Star Spangled Sky Quilt

Hello!  It's Jo and Kelli from Jo's Country Junction with our latest project, "Star Spangled Sky".  We originally designed this quilt thinking we would use Minick and Simpson's Indigo Crossing line, but Moda's sample room was out of that line so we decided to expand our horizons and work with batiks using Edyta Sitar's Paint Box Batiks.  This is our first batik project.  Let's just say that we will be working with batiks again.  We are offering a giveaway on our blog for a Paint Box Jelly Roll stop over to sign up to win.

We mixed it up a bit.  We used batiks from the Paint Box Batiks line and the white is from the PB&J line.  We gave approximate yardage in case you can't find the jelly rolls.

4 Blue Jelly Rolls (or approximately 3 yards assorted blue fabric, cut into 2.5” strips)
2 Red Jelly Rolls (or approximately 1.25 yards assorted red fabric, cut into 2.5” strips)
2 yards neutral (creamy grunge 30150 174 Moda #1)—PB&J fabric line
2 yards blue (42100 15) Paint Box Batiks
2 yards red (42100 23 PlumPaint Box Batiks
8 yards backing Paint Box Batiks
Block Size:  16” finished
Quilt Size:  90.5” x 90.5”

Cutting Instructions:
White--2 yards neutral (creamy grunge 30150 174 Moda #1 from PB and J Fabric Line)
            1.  Cut 10- 4.5” strips.
                        -Use 2 strips to cut a total of 16- 4.5” squares
                        -Remaining strips will be used in the border

Blue--2 yards blue (42100 15)
1.  Pull 10 blue jelly roll strips from each of the 4 blue jelly rolls for 40 total (If using the Paintbox Batiks fabric line, you will need to use the bluish/green strips)
2.  Cut 26- 2.5” strips
            -Use 20 strips to cut a total of 40- 16.5” rectangles
            -Use 2 strips to cut a total of 32- 2.5” squares
-The remaining 4 strips will be used in making the blocks.  These strips can be set aside with the jelly roll strips.
3.  Cut 1- 4.5” strip
            -Sub-cut this strip to yield a total of 4- 4.5” squares

Blue Block Pieces—40 jelly roll strips + 4- 2.5” strips
1.  Using 22 of the strips, cut a total of 64- 2.5” x 12.5” rectangles—You will get a total of 3 rectangles from each strip.
2.  Use 16 strips to cut a total of 64- 2.5” x 8.5” rectangles—You will get a total of 4 rectangles from each strip. **Set aside remaining length not used**
3.  Use the remaining 6 strips and the remainder of the previous lengths, cut a rotal of 64- 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles—You will get a total of 8 rectangles from each full strip.

Red--2 yards red (42100 23 Plum)
            1.  Pull 8 red jelly roll strips from each of the 2 red jelly rolls for a total of 16 jelly roll strips.
                        -Cut the 16 strips into a total of 249- 2.5” squares
            2.  Cut a total of 27- 2.5” strips
                        -16 will be used for the border
                        -10 will be used for the binding
                        -Cut the remaining strip to yield 8- 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles

Quilt Instructions: **Important—Make sure that your quarter inch seam is a TRUE quarter inch seam**
1.  Make 16 blue background stars.  -White star, red corners, blue background
     To  make one:
 Put a white 2.5" square on the corner of a blue 2.5” x 4.5” rectangle.  Sew on the diagonal.  Trim.  Press.

Put a white 2.5" square on the opposite corner.  Sew on the diagonal.  Trim.  Press.

Assemble the pieces in rows as shown.

Sew the rows together to create the star.

2.  Make 4 corner stars using the above method changing the colors as shown below. -Blue star, red corners, 2 red backgrounds, 2 white backgrounds

3.  With a quarter inch seam, sew an 8.5” rectangle to opposite sides of the white star blocks.  Press to the rectangle. 

4.  Attach a red square to each end of the remaining 32 rectangles.  Press to the rectangle.

5.  Attach these strips to the opposite sides of the block and press to the rectangle.

6.  Repeat process adding another row around the block. Sew a 12.5” strip to opposite sides of the block.  Press to the rectangle.
7.  With right sides together, sew a red 2.5” square to each end of the 32 remaining 12.5” strips.  Press to the rectangle.8.  Sew to the remaining opposite sides of the block.  Press to the rectangles.
You will need 16 of these blocks.
9.  Layout blocks and sashing as shown.  Sew into rows.  Sew the rows together.  Assemble center of the top and press well.

10.  Join the 8- 4.5” strips on the diagonal.  Repeat with 16- 2.5” red strips, joining on the diagonal.
11.  Layout the assembled top.  Cut a total of 4 white strips the width of the quilt.  Cut a total of 8 strips from the red fabric.12.  Sew a red strip on either side of the white strip.

13.  Attach a pair of pieced borders to opposite sides of the quilt. 

Attach the corner star blocks to opposite ends of the remaining 2 pieced border strips.

14.  Attach the completed borders to the quilt.

15.  Quilt as desired.  Bind using the remaining 10- 2.5” red strips.

If you would like to see how we quilted our version and to sign up to win the jelly roll, stop over to our blog, Jo's Country Junction.

Quilt Size:  90.5” x 90.5”

Jo and Kelli Kramer



Unknown said...

It looks great!!!!
I also LOVE the beautiful quilting!
This could be one of my next projects.... the colors are so gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing

Béa said...

Wonderful !

Tisha said...

Its beautiful

InGa said...

Beautiful quilt, and only with the "one" pattern".

abelian said...

It's a beautiful quilt. Would be good for a soldier's or veteran's quilt.

And THANKS. Moda, for fixing the Printer Friendly link.


Montserrat Estupiñá said...

Una preciosidad de quilt y muchas gracias por las explicaciones y el patrón.Felicidades.
Un abrazo desde Barcelona

Susan in FL said...

I love this pattern, and Jo's Country Junction Blog.

Brenna said...

Beautiful quilt!! Can see it in so many different colors, too.

Barob Book Blog said...

Beautiful pattern!

Craig Peter said...

very good pattern
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Muddling Through said...

What a gorgeous quilt! Thank you for sharing.

Margaret said...

This is lovely, done up in batiks. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Jessica said...

Love the look of this quilt. Just finished cutting and wanted to point out that the pattern does not instruct the user to cut the 2.5" by 2.5" white squares for the points of all of the stars.