Bartholo-meow's Reef Boxes Quilt

Hi, my name is Trish and I blog over at notes of sincerity. Today I have a cute and simple quilt for you, made with Bartholo-meow's Reef by Tim and Beck.

1 layer cake Bartholo-meow's Reef (for blocks)
1/2 yard Bartholo-meow's Reef Coral Glacie (for binding)
1.25 yards Bartholo-meow's Reef Wave Water (for sashing and borders)
1/8 yard Bartholo-meow's Reef Deep Water (for 30 corner stones)
4 yards Bartholo-meow's Reef Deep Water (for backing)

cutting instructions
for corner stones : 
cut two strips measuring 1.5" x width of fabric
subcut into 30 - 1.5" squares
for sashing :
cut 18 strips measuring 1.5" x width of fabric
subcut each strip into 9" strips you need 71
for borders :
cut 7 strips measuring 1.5" x width of fabric

for binding :
cut 7 strips measuring 2.5" x width of fabric  
for backing : 
cut the four yards in half (selvage to selvage)
for blocks :
choose 2 layer cake squares

sewing instructions for blocks :
each square will be cut into fourths (you will have 4-5" squares)
of those 4 squares, pull one aside, cut one of the squares into fourths (you will have 4-2.5" squares), cut the last two square in half horizontally (you will have 4-5"x 2.5" strips)
this is how you will layout your two blocks
sew rows and press to the darker print, then sew those rows together nestling the seams, and press flat
repeat for all remaining blocks 
once you have completed making all the blocks, lay them out in 6 blocks by 7 block rows
sewing instructions for sashing :
sew sashing strips on the right hand side of all the blocks other than the far right exterior blocks - the border fabric will later be sewn there
sew blocks together, into rows
sew sashing and corner stones for center horizontal sashing, press towards corner stones
nestle and pin horizontal sashing to rows, sew
sew rows together and press
sewing instructions for borders : 
1.  cut one 1.5" x width of fabric strip in half, sew each half end to end with a 1.5" strip - you will now have two 1.5" strips - sew each strip to the top and bottom of the quilt top, trim excess and press open
2.  sew remaining 1.5" x width of fabric strips into two longer strips - sew each strip on either side of the quilt top, trim excess and press open
quilt and bind
 long arm quilting by Kathy Olkowski
58" x 68" throw quilt

Trish Poolson


Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

This came out beautifully Trish. I especially love the colors and that striped binding just sets it off. Thanks for sharing... Karen

Deborah said...

Love this pattern!!

Podunk Pretties said...

This is great Trish! It's hard to find good patterns for layer cakes. Thanks!

lleblanc_nd said...

What a brilliant idea! I love a pattern that uses every bit of a layer cake. I have some leftover squares that I'll use this pattern for a charity quilt. Thanks!

Lois said...

Very cute!!

kathy-o said...

Love that striped binding! Very nice post - thank you for posting the quilting link. xxoo

Barbara McD said...

GREAT pattern!!

Melinda Stanton (Auntie Ems said...

Thank you! I made it with no sashing- easy and fast!

Karen McG said...

I'm making this quilt but using Moda's "Mirabelle" fabric to coordinate with our bedroom colors. Great pattern! Thank you.