Zig-Zag Baby Quilt

Hi everyone, it's Amanda from Material Girl Quilts and I'm happy to be back on Moda Bake Shop today with a fun and modern baby quilt.  This pattern came to mind when a co-worker friend told me that he and his wife were having a baby.  They are a fantastic young couple that live in the city and I knew would appreciate a more modern flair to their baby's new quilt.  The best thing about this tutorial is that it's simple to piece and uses just 3 charm packs for the top!

3 charm packs (Bella solids in Admiral Blue (9900PP 48), Silver (9900PP 183) and Robin's Egg Blue (9900PP 85)
1 1/2 yard backing (Oink a Doodle Moo chicken wire in Denim)
1/2 yard binding (Bella solid in Admiral Blue - 9900 48)

Divide and match up each charm pack into charm pairs as described below.
21 pairs - Admiral Blue and Silver
21 pairs - Silver and Robin's Egg Blue
21 pairs - Admiral Blue and Robin's Egg Blue

You will have a total of 63 sets of charm pairs (2 charm squares together).  With each charm pair, place right sides together and mark a line down the center of the square at the 2 1/2" mark.

Sew 1/4" on either side of the marked center line.

I did this all while chain piecing and didn't even snip my threads after the first pass.  I just kept them all together and stitched on the opposite side of the marked line.

Once each charm pair has been stitched, cut on your marked line (between the two stitched lines) to separate into two pieced rectangles.

Press each pieced rectangle toward the darkest fabric.  Now you will need to trim each pieced rectangle down as shown below to measure 4 1/2" square.

You should now have a total of 126 - 4 1/2" pieced squares.  Lay them out on point as shown and instructed below with 18 rows of 7 blocks each.

Row 1 - Silver/Admiral Blue pieced squares
Row 2 - Admiral Blue/Robin's Egg Blue pieced squares
Row 3 - Robin's Egg Blue/Silver pieced squares

Repeat this order until you get to row 18.

When sewing the rows together, you will do it on the diagonal as shown below and then attach each row to each other matching seams to ensure your zig-zag is in alignment.

Once the quilt top is pieced together, trim off the edges to create a straight line.

Layer with batting, backing and quilt as desired.  You will need five 2 1/2" x WOF strips for binding.

A perfectly sized 36" x 48" quilt for the modern baby in your life.

Amanda Castor
{Material Girl Quilts}


Becca said...

Gorgeous quilt, thanks or sharing the technique, this looks achievable

Karen Ackva said...

What a great and easy baby quilt pattern. I love the time saving tip of cutting after you sew!! Great job! Thanks for the tutorial!

Unknown said...

Smart technique!
Thanks for sharing.
Easy enough for a beginner thanks to the tutorial- my daughter will love this as her first attempt at the sewing machine.

Kathy said...

I like this! Looks more complicated than it really is. I'm pretty sure I can do this :)

Malini said...

This is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Beatrice said...

Hi, perhaps you could give credit to Amanda Jean Nyberg from the blog Crazy Mom Quilts whose tutorial for this quilt (zig zag quilt without triangles) was featured here in 2009:

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

Thanks for sharing Amanda Jean's tutorial Beatrice. They are very similar in that they don't use half square triangles to create the zig-zag, however her tutorial uses yardage and then shows the strip piecing technique. The beauty of this tutorial is that it uses Moda pre-cut charm packs and a lot of the cutting is taken out of the equation :) Similar end result – different path to get there.

Kim A said...

This is a great tutorial, I needed a quick baby boy quilt and even loved the colors you picked. I ordered up some charm packs and had the top put together in a day :-)

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

I'm so glad you loved it Kim! Don't forget, you can share photos of your creations from MBS tutorials in the below flickr group:



Jennifer Blanchette said...

Great tutorial, I made a pillow using the technique without charms and chain piecing, brilliant. I may make my own variation with different shapes!

Rebecca Makas said...

I can see why this was one of the top 13 for 2013. Super directions to make an easy chevron pattern. So much color possibilities with this!

Tricia Graham said...

I'm trying this and have it all laid out and getting ready to sew...my question, though, is what is the seam allowance?

Thank you!