Basic Math Quilt

I've been a big fan of Brigitte Heitland's work since I first stumbled across it.  I was thrilled to see her first fabric line, Juggling Summer, and I just love the great colors and prints.  The sort of distressed-looking prints pair so well with the log-cabin inspired prints and the fantastic blenders.  And the colors are the perfect shades of green, purple, orange and turquoise along with black, grey and cream.  I had to have it!

This quilt is called Basic Math because I came up with the idea while I was working on another project.  I didn't want to switch projects to try out the idea, but I couldn't stop thinking about whether it would work or not.  I kept saying to myself "Of course it will work, it's just basic math."

One layer cake of Juggling Summer
1/2 yard of binding fabric  (I used 1503-30 in purple)

For the back:
1 yard each of 1501 and 1505 in avocado
3/4 yard each of 1502 and 1503 in avocado

Batting:  60" x 66"

1.        Select 40 squares from the layer cake.
2.       Cut each square 6½" from the left edge and 6½" from the lower edge.  My " ruler is perfect for this!
3.       From the binding fabric, cut 6 2½" strips.

Block Construction:
1.        Your cutting should have resulted in:
·         40 3½" squares
·         80 3½" x 6½" rectangles
·         40 6½" squares

2.       Set the 6½" squares aside for now.  These are the A blocks.

3.       Choosing fabrics at random, sew two of the " x 6½"  rectangles together to make 40 6½"  B/C blocks.
4.       Again, choosing randomly, sew four of the " squares together to make 10 " D blocks.
5.       I pressed my blocks to the darker fabric, re-pressing as needed when I put the quilt top together.

Putting the quilt top together:
1.        Separate your B/C blocks into a group of 19 blocks (B) and a group of 21 blocks (C).  In the quilt layout, B blocks are set with the center seam horizontally; C blocks are set with the center seam vertically.
2.       Lay the blocks out according to the diagram.
3.  Sew the blocks together into rows.
4.  Sew the rows together to complete the quilt top.
5.  Press the quilt top.

1.  From one of the one yard pieces, cut a 36" x 30" piece. (Piece W)
2.  From the other one yard piece, cut a 36" square. (Piece X)
3.  From one of the 3/4 yard pieces, cut a 30" x 24" piece. (Piece Y)

4.  From the other 3/4 yard piece, cut a 36" x 24" piece. (Piece Z)
5.  Sew Pieces W and X together along the 36" sides.
6.   Sew Pieces Y and Z together along the 24" sides.
7.   Matching these seams, sew the two back pieces together. 

1. Layer the quilt top with the backing and batting.
2. Quilt as desired.  My version of Basic Math is quilted in a 3" grid through the middle of the blocks.
3. Bind with binding strips.

One Basic Math quilt 54" x 60"

Debbie Grifka


Kerri K said...

Cool quilt. Would love to print the instructions but there is something wrong with the printing link.

Unknown said...

Lovely quilt and soooo easy!
Great to use up all these colorful favorite pieces of fabric I have cumulated over the years....

Too bad the printer version is not working - as usual, lately!

Wendie Waldman said...

I love this quilt. It really showcases fabric design. It's on my list of possibles for my grandson.

Phyllis said...

I have a wonderful layer cake that would be perfect for this quilt. Can you fix the printer download please? Thank you.

abelian said...

This would be a good pattern for a quick scrap quilt, too.

Lately, if you wait a day or so, the printing link will work; you have to bookmark the page and remember to come back to it.


Karen said...

Neat idea. I am definitely bookmarking this!

Jeneta said...

Lovely! I am such a fan of layer cakes!!

Debby McCaffrey said...

Like the quilt and would like to try it however I don't get the cutting instructions. It tells you to cut the 6.5 squares and the 2.5 strips but no subcutting. I'm a bit slow but need further instructions for the rest of the cutting. Don't want to ruin a layer cake by not knowing how to cut correct needed sizes.

Esch House Quilts said...

You just cut 61/2" from the edges of the layer cake - once horizontally and once vertically to cut the squares needed. Hope this helps!

Debby McCaffrey said...

Thank you. I think I have it now. I was trying to use a 6.5 x 6.5 ruler (you said 6.5 ruler would be good to use) but I really should have been using my 6.5 x 12 ruler. So you actually cut the layer cake into a 6.5 strip and 3.5 strip then subcut those by 6.5. (ends blocks 3.5 x 3.5; 3.5 x 6.5 (2 times) 6.5 x 6.5 once). I'll be able to use by accuquilt for this one!

It looked so simple but just couldn't get my head around it especially when I was trying to use the wrong ruler!

Quiltmakers Cottage said...

I love the fact that the cutting is so simple, and all the pieces fit together without having to further trim them. It is a good concept, and a nice looking quilt pattern. And it uses up most or all of a layer cake packet, too. Great job!

quilter said...

Moda, you really need to do something about the Printer Version NEVER working for several days. You look like incompetents. Is it really that hard to make a link work the first time? Others can do it.

Ann said...

Great Quilt! Simple cutting and wewing the strips will be an easy leader/ender project.

Gayle Ballinger said...

Thanks for doing the math for us! I think I might start this today. Have a Holiday Medley layer cake that I think will be perfect for this! I really appreciate simple yet pretty and easy patterns, as I am still a rookie at all this.

Marg said...

Its a great quilt Debbie. Nice and easy and quick but looks more complicated. I'll definitely try this. Thank you also for showing how you made the backing and how you quilted it. It drives me nuts when I see -quilt as desired- with no suggestions on how to quilt it or explanation of how the original was quilted.

Carol E. said...

Love a simple, beautiful quilt. The printing link worked fine for me!

Amanda said...

Love this quilt! I recently got into quilting and this is going to be my first quilt! Using the "Glamping" fabrics for it!!

mjb said...

Beautiful beginner pattern!

Auntie Mabel said...

Sorry if I'm being dense....
At the top it says you need 60x66 batting.
The final quilt measurement says 54x60 which is what my front measures.
The backing pieces seem to add up to 60 x 66.

I've just made this and it doesn't seem to add up for the back. 36 + 24 gives you the 60, for the top but the 36 and 30 gives you 66 not 56 for the sides.

As a complete beginner I assumed the extra batting was so you could trim it off after sewing, but I have measured and re-measured and I still end up with an extra foot at the end of my backing material.

Could someone tell me where I've gone wrong please?

Moda Fabrics said...

Hi Auntie Mabel! Piece W (36" x 30") + Piece X (36" square) = 56". Piece Y (30" x 24") plus Piece Z (36" x 24") = 66". The final backing size adds up to 56" x 66"