Boho Patchwork Vintage Star Quilt

Thanks for checking out my latest Moda Bake Shop recipe!  I'm Sarah, from Sweet Dreams by Sarah, and you can visit my blog to read a little more about my inspiration for this quilt, and to get a sneak peek of other projects that I'm working on.  I mostly make baby quilts, because frankly, I like immediate gratification.  Even though this is a lap-sized quilt, it comes together so quickly, it will be done before you know it!

I love the modern feel of a traditional block that's blown up, so today we're making a giant vintage star, using patchwork to give it a fun, scrappy feel.  Let's get started!

1 Boho Layer Cake
3 Yards Bella Porcelain
4 Yards of any coordinating yardage for backing - I used No. 31091-18 in Rain and No. 31095-14 in Whisper (you will also have some leftover Layer Cake pieces that you can use to make the backing more scrappy)
5/8 Yard Binding - I used No. 31094-14 in Rain
Cotton batting, measuring at least 70" by 70"

First, we need to sort the Layer Cake.  The great thing about this project is that you can really use any Layer Cake that has definite color ways, plus some lower contrast prints.  You'll want to pull the following from your Layer Cake:

Four colorway-sorted piles, with at least 4 different prints in each:

A lower contrast or multicolored pile, with at least 8 different prints:

Set aside the rest of the layer cake, as we'll be using that for the borders!

Keeping each pile together, cut the squares in quarters, giving you little stacks of 5" squares.

Remaining cutting:
From the Porcelain background yardage:
  • 6 squares that measure 14", and 4 squares that measure 13 1/2"
  • 8 strips 3 3/4" by width of fabric (WOF)
From binding fabric:
  • 7 strips 2 1/2" by WOF
Now that we have all the pieces, let's get sewing!  We'll be using a 1/4" seam for all seams.

Using the squares we cut in the first step, and working with one color pile at a time, sew the squares into nine-patches.  Pick out 9 5" squares from one of the colorways, and lay them out, trying to make it as scrappy looking as possible:

Sew the squares together into rows:

 And press out the rows with the seams going in opposite directions so that you can nest the seams:

 Sew the rows together and press for your nine-patch:

You'll need 1 nine-patch in each colorway, and 2 in the low contrast fabrics.

Next, we need to mark those 14" squares we cut from the background fabric.  Mark the diagonal across the square, with your preferred marking tool.  We're going to be sewing on either side of that line, so make sure you can see it.  Lay one of your nine-patches down, right side up, and then lay the background square on top, with your marking facing up.

Pin this together, and then sew on either side of the line, 1/4" away from the line:

Do this with all 6 of the 9 patches that you've made up, and then go ahead and cut on those lines that you drew, going right between the lines that you sewed.

 Press these open, and you'll see that you now have patchwork half square triangles!

You should now have 16 blocks to work with - the 12 half square triangles, plus the 4 13 1/2" background squares.  Using your design wall or your floor, arrange them for your quilt center.  Be sure to pair up the two half square triangles for the main colorways together, as you can see below:

Sew these squares together to create the center of the quilt.  To help the seams to line up, I usually handle this piecing in quadrants.  I sew together the 4 blocks in the upper left hand corner, then upper right, etc., to create bigger "chunks" that are much easier to manage when matching up corners.

Next, we'll add the inner border.  Grab the 3 3/4" strips that you cut from the background.  Take 2 of them, and sew together end to end, to make a double-long strip.

Do this with all 8 strips, so that you have 4 double-long strips - one for each side of the quilt.  Press the seam to one side, and pin to the edges of your quilt center, matching up the seam between the two strips to the seam in the middle of the side of the quilt:

Sew the strips onto the quilt center, using a quarter inch seam:

Sew these strips on the right and left side first, pressing and squaring up these sides before sewing the strips on the other two sides:

Next, we'll work on the outer border.  Grab the extra 5" charms that were left over from your 9-patches.  We need a total of 58, so pull about 5 more pieces from the layer cake - just choose your favorite prints here, as we're still going for a scrappy look - and cut them into 5" squares.

Choose 13 of the squares, and sew them end to end in a long strip.  Be sure to use a 1/4" seam! I loosely arranged my squares by color so that I could control the color distribution a big as I sew them together.

Choose another 13, and sew them end to end as well.  Be sure to press these long strips well, and pin them onto opposite sides of the quilt.  Sew each strip onto opposite sides of the the quilt center.

Next, choose 15 squares, and sew them end to end in a long strip.  Do this twice also, which will give you the final borders to attach to the quilt.

Press it all well, and your quilt top is done!  The leftover layer cake pieces can be used in putting together your backing, or you can simply use yardage.  In this case, I used a few layer cake pieces to connect two pieces of yardage, for a scrappy looking back.

Quilt as desired, and use the 2 1/2" strips that we cut from the binding fabric to construct your binding strips.  I bound this quilt using my preferred method of initially sewing the binding onto the back of the quilt, and then sewing on the front - both by machine.

One 67x67" lap quilt!

This quilt pattern can also be simplified and made a bit smaller by stopping after you finish the quilt center!  I made this version, using a Twirl (by My Sister and Me) layer cake, and it measures approx. 52" by 52".

Sarah Connolly


traceyjay said...

wonderful design! Thank you for sharing!

CJ said...

Fun quilt! On my LIST! Thanks so much.

Louise Hunter said...

On my summer to do list!!

katier825 said...

When I try to get the PDF download, I get an error message and it jumps to a customer log-in page. Can it be fixed? Thanks!

Jo said...

Me too ... ! thanks for this beautifull quilt

Jo said...

Me too ... thanks for this beautifull quilt !

sunny said...

I think I'm in love!!

Rebecca Stevens said...

