Big Hearted Quilt

Hello again from Robin at Craft Sisters. It's great to be back sharing a quick and easy project. This one could be fun for your February table or wall. And… adorable tucked around your littlest Valentines in the car or the stroller. I've made two so far in two different Moda lines but both in luscious pinks and reds. One from Sandy Gervais', Table for Two and the other using Deb Strain's, Surrounded By Love. The idea for this was to make a big, modern, Log Cabin-ish looking block. One Moda Candy or Charm Pack makes the heart and two half-yard pieces are used for the backgrounds.

1            Moda Candy or Charm Pack - Table For Two - heart
½ yd.     Diamond 1775611 - Table For Two - background 1
½ yd.     Rose 1775513 - Table For Two - background 2
⅜ yd.     Rose 1775613 - Table For Two - binding
1 yd.      Backing fabric
1 yd.      Low loft batting

Layout the heart
Place the 42 - 2.5" squares from the Moda Candy or Charm Pack on a design wall or floor. 

If you are using a Charm Pack, cut 42, 2.5" squares (obviously more color choice with charm pack). 

Audition color placement of squares until you get the color arrangement that you like. It's fun to play with it. I ended up using darker squares to outline the heart so it would stand out in the photograph. Make the heart more subtle and pixelated looking, by mixing up the colors more.

Cut background squares, strips and complete quilt layout

Cut the squares and strips from background fabrics 1 and 2 as shown on the quilt layout map (it's at the end of this post). 

Following quilt layout map, add background squares and strips to design wall around the heart. It always looks completely wrong to me when laid out like this, but feels great when it all comes together after sewing.

Sew squares and strips to form horizontal rows
Use a ¼" seam allowance throughout this project. It really helps in matching up squares if you sew a consistent seam width, ¼" or scant… 

Press seams in opposite direction. This avoids bulk and makes it easy to nest seams when sewing everything together.

Sew the rows together
Start sewing the rows together in the order you like, top to bottom, from center out, bottom to top. Whatever makes sense to you.

Press seams in one direction.

Make a quilt sandwich
Layer backing, batting and quilt top. Baste using pins, spray, or use fusible batting. Quilt simply or more dense, whichever you prefer. This is a good one to try your free motion quilting on because of the size.

One small but Big Hearted quilt for February or anytime. Mine finished at approx. 28.5" x 29.5". Hope you try this one and have fun doing it. And please stop by my blog over the weekend. There's a giveaway for some Table for Two background fabrics to use in this project. - Robin

Robin Nelson


Brendajos said...

I keep looking but I can't see where it says how to cut the background strips. Can someone point it out to me. I am sure this is an indication that I should be sleeping already.

celinum said...

totally in love with this quilt.

WildcatRN said...

Very cute quilt, but like Brendajos pointed out...I do not see any directions on how to cut the background strips. And I just woke up, does that mean I need to go back to sleep? ;)

Robin @ Craft Sisters said...

So glad you like this one.
Open up the printer friendly version of the pattern and you'll see a quilt layout map on the last page. It shows the cutting lengths on the map and in a list for both backgrounds.

kdj said...
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kdj said...
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kareencountry said...

Hermoso!!!!! para lucirlo en esta ├ępoca.

Gill said...

Fabulous pattern - I love both versions!

Pierro said...

Rosemary B here:
Cutie cute. I love the fabric choices!

Kris B said...

I don't see the background strips nor do I see a printer friendly version anywhere. Would love to make this but prefer not to figure out the strips.

eNzmom said...

i love this! my nieces/nephews have Hart as their family name - these are definitely on the gift lists! cutest (and easiest) hearts i've seen in a quilt pattern so far! thank you for sharing both of the colorways.

Carrie P. said...

so pretty!

Gillian Watts said...

Would love to make this, but also don't see the printer friendly version.

WildcatRN said...

Sweet! Found the instructions under the printer version of the pattern! I am actually finishing up a quilt using some of the same fabric as shown in your quilt! Such a pretty fabric line! Thank you again! :)

Lori Landenburger said...

Love love love.!!

DFW360 said...

The printer friendly version is a linked pdf file below the last quilt picture, just above the comments.

Laura said...

Thank you DFW360 for telling me where the printer version was located. After I read your comment, it was like the link jumped out at me. This is so very cute. I think I will make one for my donation quilt for Relay for Life.