Trifle Dish: Butterflies and 4-Patches


To make LAYER 8, use charm packs, Moda candy, and layer cakes to mix and match for a scrappy version. Fat quarters will yield more repetitive blocks.

For EACH Butterfly and 4-Patch block, you will need:

Fabric 1/Background

  • (1) 6″ square
  • (4) 2¾” squares

Fabric 2/Butterflies

  • (1) 6″ square

Fabric 3/4-Patch A

  • (2) 2¾” squares

Fabric 4/4-Patch B

  • (2) 2¾” squares

Block Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ (finished) / 9½” w x 9½” h (unfinished)

Note that the above fabric requirements won’t yield a completely scrappy block. Mix and match the block components in the row for a truly scrappy look.

You will need an additional (5) strips of background fabric measuring 2½” x 9½” to complete the row.

Suggested precuts: Fat quarter bundle, charm packs, layer cakes

1.  Create quarter square triangles/hourglass blocks for the butterflies. Mark a pencil line along the diagonal of 1 background 6″ square. Place right sides together with a butterfly 6″ square. Sew a ¼” seam on each side of the pencil line. Trim along the opposite diagonal and then trim each piece on the pencil line to create 4 hourglass units.

Piece hourglass units together to create (2) 5″ unfinished butterfly blocks. (Mix and match butterflies between blocks in the row for a scrappier look.)

make 2 per block

2. Make 4-patch units. Join 1 background 2¾” square with 1 print 2¾” square to create a 2-patch unit. Press to the darker fabric. Repeat to make one additional 2-patch unit. Flip one 2-patch unit so the background fabric is opposite the print fabric and sew a ¼” seam. Press to the darker fabric.

Make (2) 4-patch units for this block. They should measure 5″ unfinished.

3. Join butterfly and 4-patch blocks to complete the block as shown.

4. Make 5 more blocks to complete the row. Add (5) 2½” x 9½” sashing strips between blocks to make the row measure 64″ wide (finished)

1 row, measuring 64″ x 9″

Block design by Trish Poolson of {Notes of Sincerity}



Trish Poolson

Trish Poolson

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