I hope it can be fixed because I have the same problem. Looks like a fun quilt to do.

Fran said...

Fabulous quilt! One of the nicest things I've seen in a while :-)

Jen said...

This happens all the time. Why not check the download link and make sure it's working before making the post public? That way people can download it right away...

I really like this quilt.

M.W. said...

I too love this quilt and would like to make it. Can you please fix the download so I can print it.

Quilt Fabric Pizazz said...

This is a great simple pattern. Could use charm packs as well. Great impact, simple to make. Would enhance the look by using simple diagonal grid line quilting instead of the overall pattern. I am going to make this puppy! Well done.

Sherry said...

Wonderful recipe - great instructions. I really want to make this one. It just baffles me why all these shared recipes aren't available for immediate download once they are put here. I'm sure it must be Moda not the designer - this happens so often! They need to fix that - very frustrating to have to keep coming back. I do however appreciate this freebie - it's a nice one!

Ann said...

Hope you can fix the download issue - would love to make this one day!

Sherry said...

As of midnight (CT) link still not fixed! Very disappointed - gonna stop spending so much $$ on Moda pre cuts.

Debbie Kitsos said...

I love this pattern and it's definitely on my "to do list." I think I would like to make it with my 1930's fabric. Thank you so much for sharing!

CN said...

I am wondering if Sherry, who said she was going to stop spending so much money on Moda precuts, used her rotary cutter or fabric shears when she cut off her nose to spite her face? I saw a sign once that said, "Quityerbellyachin'". I would send it to Sherry, but I would rather spend my money on anything Moda. Seriously, people. This is a simple pattern. Can't download it? Take notes!

Carroll said...

I still can't get the pattern to download. It is so cute. I am sure you are aware of the problem. Look forward to when it is fixed.

Kinga Izabella said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love this colorful star quilt!

Pam Ferguson said...

Carol I used "CTRL P " and got the pattern to print. Hope this helps you.


M.W. said...

Thanks for fixing the printer friendly version. I can now print. Love this pattern.

Sherry said... my nose is in place. I still have tons of Moda precuts.

Jen said...

CN - The issue is that this happens all the time. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'd stop buying Moda fabric but Sherry has a legitimate point.

The download button should work immediately. It's not about "taking notes". It's about it consistently not working when new quilt patterns are posted. If the download button is offered then no one should have to "take notes". It should work. Moda is a business. As a business their website should be fully functional. Making fun of another person who commented because they have a legitimate gripe (it's not like this is something that never happened before, it happens ALL THE TIME) is really petty. You may have found her remark extreme but it's no excuse to be condescending and rude and it's not unreasonable to ask that Moda ensure their download link works when a new pattern is posted. Otherwise why offer the link at all?

I don't know Sherry, I don't know you either. I just found your comment incredibly uncalled for. Making a working link each time a new pattern is uploaded is not rocket science. I love Moda. I think they really need to fix this issue that has been ongoing for at least a year if not more and happens every other pattern or so if not every single one. That's a legitimate issue with a function on the website whether you can see that or not.

Jen said...

Question for the quilt author or any experienced quilter. If you were going to use charm packs instead of a layer cake would you need two or three?

Sarah said...

Jen - you would need 3 charm packs.

Also, a note to all - There is one correction to the pattern (I'm waiting to hear back from MBS on getting the correction published) - the background squares should be cut only 14 inches, not 14.5. Please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about the pattern! Thanks all!

Mariarose said...

Cute cute cute!
If you used 2.5" squares instead of 5" it would be a nice size baby quilt.

Jen said...

Sarah, thank you so much. I love this quilt. :)

debby said...

I finished the baby size quilt. I can't post pics yet (it's for a shower) but it's very, very sweet. Thanks for the pattern.

debby said...

I can finally post the finished quilt:

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

I made this with 3 Honey Honey charm packs and it turned out great! It left me with 16 squares to use for the backing.

Thanks for the correction, Sarah. I'm still honing my cutting skills so when all my background squares were a little too big I thought I had totally messed up my seam allowances! (I'm a fairly new sewer/quilter). But I just trimmed them down and it all came together like it was supposed to.

Tracy Covington said...

I just made this quilt from leftovers that I had from other projects. Love the design, ease of piecing and it turned out great!

kalamityk said...

I just made this with two sets of charm squares at I received from a charm swap (56 in each set). It happens that the pattern uses 112 and that is how many I ended up with from the swap. It goes together quickly.

Cazzish said...
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Cazzish said...

Hi, This is my first quilt, and so far so good, however, i've just got to the point of matching up my triangles ("pair up the two half square triangles for the main colorways together") but the seams to do not align when the triangle looks like they are sitting correctly. Can someone confirm that this is what I should be expecting as I cannot tell from the pictures??

Thanks :o)

Sarah said...

Hi Cazzish - they'll align pretty close, but won't be spot on.

Terri Ann said...

The seams not aligning had me stumped for a while too and I had to zoom into the photos to see that was how the example came together too. I used this pattern with red, white, blue and tan for a Quilt of Valor and it came out beautifully. I'll link up when I have a good final photo of the quilt. I used 15 1/4"yd cuts to add variety and have just enough leftover from those cuts to make the binding.

Terri Ann said...

Just posted pics of my Boho Vintage star quilt that I created with friends & family for the Quilts of Valor foundation

Took about 9 hours from start to finish with one sewing machine (and me on it almost the whole time) and 3 other helpers with no quilting experience. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely pattern!

Ms De said...

Someone in my Pat Sloan's FB group just posted to the one she made with your pattern and I am SO excited to have found it! This is perfect for my Christmas quilt I want to make with Kate Spain's Solstice collection!! Beautiful!!