Ah-maz-ing Quilt


Amazing isn’t! Like the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland this quilt contains its own amusement for anyone who appreciates Modern art, or for anyone who simply likes puzzles. Now my question for all of you out there is, do you see it, and what is it that you see in this 85″ x 85″ Ah-maz-ing quilt?

For the Quilt Top

(1) Bella Solid White Jelly Roll 9900 98
(1) Bella Solid Black Jelly Roll 9900 99
(1) Yard of Bella Solid White or another Bella Solid White Jelly Roll. 9900 98
(3) Yards of Bella Solid Black 9900 98
(2.5) Yards of 108″ Dottie Quilt Backing #11072 14

Read through the directions first before starting this project!

All seam allowances are 1/4 of an inch unless stated other wise.

Open both jelly rolls to start piecing the middle.
It is best to be warned that you will run out of the white jelly roll strips before completing this quilt top. It is optional to purchase another Bella Solid white jelly roll or to purchase one yard of the Bella Solid white.

All cutting instructions for this quilt top was completed through improvisation. Please keep in mind that the finished center of this quilt will come out to 79.5″ x 79.5″. Yes, there will be some squaring off the ends. If some of the ends are longer then most its okay, they will be squared off anyway!

A couple of tips: 

Since this quilt top is sewn by strips it is best to start sewing one end and then start on the opposite end to prevent a bowing effect that happens if sewn from one end only.

Grab a few safety pins. Use one safety pin at the very top center (the very first strip) of your quilt top to remind yourself of where you started. Use another safety pin to help mark your place while sewing the strips together to remind yourself of what end you need to start sewing the next strip from.

Match up all ends from left to right. The right ends will be oddly strewn about while the left ends match up evenly.

I highly recommend to pin the strips before sewing them together.

Since the quilt top center will require to be squared off it best to sew 10 strip sections at a time and leave a safety pin in the places as previously suggested.

Do not throw out any scrap pieces until the very end! Many of the small odd jelly roll strips of fabric were used while going along in this quilt top to conserve on fabric waste.

Cutting and Piecing

This is a cut and piece as you go type of quilt. All measurements are given in the row order from number one to number thirty nine. See photo of the quilt as a reference. To fit a twin size bed keep adding on more rows and try your hand at improv piecing if you like. Just remember it is a maze!

The cutting measurements are coded by color: W = White      B = Black
All measurements are done in inches

    1. W-36″   B-22.5″   W-24.5″
    2. B-18.5″   W-22.5″   B-42″
    3. W-11.5″  B-20″   W-40″  B-11.5″
    4. B-33″  W-18″   B-32″
    5. W-40″   B-11.5″   W-31.5″
    6. W-6.5″   B-10″ W-36″   B-10″   W-11″   B-10″
    7. B-25″   W-13″   B-30″   W-15″
    8. B-23″   W-24″   B-36″
    9. W-42″   W-41″
    10. B-12″   B-42″   W-10″   B-19″
    11. W-11.5″   B-6″   W-18.5″   B-7″   W-40
    12. W-20.5″   B-42″   W-20.5″
    13. W-29.5″   B-10.5″   W-43″
    14. W-5.5″   B-21.5″   W-25″   B-31″
    15. B-36″   W-36″   B-11″
    16. W-6.5″   B-9.5″   W-42″   W-25″
    17. B-40″   W-7″   B-36″
    18. W-6″   B-5.5″   W-17.5″   B-6″   W-18″   B-31″
    19. W-42″   W-41″
    20. W-20.5″   B-42″   W-20.5
    21. W-7″   B-5″   W-42″   W-29″
    22. B-17″   W-10″   B-12″   W-19″   B-9″   W-17″
    23. W-17″   B-24″   W-16″   B-26″
    24. B-41″   W-10″   B-18″   W-14″
    25. B-9″   W-11″   B-10″   W-36″   B-17″
    26. W-42″   B-8″   W-33″
    27. W-42″   B-41″
    28. W-30″   B-42″   W-11″
    29. W-20″   B-42″   W-21″
    30. B-5″   W-21″   B-42″   W-13″
    31. W-42″   W-41″
    32. B-9″   W-30″   B-31″   W-13″
    33. B-15″   W-42″   B-26″
    34. B-30″   W-25″   B-12″   W-16″
    35. W-5″   B-12″   W-27″   B-30″   W-9″
    36. B-22″   W-26″   B-20″   W-15″
    37. W-18″   B-5″   W-36″   B-24″
    38. W-7″   B-28″   W-42″   W-6″
    39. W-42″   W-9″   B-18″   W-14″

If you did sew these strips into sections, square off each section to 79.5″ wide. Once all the sections are square piece them together.

Next take the Bella Solid Black and cut (2) 3 .5″ x LOF (length of fabric) for the border.
Add the borders to all sides.

Take the rest of the remaining Bella Solid black to make your binding.

85″ x 85″ quilt

Thank you for stopping by today and checking out this Ah-maz-ing improv quilt! Also be sure to stop by my blog to check out the free companion quilt pattern to Ah-maz-ing called Illusion. 

Jennifer Overstreet

Pattern designed by Jennifer Overstreet for Moda Bake Shop & Photos by Jennifer Overstreet  www.ghquilting.com | Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved