Recipe Updates and Corrections

Dear Readers,

We so enjoy bringing you a wide array of talented Chefs whose beautiful designs showcase our fabrics. Occasionally mistakes are made in the instructions or templates. We do our best to correct the recipes as soon as we hear of an error and we appreciate you bringing them to our attention.

When recipes are updated, you will now see a new version date next to the Printer Friendly file link.

We have also added this note and file version date to the Printer Friendly Files for new and updated posts:
Happy Sewing,


VickiT said...

That is very helpful, but is there any way we can possibly have a list posted maybe on the sidebar of those which have been updated? If we have already saved a recipe to make and printed it, then we won't know if it's been updated. A running list of any which have been, even if just the name, would be a great resource to check easily.

Thank you.

abelian said...

Or just have a "Check for Updates" link in the sidebar, which leads to a separate page with links to the updated patterns. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns you've given us!

Tammy said...

Yes, a list of the corrected patterns all in one place would be helpful.

Teacosy said...

This is a wonderful place, for ME as a beginner there are easy patterns to follow. So many nice receipies, tank you all for sharing.
Liebe Grüße Sylvia

Guilitta said...

I can´t find the corrections? Where are they??

I am in fear of making mistakes when i didn ´t find the corrections you have said!

Greeting Guilitta.