Sandbox Quilt

Hi! I'm Krista of Four Robbins Designs and I blog over at Sew What's Cooking?  I'm so excited to be sharing my first Moda Bake Shop project with you.

This is a fun, quick quilt using the beautiful Weeds collection by Me & My Sister Designs.  My first design used Mixed Bag and it looked so fun I named it Sandbox.  So this one is titled "Flowers in Sandbox".  I hope you like it!

17 assorted fat quarters - red (medium dark)
6 assorted fat quarters - black (dark)
5 assorted fat quarters - dark grey (medium)
5 assorted fat quarters - light grey (light)
3/4 yards solid - white (very light)

Binding - 1/2 yard
Backing - 4-2/3 yards

Use 1/4 seams through out.  Be sure to cut largest pieces first and smallest last to insure you get all the pieces you need from your fat quarters.

Cut pieces as shown below:

  Following the placement below, you will need to make 10  blocks.

Step One:  Assemble pieces.

Step Two:  Assemble center piece.

Step Three:  Assemble Blocks.

Step Four:  Cut three of the blocks as shown below.

Step Five:  Lay out blocks as shown below.  Assemble by columns and then sew columns together to finish top.  Please note:  My finished quilt is shown upside down from this diagram with the smaller cut on top.

Step 6:  Layer top with batting and backing.  Baste and quilt as desired.

Step 7:  Cut binding fabric into 2.25" strips.  Join on the diagonal to create double fold binding.  Attach to top of quilt.  Hand sew to the back of quilt. 

Here's the back of mine.  I had a fat quarter stack and extra solid.  I cut strips of various colors and in various widths.  I started in the center and then started adding strips in a spiral and then finished off with some wide solid.

Here is Sandbox using Mixed Bag by Studio M.  I really love this for a child.  I think it is so cheerful and fun!

And how about the upcoming Social Club by Eric & Julie Comstock?  Doesn't this look great?  I just might have to make it again!

One Sandbox Quilt 50" x 80" perfect for snuggling under.

Thanks for letting me share my quilt with you!  I hope you like it!

Krista Robbins
Sew What's Cooking?


Pat said...
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abelian said...

It looks like the three blocks that are cut apart should be cut further down from the top - so there are five "K" pieces in the top section, not three.

Krista Robbins said...

Piece count fixed. Thank you Pat.

Abelian, the finished quilt is upside down from the diagram. (Sorry!)

Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

This looks like a fun one! Even using a fat quarter bundle of mixed up fabrics. Thanks!

amy hutto said...

I bet this pattern would be great for a low volume quilt!

SarahZ said...

This is really cute! It is fun to see the variations with different fabrics too! So many possibilities!

Paula said...

I looove this pattern!!!

Siya Kumar said...
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Margaret said...

I love this pattern. I am having trouble fitting pieces A and I. My calculations come to 4.5x13 instead of 12.5.

Moda Fabrics said...

My calculations also show the piece A and I should measure 13" wide instead of 12 1/2". The Chef is double-checking and we will correct the recipe as needed.
-Oda May