Floral Gatherings Quilt

1 – Floral Gatherings Layer Cake
3 yards Bella Solids – Off White (for stars, sashing, borders)
5/8 yard Bella Solids – off white  (binding)
5 yards Floral Gatherings – cheddar  (backing)
From the Bella Solid Off White : 
Cut 6 – 10″ x width of fabric strips.
Subcut 4 of the strips into 10″ squares.
You will need : 16 – 10″ squares
Subcut the remaining 2 strips into 5″ x width of fabric and then subcut those strips into 5″ squares.  You will have 8 from each 5″ strip.  You will need 32 – 5″ squares.
Cut 19 – 2½” x width of fabric strips.
Separate into two sections – 8 for the binding and 11 for the sashing and borders. 
From the Floral Gatherings Layer Cake :
Divide 40 of the 10″ squares in this manner:
You will need 8 – 10″ squares for the four patches – subcut into 5″ squares.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star points.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star centers.
For the four patch blocks :
layout two 5″ cream tone and two 5″ whites in four patch pattern
sew top two together and sew bottom two together, press towards cream tone squares
sew top two to the bottom two, press open, should measure 9½” x 9½”
For the star points : 
draw diagonal line on the back of each white square, with right sides together – sew 1/4″ from line, trim blocks along line
press open, should measure 9½”
For the star centers :
layout four 10″ squares
sew top two and bottom two together – press seams open
sew top row and bottom row together, 
being careful to align pressed seams, then press open
 square to 18½” square

make four

layout star block as you would like it sewn
sew both star point sides to center four patch, press
sew four remaining points to smaller four patch blocks, press
sew top to center and then sew bottom to center, press
ta-da!  36½” square
 now make three more
sew the 11 – 2½” sashing/border strips end to end, press
subcut :
2 – 2½” x 36½” strips
3 – 2½” x 74½” strips
2 – 2½” x 78½” strips

sew 2 – 2½” x 36½” sashing between two top blocks and two bottom blocks, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½”sashing between top and bottom sections, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½” border to the top and 1 – 2½” x 74½” to the bottom, press.  sew 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the left side and 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the right, press.
For the backing : cut the 5 yards of fabric in half, selvage to selvage.  You will have 2 – 2½ yards x width of fabric pieces.  Sew them right sides together creating a square.  It should roughly measure 87″ by 90″.
Quilt and bind as desired.
Long arm quilting by Kathy Olkowski.

78½” x 78½” quilt 

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