Oda May at QuiltCon

Oda May and the Moda Bake Shop team will be at {QuiltCon} from February 21-24. Click through to learn five things you may not have known about Oda May.


As part of the Modern Quilt Guild and QuiltCon’s link party, here are five things for getting to know Oda May:

  1. Oda May made her first quilt in home economics in high school. It was a “puff quilt.”
  2. Oda May never goes more than 2 or 3 days without eating a piece of pie. Chocolate cream, peach, apple…wrap anything in pie crust and she’ll at least try a bite.
  3. Oda May can roll out her dumplings (for chicken and dumplings) so thin, they only have one side.
  4. Oda May makes her quilt bindings before she quilts her top because binding is her favorite part. It also gives her motivation to get that top quilted!
  5. Oda May always presses to the dark side, except when she doesn’t.

Are you going to QuiltCon? Let us know in the comments below and stop by and say hi! We will be in booth 100.

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