Mason Jar Tea Cozy

Mason Jar Tea Cozy

I can never get enough tea in the winter, and love to use quart-sized mason jars to fuel my addiction.  These jars are designed for canning, so adding boiling water is perfectly safe! This tea cozy insulates the jar (and protects your hands!) nicely, and it is also great in the summer for keeping your drink cold and preventing your glass from sweating.

Extra bonus – screw the lid on for a handy, spill-proof travel mug. Double-extra bonus – it’s perfect to make with scraps if you don't have Charm squares handy!

These make a great holiday gift, especially paired with a box of your favorite tea! I've got a few more simple holiday gift ideas coming up soon at my blog at

8 Charm squares – or an equivalent measure of scraps
Two pieces of batting measuring 14" x 6" and 5” square.

Extra fabric for optional accents

Assemble the sides – finished sides should measure 13x5. Gather your fabric and batting:
    Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Sew together three charms and trim down to 13x5 inches. 
Optional: OR, you can piece the fabric as desired, as long as the end product is 13x5. If adding applique or other fabric design, do so at this stage.

  • Layer outside fabric with quilt batting and sew layers together, quilting as desired. I did a quick wonky checkmark pattern, but this is a great place to try something new. (Note: You can pin before sewing, but I find ironing the layers together makes them hold quite nicely in a project this small.)
  • Trim off any extra batting.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Sew the short ends of the outside fabric (right sides together) to form a loop. Use a generous quarter inch seam (as opposed to a scant quarter inch).
  •  Repeat with the inside fabric to create a 13x5 piece of fabric sewn with the ends sewn together to form a loop (right sides together).
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

Assemble the bottom:
  • Cut out two 4" circles from charms and one circle from your batting. I trace a four inch embroidery hoop for this step.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Fold circles in half twice and iron to create folded lines as shown below (top right) – with the crease lines marking four equal quarters.
  • Layer your outside bottom circle with the batting as shown below (bottom right).
  • Now take the side pieces from the previous step, and fold these in half twice; iron to create four fold lines - marking four equal quarters.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Next, line up your four fold lines on your bottom circle and your side piece (right sides together). Pin where fold lines meet.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for 
  • After I have my fold lines pinned together, I add a lot more pins! 
Note: In the outside layer, which has a layer of batting in the bottom circle, take care when pinning to make sure you are catching both the fabric layers and the batting layer together.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Everything pinned? Sew the bottom layer to the sides, pulling the pins out as you go. This is the trickiest part. But you’re almost done!
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for 

Put it all together:

  • Turn the inside piece right side out.  Tuck this inside piece into the outer layer, so that right sides are together and the batting is on the outside. Pin along the top  at the fold lines.
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for
  • Sew along the top of the two pieces, using a quarter inch seam allowance. But wait! BE SURE to leave a two inch gap unsewn:
  • Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for
  • Now reach in there to pull your piece right side out through the two inch gap you left unsewn at the top. You're almost there!
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

  • Tuck the inner lining in. I usually iron the top for a nicer finish, folding in the unsewn seams.
  • Topstitch around the outer edge to finish.
Optional: Attach a cute vintage button to hang your teabag from so it doesn't get lost in your mason jar!
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

Make it your own! 

You can add binding around the top - just like a quilt! One the cozy below on the right, I used Aneela Hoey's Sew Stitchy Spools, and added a fat binding using standard quilting methods to the top.

One Mason Jar Tea Cozy
Mason Jar Tea Cozy Tutorial by WaterPenny for

Let me know if you have any questions! I'd love to see your own spin on the cozy mason jar cover!

Happy Sewing! 

Dana Kuhnline


kathyinozarks said...

I love this thank you, my hubby always uses mason jars for his summer drinks and coffee

Maryjean said...

Wonderful gift and only 8 charm squares!

Pierro said...

Rosemary B here:
This is really a cute idea. I adore how it turned out. Great tutorial, Dana and thank you for sharing it!

Lisas Mom said...

Oh wow, neat, wouldn't a beer fit in there? I'm going to use some man friendly fabric and do a beer cozy. Thanks for the tutorial.

Bruce Hiener said...

Thank you for a great tutorial! I have purchased the "Cuppow" mason jar lid from "The Grommet dot com" and the mason jar gets very hot when filled with coffee!! The coffee cuff I made for my throw-away cups isn't big enough for my mason jar and instead of making a bigger coffee cuff I'm going to make one of these. Thank you!!

Rajendra Patel said...

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DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Thanks everyone! I think you'd need slightly different measurements for a beer cozy but I love the idea of a quilted one - it would work for soda cans too!

I like this better than the cuff. It is fussy to attach the bottom but it adds a lot more protection and sturdiness.

Glad I'm not the only one who drinks out of mason jars around here! :)

BloomingElephant said...

Dana, what is the size of a charm square? I have never heard this term. Love your easy to follow directions

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

Love the idea. I have to find some fox fabric now.
What does the fox say?

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

A charm square is a 5" square.

But as the instructions say, you can use any size starting fabric as long as your side pieces measure 13x5 for assembling.

Shayne Terry said...

What size mason jar does this cozy cover?