Q&A with Oda May: Fat Quarter Folding

Click through for two folding methods from Oda May.

Dear Oda May,

This might sound like a silly question but I've recently started organizing my fabric stash and I wondered...how do other people fold their fat quarters? I can't seem to get them to look tidy and pretty the way I see so many on Pinterest.

Floundering in Fat Quarters

Dear Floundering,

There is never a silly question when it comes to fabric!  Fat quarter folding is one of my favorite ways to relax so I can definitely help you out with a few different ways to fold them.

First....the Moda way! This is how the fat quarters are folded in our beautiful bundles. No raw edges show with this folding method.

Second...a slightly smaller fold.

Here are the two stacked up so you can see the size comparison.

Hope this helps you keep things tidy! Readers, do you have any favorite folding methods?


Sandra said...

I find it depends where I'm going to store them. Sometimes (when I have too much time on my hands...) I fold them into a shape like a turnover, so triangular. They don't have to be stacked, but they do seem to take up more space.

Sophie said...

Thank you - I always wondered quite what I was doing wrong! Now I know.

Shelor Robin said...

Thank you soooo much. Just beginning to organize AGAIN and this is so helpful.

CruiseFan said...

I also fold mine depending where I will store them.
I have different size boxes for storage, so the folding somehow has to adapt.
But it is funny - checking them now that I have read the recipe I find out that instinctively they are always done in the way where the seams are hidden inside ;-))

Fran said...

I love playing with my fabric! I wash and iron each piece, using spray sizing or starch. I almost hate to unfold the pieces to use them.

Valerie said...

Oda May --- on a side note, may i ask what font was used for "How to Fold a FQ"? I love it!

Margaret said...

I store my fat qtrs in a wire bin, so I need them to be a specific size in order to fit well. I cut a rectangle from a piece of corrugated cardboard, and fold my fabric around that to get the width I need. Perfect fit every time! (And I do try to fold the edges towards the middle for a nice, tidy look).

Sheila Summers said...

I fold mine in half with longest edges together, then in half again. Fold in half either once or twice in the other direction. I usually just fold in half once in the second direction, so I end up with a fairly flat rectangle. It works best with my storage arrangement.