Candy Scraps Quilt

Hello all!--I am excited to be sharing another quilt pattern with you here on Moda Bake Shop.  My name is Corey; you will usually find me blogging over at Little Miss Shabby.

I am always drawn to a great scrap quilt--they are probably some of my favorite quilts.  Moda's mini charm packs are a perfect way to create a scrap quilt.  If you prefer a less scrappy quilt, this quilt could also be made using one regular charm pack and one mini charm pack.  Check out the end of the tutorial to see the quilt made using Mirabelle by Fig Tree Quilts.

*5 Moda Candy packs (I used From Outside In, Ducks in a Row, April Showers, Mixed Bag, & Daydream)
1 White Solid Jelly Roll
2 1/4 yard Linen Mochi Dot Unbleached Linen (32911-11)
3 1/8 yard Backing
1/2 yard Binding (I used April Showers, Teal Stripe, 55083-12)
56" x 72" batting

*For a less scrappy version choose one regular charm pack & one Moda Candy pack, cut each 5" square into (4) 2.5" squares

(48) 8 1/2"(trim a regular sized piece of paper to the correct size) pieces of copy paper; draw a diagonal line from one corner to another

A variety of 8 wt. Perle Cotton if hand quilting

Cutting Instructions

From the Jelly Roll:
Use 22 strips, cut (192) 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles (cut 9 from each strip)

From the Linen cut:
(16) 1 3/4" x WOF strips; subcut (48) 1 3/4" x 14" strips
(7) 6" x WOF strips; subcut (48) 6" squares, cut diagonally once to make 96 triangles

Block Construction

~All sewing is done right sides together using a scant 1/4" seam allowance~

Begin by sewing together the mini charm pack squares in pairs.  You will need a total of 96 pairs.  Press toward the darker fabric.

Sew a 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangle onto each side of the units made above as pictured below.  Press to the white.

Center a 1 3/4" x 14" linen strip across the unmarked diagonal.  Tip: use a little bit of temp. spray adhesive to keep it in place.

Place a mini charm strip right sides together with the linen strip.  Center as illustrated.  Using a small stitch length, sew the strips together.  You will be sewing the strips onto the paper.  Press away from the center.

Sew another mini charm strip to the other side of the linen strip in the same manner.

Sew a triangle onto each side.  Center as illustrated.  Press away from the center.

Your block should now look like this:

Trim the block even with the 8 1/2" paper.  Remove the paper to complete the block.

Make a total of (48) 8 1/2" blocks.

Layout the blocks 6 blocks x 8 blocks.  Sew together, pressing the seams of adjacent rows in opposite directions.

Your quilt top is now complete and you can baste, quilt, and bind using your preferred methods.  For my quilt, I opted to big stitch, hand quilt using a variety of 8 wt. Perle Cotton threads.

A striped binding is the perfect addition to any quilt.

And, of course, as promised here is the quilt using all Mirabelle by Fig Tree Quilts:

One scrappy 48" x 64" Candy Scraps Quilt.  Perfect for snuggling under--my kids will attest to this! =)

For other fun quilts, tutorials, quilt alongs, and stitch alongs, visit my blog at Little Miss Shabby.

Corey Yoder


Gill said...

I love this!!

annmarie said...

Wow - very different & so creative. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

I love this quilt. Great tutorial for the quilt. Hugs

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Very pretty Corey -- just love the layout and the use of the linen. Thanks so much!!

Karen Ackva said...

A very nice design, Corey! A great use of candy or small scraps, too! I wonder if you could do it without the paper? Keep it going with your awesome ideas!

Karen Ackva said...
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Wonky Girl said...

Wonderfully over the top! You are very creative. Thank you for sharing.

HallieBerryQuilts said...

This is SO cool! I love it. I'm going to see what I have in minis and get one started :)

Tamara Paulina Rivera Farias said...

Hi Corey! I love this quilt!
I would like to make it in queen size. Do you have an idea of the fabric requirements??

Best regards,

kareencountry said...

Precioso. Una hermosa labor.

Sara said...

This is beautiful...just my style. I'm pinning it for when I feel like a paper piecing adventure - haven't done any yet but this looks like a great starting point! Also inspired to do some hand quilting - so beautiful!

Little Miss Shabby said...

Tamara--Right now the quilt is 6 blocks x 8 blocks. 12 blocks x 14 blocks would result in a quilt 96" x 112". This would be roughly 4 times the size of the original quilt and would require approx. 4x the amount of fabrics(this is a very generous estimate).

Anna said...

Uaauuu!!!!! Me encanta!!!!

Sherise Hyatt said...

Very different & the colors are perfect together. Thanks for sharing, this will definitely be my next project!

Karen Murphy said...

So pretty! Do you prewash?

Dianne Neale said...

Beautiful - I'm going to have to have a go!