Steps To The Sea Quilt

Hello from Robin at Craft Sisters. It’s great to be back at the Bake Shop sharing a new quilt. The pattern is a simple log cabin block variation – Courthouse Steps and uses Deb Strain’s beautiful “Seascapes” Jelly Rolls and Panel. Thanks Deb and Moda for all the beautiful colors.  

1 Seascapes Panel 19610-12
1 Bella Solids Jelly Roll White 9900JR-98
2 Seascapes Jelly Rolls 19610JR
5 Yds. Backing fabric
Batting 79” x 85”

Just a note that one Jelly Roll will make six blocks.  This quilt could be made with 2 Jelly Rolls if you are OK without borders or smaller borders. I added the white, Bella Solid to get more contrast.  There are only a few light strips in the Seascapes Jelly Roll.

Step 1 – Cut the panel squares using a square ruler
Center a ruler over each letter and trim to 6-1/2” square 
Center a ruler over each shell and trim to 6” square

Step 2 – Separate the Jelly Rolls by color from light to dark.  Light strips were used at the top and bottom of the block, med for the left side, and dark for the right side. Strips were sewn, trimmed, and squared as I went instead of cutting all the strips for the blocks in advance. If you cut in advance, I recommend making one sample block before cutting everything. Everyone sews a little differently. 

6” long            2 light
9-1/2”              2 light, 1 med., 1 dark
13-1/2”            2 light, 1 med., 1 dark
17-1/2”            2 light, 1 med., 1 dark
21-1/2”            1 med., 1 dark

Step 3 – Block assembly   
One block uses 16 strips - 8 light, 4 med, 4 dark and a shell center square
The block finishes at approx. 21-1/2” square

a. Sew 1 light strip to the top and 1 light strip to the bottom of a shell square. Press 

b. Sew 1 med strip to the left side and a dark strip to the right side – Press

Step 4 – Lay out the blocks in rows of 3 in the color arrangement you like the best.

Step 5 – Sew the blocks in to rows.  Press

Step 6 – Sew the rows together.  Press

Step 7 – Borders
Use remaining strips and letters to make 4 borders.

a. Layout strips around the edges of the quilt, auditioning for color.  I chose to put white at the top, med down the left side, dark down the right side and the bottom. Pretty much like the block. Place the letters of the word Sea in different places in the border to see where it reads best to you, vertical, horizontal… 

c. Sew 3 of these long strips together to make each border strip set and add letters to two of the 4 sets.

d. Sew the side borders to the quilt top – sewing from centers out.  Press seams out and repeat this step for the top and bottom borders.  Measuring and then sewing from the center out helps to avoid wavy borders and the quilt to lay flat.

Step 8 – Quilt and bind
I used a swirl pattern called “Nesting Waves” by Ellen Munnich for the quilting on this one. Use more of the remaining strips to bind your quilt.   

One beachy quilted throw of a generous size, approx. 73” x 79”

Hope you have fun making this one. Be sure to stop by my blog in the next few days and get your name in for the giveaway (Thanks Moda).  Leave a beach related comment and we’ll put your name in the hat for a beautiful Seascapes Jelly Roll. Thanks so much. Robin

Robin Nelson


Pam said...

This is one of my favorite collections! Beautiful quilt!

Chris said...

I think I will not get this nice collection here in Germany, it is a very nice tutorial.

dortha said...

Love blue and white together. A very pretty quilt. Love the beach.

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

Very pretty quilt!

TADVR said...

Love it, thinking about using it w/ the full circle panel.

BUT I cannot access the printer friendly version, I get the dredded HTTP 404 not found error!

Suzann McGinnis said...

I love this pattern BUT once again I can not download a printer friendly copy...Help...

grandmarockton said...

can't get printer verison

Marion said...

printer version..........

dungeonquilter said...

Would love to be able to have the printer version.
Is there a reason that these have stopped working on the newer recipes?

Unknown said...

I LOVE this beautiful pattern!
Can anybody please fix the "printer friendly version"?
It is not working, as usual lately.... :-(((
Thank you!

Robin @ Craft Sisters said...

Pattern correction – So sorry about this everyone
Step 7 should read; Use remaining strips and letters to make 5 border sets.
Add the 5th border strip set (deep blues) to the bottom of the quilt last. This makes the quilt 79” in length.
Thanks ever so much for all the nice comments.

Valérie GUEGUIN said...

Stunning!!! I'm totally love of this!!!