Honey Hive Picnic Quilt


Hey there everyone! It's Allegory again from {sew} allegorical.

I don't know about you but I'm still waiting on spring to show up at my house. I figured while I was hiding inside from the cold I could put together a spring picnic quilt. This way I'll be ready as soon as a sunny day hits.

This jellyroll friendly quilt finishes at 48" x 60" using a repeat of a 12" finished block. The repeating design means you can adjust this pattern to be larger if you'd like.

Let's break it down.

1 Jelly Roll of Honey Honey by Kate Spain
1 Jelly Roll of Bella Natural (9900JR-12)
1 Charm Back of Bella Black (9900PP-99)

Batting: 56" x 68"
3 yards of backing fabric of your choice. (I used Honey Honey Tide Apiary)
240 inches of binding in your preferred technique

This quilt is constructed off of one basic block. For mine I chose to mix different prints from the line together for a scrappy look. You can also use a single print for each block (which I think would be a great variation!).

I've made a handy block diagram to help keep track of the cutting and piecing for each block.

HH diagram

For one block you need to cut the following:

*The Natural and Honey Honey cuts use the 2.5" width of the Jelly Roll. Just cut the length straight from the Jelly Roll strip*

From Natural strips:
Two 12.5" 
Two 5.5"
Two 4.5"
Two 3.5"
Two 2.5"

From Honey Honey:
One 2.5"
One 4.5"
One 6.5"
Two 3.5"

From Black Charm square:
One 2.5" square

Here's all my cuts for one block: 


Block Assembly: 
This block is super simple to construct. All piecing is done with 1/4" seam.

Following the diagram above to match your cuts, piece together each of the rows. All of your rows will end up 12.5" long.

Press seams however you choose. I like to press mine open.


Now that you've turned pieces into rows, sew the rows together into your block.


You've completed one Honey Hive block!

Repeat these steps to make enough blocks to complete your quilt. My layout was four blocks wide and five blocks long, so you'll need twenty blocks total. 

Lay your blocks out into rows and play with the arrangement until you find one you like.
You'll have five rows of four blocks.

HH quilt
Still using a 1/4" seam, sew your blocks together into rows. Join your rows to complete your quilt top!

Baste, bind and quilt as desired.

For my quilt, I knew it would become my new picnic blanket so I chose a no-binding option and quilted it with wavy lines throwing in a few loops. It reminded me of a bee's path.
HH quilting close up

One spring inspired 48" x 60" quilt!

HH full shot

Happy Sewing!

Allegory Lanham


Gina Koston said...

I love this pattern...thinking about making it with a blue or black background and using a variety of yellow fabrics for the hives...this'll be on my list of future projects to do!

Amanda Rose said...

This is beautiful. I absolutely love it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it soon.

Amanda Rose

Unknown said...

would like to try it, but the "printer friendly" tab sends me to United Notions

Debra said...

I can't pin it, I can't save it, since Printer Friendly version doesn't work. How am I supposed to use this pattern?????

sewnutx64 said...

Debra, I copy and pasted it into a word document then printed and it worked out fine. I love this pattern too!

Allegory said...

Pinning is working just fine for me but just to make sure I've gone back through the photos and saved all of them again as shareable just to make sure Flickr allows the pin.
Sorry for any trouble!

Suzann McGinnis said...

Can someone give us the correct link for the pdf? Please

sophietucker said...

Will you ever have a pdf. file of this quilt? Thank you

Cheryl Ryan said...

I love this! Instead of beehives, I'm seeing wedding cakes and will make it as a wedding guest book quilt for some dear friends. Can't wait to surprise them with it.