • Charm Pack (one square for each picture)
  • Iron-on Photo Transfer Paper
  • Hobbs Batting - 3 1/2" square for every two pictures
  • 1/4" (6mm) Eyelets and setting tools
  • 2-inch metal book ring (found at office supply stores)

Picture Preparation:
* We realize there are numerous Photo Editing programs and different techniques you can use to edit your photos for print. Please choose whatever you're comfortable with or follow our simple instructions.

Bring family pictures into a photo editing program and crop pictures to make them square. Make sure you leave enough room on the top left or right hand corner so that the eyelet will not interfere with the faces in your pictures - this should be approximately 1/2". Save pictures to your desktop.

In Microsoft Word, open up a new document. Go to margins, and adjust them to .25" on all sides. Go to Insert Picture, and insert a picture from the desktop. With the picture highlighted, click on text wrapping. Click on square (this allows you to move the picture anywhere on the page). In the picture toolbar, adjust the size to 3 1/2 x 3 1/2". Move the picture to the top left hand corner.

Insert a total of six pictures onto the page using the steps listed above. Pictures will be end to end with the paper having 1/4" margins. *You can print the photos any size you wish. We did the 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" to maximize the use of our photo transfer paper.

Remove any paper from your printer's paper tray and insert photo transfer paper (one at a time) into the tray. Using manufacturer's directions, adjust settings as needed for your printer and print.

Continue to replace pictures in your layout with new pictures and print each new page of pictures.

Cut out pictures to 3 1/2 x 3 1/2".

Choose a charm square for each picture. Place the picture in the center of the charm square and iron it on, according to manufacturer's directions.

Sewing Instructions:
To reinforce the picture, sew 1/8" inside each picture.

Group pictures in sets of two. Remember that you need to leave room for the eyelet so it doesn't interfere with faces in the picture.

Make a sandwich with a picture square (right side down), then a layer of batting (centered over picture) and last another picture square (right side up).

Pin the square in each corner, lining up the corner of the top picture, the corner of the batting and the corner of the bottom picture.  Follow these instructions for each set of pictures.

With coordinating thread, sew 1/8" away from edge of picture.

Following directions on eyelet package, place eyelet in top left hand corner of each picture square.

We placed the eyelet on the picture and traced the inside, then cut out that small circle to fit the eyelet piece inside.

Trim edges of fabric square with pinking shears to desired size. I trimmed 1/4" from each side.

Slide picture squares onto the 2" metal ring and you're done!  

One darling Photo Book! The perfect gift for baby!!!

Quilted Works


Molly @ Me and Madeline said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Netta said...

Really like this but can't access the pdf?

I am Just One Mom said...

Most excellent!
I have not had an ink jet printer for 15 yrs... do you mind telling me the brand and model you used so I can get a quality image printed (not all inkjets are created equal.)

Quiltjane said...

Fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing.

Kim Lapacek said...

loving this idea! thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Love it!!

Lori said...

This is so creative. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Sue said...

This is wonderful! I'm going to make one for my 18 mo old grandson. He is trying to talk now, but everyone is Mama excpt his Sissie. If he had one of these books maybe going over it everyday we would all get names... Even daddy!

sewn1ce said...

I love this, I have been looking for something to make to carry with me since my kids left home for university, just to look at every now and again

Barb Johnson said...

Someone asked about the printer we used for the pictures. It's HP Photosmart model C4480. Follow the print setting guidelines on the iron-on fabric sheets.

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

Wow your are a great artist, I love your blog. Kisses from Spain.


Kay Lynne said...

That is really a cute idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Jane said...

I am not able to download the printer friendly version. Will that be available soon? I love the pattern.

Angie said...

I love this. I even have all the supplies to make it. But never thought of a little mini album. I still can't download the print friendly version. Will that be fixed?

Megan said...

This is exactly the project I have been looking to make for my 8 month old. My question is would the printed image handle a lot of mouthing? What about toxicity? Little guy is teething and everything goes in the mouth! Thanks

http://www.artfire.com/users/auntiechrisquiltfabric said...

Great way to use up those smaller pieces!Cute.

Regina said...

I'm having a problem generating the PDF for this tutorial...any suggestions? Thanks!

Deb said...

Funny, I guess it depends on the stage of life you are in...but I was thinking, what a nice gift for a relative in a nursing home or with Alzheimer's disease!

D Suibhne said...

HELP!!! Can't access this pattern PDF as error message stated that 1.) "the file is still being downloaded & is unavailable for viewing" followed by 2.) "file doesn't exist" What gives? ):X

Randy and Susan Landon said...

I love the idea but I cannot get it to print or share

teresamnj said...

Love this! It's a shame the pdf link doesn't work.

diaryofamadmama said...

What a fantastic tutorial! I'll be pinning this one! Thanks for sharing! :) You totally made my day! :)

Kyla said...

I absolutely LOVE this project! BUT.... I purchased some Quick Fuse iron on fabric as suggested and was very alarmed with the warning on the back that it contains a chemical known to cause birth defects and that the product is intended for adult use only. Does anyone know any other information about this? It has scared me off making this as a gift for a baby. I would really like to make this project, but am not sure how to proceed!

vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

Hi Kyla,
There are several different brands of printable fabric. Check out your local notions shop to see if there is another one that does not have that same warning.
Lisa Calle
Moda Bake Shop