Christmas Spools Quilt

It's not even Halloween yet but that didn't stop me from getting a jumpstart on Christmas sewing! This quilt is an easy project that will get you ready for the holidays in a hurry.

1 charm pack of In From The Cold by Kate Spain (spool centers)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Paper Bag (spool tops and bottoms)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Bleached White (surrounding spools)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Bleached White (sashing and borders)
1/8 yard In From The Cold - Mint (center squares)
4 yards (backing)
1/2 yard In From The Cold - Marshmallow (binding)


cutting instructions

for the top and bottom of spools

cut 21 - 2 ½" x wof strips

subcut each strip into 4 - 2½" x 9" strips

you need 84

for the sides of spools

cut 11 - 2½" x wof strips

subcut each strip into 8 - 2 ½" x 5" strips

you will need 84

for the corners of spools

cut 11 - 2½" x wof strips

subcut each strip into 16 – 2 ½" squares

you will need 168

for the corner stones

cut 2 - 2" x wof

subcut both strips into 40 - 2" squares

you will need 30

for sashing

cut 18 - 2" x wof strips

subcut each strip into 4 - 2" x 9" strips

you will need 71

for binding

cut 7 - 2 ½" x wof

for backing
cut 2 -  72" x wof pieces

**for border

cut 7 - 2" x wof strips

measure the perimeter of the quilt top

first subcut 2 strips to that length (should be 59")

sew top and bottom borders on

next measure the sides and subcut 2 strips to that

length (should be 72")

piecing instructions
for each spool block you will need : 
1 charm square
2 - 2½" x 9" strips
2 - 2½ x 5" strips 

4 - 2½" squares

1.  Draw a diagonal line on each of the 168 - 2½" squares
2.  With right sides together, pin 2½ " squares to corners of the spool top and bottom strips, as pictured.
3.  Sew directly on the line, trim ¼" from seam, press out.  Repeat until all 84 strips are completed.
4.  Sew 2½" x 5" strips on opposite side of each charm square, press  toward charm square.
5.  Pin spool top and bottom to center.
6.  Carefully sew top and bottom to the center, press toward center.
block should measure 9" x 9"

Repeat as instructed for each block.  **To use less thread and time, I chain stitched all the center portions of the block, then the spool portions.
lay blocks out as you like
7.  Sew 35 - 2" sashing to the right side of each block minus the far right row.  Press seams towards sashing.
8.  For horizontal sashing, sew 30 - 2" corner stones to 2" sashing strips. 
9.  Sew strips into rows consisting of 5 corner stone/sashing strips.
You will then sew the remaining 6 - 2" sashing strips to the end of each row.
10.  Press corner stones out.  Pin each sashing strip to the bottom of the first 6 spool rows, sew together. 
11.  Pin rows together, sew.  Press seams towards sashing.  
12.  Sew sashing to the top and bottom, press out.  Sew sashing to sides, press out.
13.  Quilt, bind, and enjoy!  
Beautifully long arm quilted by Kathy Olkowski.
The Moda Bake Shop has a fabulous binding tutorial here.

62" x 72" adorable Christmas spools quilt

Trish Poolson


Kathleen Grace said...

I love your colors, choice of fabric prints and the adorable peppermint stripe binding!

Scattered Threads said...

What a handsome quilt. You can never start too early for Christmas. Beautiful!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Everyone needs a cute Christmas quilt!! Love this so much!!

Fran said...

Really cute!

Amber said...

I love spool quilts and that is the cutest thing ever. Good job on a great pattern!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful quilt. Where did you get the material for the backing it is great?

Judith Blinkenberg said...

I love this quilt! What a wonderful job you did making it. I especially like the brown. It really makes the spools pop. Thank you for this great pattern

Maggie said...

Great pattern. I feel inspired to make one!! Thank you.

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

So cute and love the bella solid you used!!

Shawn said...

Very nice Trish!

Elizabeth said...

Love it! This would look lovely as a scrappy quilt. Now I need to finish my square in a square quilt.

kathy-o said...

Super cute quilt and a nice size for snuggling on a cold day! Great instructions, too. Thanks, Trish!

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Denise Mitchell said...

Very cute!

Santee Bobbie said...

Love this newest one. I love all of yours I've seen. Thanks for being so creative. Am now following your blog.

Sewn With Grace said...

This is darling! Love it!

Anjeanette said...

Oh this is so lovely!

donna said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Trish.

Laura Lane said...

How pretty! I should be stitching instead of typing!
Harvest Lane Cottage

lovetoquilt said...

Very nice. Christmas is just around the corner!

Judith said...

really adorable! I love it :0)

the girlfriend gap said...

This is SEW very cute!!!!! Thank you. I want to just drop what I am doing right now and go make this. Janita

barbara woods said...

Beautiful quilt

Jodie Zollinger said...

Absolutely adore the spools quilt, just what I have been looking for. I can't wait to make it!!!