Charm Party Baby Quilt + Bonus Pillow

Hi!  I’m Julie from Today I’m sharing a Charm Party baby quilt with matching bonus pillow.  I’m someone who likes to get as much as I can out of my fabric. The half square triangles leftover from the quilt top are perfect for creating a bonus project like a pillow or even a doll quilt.  I would love to see your version if you make one!

2 Charm Packs – Print (Chance of Flowers)
1 Charm Pack – Solid (Bella Solid Snow)
1 1/4 Yards for Backing (Chance of Flowers, Cloud Flower Garden)
1/2 Yard for Binding (Chance of Flowers, Cloud Flower Garden) 

To make the 16″ Pillow Cover you’ll need:
2 Yards of Trim
1 Fat Quarter (Chance of Flowers, Rose Sandy’s Solids)
18″ Zipper
Pillow Form

Gather up your fabrics.  How pretty are these?

Charm Party Quilt (2)


  • 64 Prints for Quilt Blocks
  • 17 Prints for Quilt Border
  • 32 Solid Charms

Choose 4 different charms:

Charm Party Quilt (3)

Take 2 of those charms and pair with a solid, right sides facing.  Mark a diagonal line.

Charm Party Quilt (4)

Stitch along your mark and sew another line 1/2″ over.

Charm Party Quilt (5)

Cut between those lines.  Set the smaller half aside.

Press open and arrange your HST (half square triangle) with the other 2 charms.

Charm Party Quilt (6)

Stitch together.

Charm Party Quilt (7)

Make 16 ‘mini-blocks’.

Charm Party Quilt (8)

Take 4 mini blocks and form a large block.

Charm Party Quilt (9)

Make 4 large blocks.

Charm Party Quilt (11)

Sew the 4 large blocks together.

Charm Party Quilt (12)

Take the 17 Charms we set aside earlier.

Charm Party Quilt (13)

1 Charm into quarters (4) 2.5″ squares
16 Charms in half  (32) 2.5″ x 5″ rectangles

Charm Party Quilt (14)

Take 8 rectangles and sew end to end creating a border.   Make 4 borders.

Choose 2 of the borders and sew a square onto each end.

Charm Party Quilt (15)

Attach the 2 border strips that do not have the square end charms.

Charm Party Quilt (16)

Attach the two border strips that have the squares on each end.

You have completed the quilt top!

Charm Party Quilt (17)


(OR you can also use the leftover HST’s to make a matching doll quilt)

Pull 25 HST’s leftover from making the quilt top.

We will be trimming these into 3.75″ squares.
If you don’t have a special HST ruler, you can use this method for trimming your squares.

Using Washi or masking tape, mark a line from corner to corner on the 3.75″ line.
(Make sure you are using the squared end of the ruler and one side isn’t an extra 1/2″ wide)

Charm Party Pillow (1)

Lay your HST (still folded in half) with the seam line (NOT the raw edge) along the 3.75″ mark.

Charm Party Pillow (2)


Charm Party Pillow (3)

Press open creating a perfect 3.75″ square.  Repeat for the rest of the HST’s.

Charm Party Pillow (4)

Stitch together in 5 rows of 5 using any layout you like.  Quilt if desired.  Trim to 16.75″ square.

Sew decorative trim along the edge with the decorative part facing the center of the pillow.

Charm Party Pillow (5)

Lay your zipper facing down, pillow front facing up, and stitch in place.

Charm Party Pillow (6)

Cut your fat quarter into a 16.75″ square (or the exact size of your pillow front).

Lay your back piece facing up (edges aligned with the pillow front edges), zipper facing down, and stitch.

Charm Party Pillow (7)

Open your zipper half way.   Lay your pieces right sides facing.  Pin all around the edges and and stitch, being careful not to catch your trim along the way.  Zig-zag or overlock the raw edges to prevent fraying.

Charm Party Pillow (8)

Pillow cover is done!

Charm Party Pillow (9)

40″ Square Baby Quilt
16″ Pillow Cover

If you make a quilt I would love to see it!  Please email at 627handworks at
Julie Hirt