4-Step Flagstone Quilt

Hey everyone! It's Jera from Quilting In The Rain bringing you this fun quilt top that you can finish in a weekend.

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 Grab a Layer Cake or a Boho kit and get this quilt top done within a few hours. Have fun!

For one big quilt measuring 54.5"x63.5"
  • One  Layer Cake (you will need all 42 squares)
  • coordinating thread
  • 1/2 yard binding
  • 3 1/4 yards backing 

For two smaller quilts measuring 36.5"x45.5" each
  • One  Layer Cake (each quilt uses 20 squares)
  • coordinating thread
  • 3/4 yard binding (will bind both)
  • 3 yards backing (will back both)
    Step 1 - Choose ten pre-cut 10 inch squares and lay them directly on top of one another making sure they are aligned. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, make a diagonal cut through all ten layers. Make sure the cut is similar to the one shown below (i.e. don't make the cut too slanted).

    After you make the diagonal cut, you will have two stacks of fabric: Stack A and stack B.

    Step 2 -  From stack A, take the bottom piece and from stack B take the top piece. Place them together as shown below. Piece these two pieces together (with right sides facing together, sew a 1/4" seam allowance). Repeat until stack A and B are all pieced together.

    Tip: For faster piecing, you can chain piece:

    Step 3 -  After you've completed Step 2, press open all of the blocks using an iron. Next, stack all of your blocks on top of one another, same as you did in Step 1. Make sure all the blocks are facing the same direction and are aligned. Rotate the stack and then make a diagonal cut again, as shown below.  Once again, you will have stacks A and B.

    Repeat Step 2 with stacks A and B:

    After sewing together, press open with an iron. A finished block will look like this:
    Repeat steps one through three with ten more pre-cut ten inch squares so that you will yield a total of 20 finished blocks. If you want to make the bigger quilt, repeat the steps until you yield a total of 42 finished blocks.

    Step 4 -  To make the smaller quilt, lay all 20 finished blocks in a 4x5 formation as shown below. To make the bigger quilt, lay all 42 finished blocks in a 6x7 formation. 

    To piece the quilt top together, first sew all four blocks together in each row, and then sew each row together. (Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew with the right sides facing each other, and then press open with an iron).

    Lastly, baste and bind your quilt. That's all there is to it!

    Two smaller quilts measuring 36.5"x45.5" each, or one big quilt measuring 54.5"x63.5"

    The fabric I used in the above images are from Moda's Marmalade collection. Below I used a combination of Moda's Sew Stitchy and Noteworthy collection. This pattern is so much fun I've used several different collections, so grab a Layer Cake and have fun!

    Happy Quilting :)

    Jera Brandvig


    eNzmom said...

    love this! will make a great Christmas quilt nicely featuring the Charlie Brown fabric i just acquired.

    Angella P said...

    Nice and simple pattern but I think I would do it with sashing.

    Melissa Corry said...

    Such an adorable little quilt!

    Gayle Ballinger said...

    Adorable! There are so many whimsical fabrics that are perfect for this little darling! I wonder how this would look in a more "serious" fabric, like a floral? Thanks for the "Easy" rated pattern! I need to get experience before I try the challenging ones, and yet so many "Easy" online patterns are too + easy= boring. I love this one! Thank you!

    Margaret Looby said...

    I was looking for a "different" pattern to use for a baby quilt and this is it! I love it, so simple but so beautiful. As a previous poster, for these twins I will sash with white fabric. Thank you for halting all the procrastination. I didn't want these babies to have a simple squared quilt, I wanted something they could grow with........thanks again!

    Sherry said...

    This Moda recipe is so fun. I couldn't wait so I started on one yesterday! Thanks so much for sharing.

    ssuch said...

    I agree with eNzmom this pattern would be good to showcase whimsical character fabric!

    Gayle Ballinger said...

    FYI: Printer friendly version now redirects to your United Notions home page.

    I was unable yo locate it from there.