Quilts with Stories

There is a story behind just about every quilt. Whether it's the basic stuff like searching for the perfect binding fabric or the big stuff like the wedding quilt you made for your sorority sister or for your cousin who was diagnosed with cancer. The month of August will be dedicated to sharing the stories behind the quilts. We'd love to hear your stories, too, so feel free to link up below. This link party will be open all month long.

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mrs.hands said...

Hej! This is Melanie from Gothenburg.
I'm crazy about patchwork, but I must say the piecing is always more fun for me then the quilting in the end. I'm a little impatient and with my sewing machine it's just not so much fun.

ANYWAY. Last september a friend of my husband got married. We were in horrible moving trouble and also had a little boy jumping around, but I decided to make a quilt for her.
They are not that huge friends anymore, but I know she played an important role for him when they were teenagers. Though I almost don't know her at all this quilt should be a kind of "Thank you" for the past when she took care of him, listened to him and made him feel normal for almost the first time in his life.

It should of course be a Double Wedding Ring. I used a technique that allowed me to quilt most of it when the single blocks weren't yet sewed together. That made it much easier. It was really a fight against time, but after six weeks I was done. I'm sorry, I forgot to take a good picture when it was done, but I think you can see anyway.


The sad thing about it is just that they are already divorced again.

mrs.hands said...
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Southern Gal said...

My link is from a post in 2010 and is about a quilt my grandmother made for my daughter. Even though it's not my quilt I thought I would share the story here. Looking forward to reading quilt stories.

Stephanie said...

I love hearing the stories behind quilts - thanks fot hosting this link up!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my link goes to my Joseph's Coat quilt that I finished late last year after more than a year in the making all by hand - hand work is peaceful I wish more would try it.

Podunkpretties said...

My link is a quilt made for the Iron quilter Challenge. I bit off more than I could chew with this quilt, so I didn't get it finished until 6 months after the challenge finish date.

Sandy M said...

My link (My Daughter's Dowry Quilts - 13 Quilts) talks about the journey I walked with my daughter as she completed 13 quilts to serve as a dowry on her wedding day.

Susan said...

What lovely quilts. I have so enjoyed reading the stories. What fun pictures too!

Mary Anne Drury said...

How fun to ready everyone's quilt stories !!! My "Wynken, Blynken & Nod" baby quilt was designed and made by me recently for my niece and her husband's first baby (due in Sept). This baby will make me a Great Aunt for the first time (I mean I'm already a really great/cool aunt :) but now I'm going to be a GREAT (as in makes me feel old) aunt.)
The theme for their little boy's room is sailboats , which immediately made me think of that sweet "Wynken, Blynken & Nod" poem/song about sailing away in a shoe into the night sky. I really enjoy designing quilts and I find it's usually a song or a movie that fuel my imagination and designs.