Honeycomb Table Topper

Hi guys! I’m Anjeanette and I’m thrilled to be back on Moda Bake Shop sharing another tutorial.

Since Moda came out with honeycombs, I’ve been wanting to make a twirling hexagon pattern with them. Finally I got the opportunity to do it. This fun table topper is made with large hexagons, which minimizes your sewing y-seams.  Bigger pieces = less seams. Win in my book.

  • 1 printed layer cake or printed honeycomb pack. (The fabric I chose did not come in honeycombs, so I used a layer cake to cut my own honeycombs.)
  • 1 solid honeycomb pack
  • 3/4 yard for backing
  • 1/2 yard for bias binding

From each layer cake square, you can cut two honeycombs. I traced the template twice on the back of my squares, making sure to mark the dots well. I used a turning cutting mat and a rotary cutter with my ruler to cut them out.


You can mix and match or try to use up your pieces nicely by cutting two out of each. It is up to you. You need a total of 36 printed honeycombs and 12 honeycombs for the centers. I also chose three low volume layer cake squares to add in to my centers too. But again, you can choose not to do this.
One of the great things about the honeycombs is that the plastic template is nice and thick and has dots to help with lining up and your seam allowance. You will need to have the dots all marked on your honeycombs for this project. I suggest that your markings are not made with anything that can be ironed away. You will need them to be there after you do some pressing.
Cut your printed honeycomb shapes in half, using the dots to line up each side on your ruler.


Lay out your printed half honeycombs around each solid center.

I would lay out the whole table topper to make sure you like the layout before you start making your large hexagon shapes.


Starting with one printed half honeycomb shape and one solid honeycomb center, lay the half shape on top of the center piece, RST (Right Sides Together). Using the dots from the printed half honeycomb, line up the dot on the left side with the point of the top of the solid honeycomb center piece. You are going to sew a partial seam here. Start sewing about 1/4 from the top left edge and sew only about an inch to an inch and a half. Finger press the seam towards the printed half honeycomb.


Take your next printed half honeycomb piece and lay it on top of your solid honeycomb center, to the left of the seam you just stitched. Line up the dots with the honeycomb below and sew.


Press towards the printed half honeycomb.

Complete all four remaining sides the same way, always lining up your dots with the edge of the center honeycomb, and always pressing towards the printed half honeycomb shapes.


When you get to your last printed half honeycomb shape, you are going to need to fold back the first printed half honeycomb piece, out of the way. Line up the last shape the same way as the others and sew the entire side.

Unfold the first printed half honeycomb and pin the rest of the piece along the edge. Starting on the initial partial seam, sew down the rest of the edge. Press towards the printed half honeycomb. Viola. You have just completed a large hexagon with a partial seam.


Join all your large hexagon shapes together using the outside dots you marked. Moda Lissa wrote up a beautiful tutorial on how to sew the honeycombs together.
Make your quilt sandwich and quilt your topper.
Because of the outline of this table topper, you will need to make bias binding to fit around the corners. My friend Anna Haller wrote up a Moda Bake Shop tutorial for bias binding. There are also great tutorials for continuous bias bindings which is what I use.

An adorable table topper! I can’t wait to use this at Christmas time. I think Kate Spain makes the most lovely winter time fabric and this Solstice is right up there with my favorites.

If you do make one, I would love for you to share a picture of it with me. You can reach me at AnjeanetteK.com.

Anjeanette Klinder


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  1. Mary M in Rome NY says:

    Very pretty table topper BUT the pdf file (Printer Friendly version) is not at the end of the link.

  2. Arlene says:

    I have tried to print several of your patterns including “Honey Comb Table topper” and your site won’t let me. I have always made some beautiful gifts using patterns and ideas using precuts and I’m very disappointed that I can’t any longer. What is going on with your website?
    Things have changed and I understand change but…..

  3. Anjeanette says:

    Hello Ladies. This isn’t something I have control of. That being said, it was quite an undertaking for them to move the website from one platform to another. They are painstakingly going back through the entire site line by line to fix all the errors that are there. It will take time. I am glad that you are interested in making my pattern. I hope you are patient. I have sent an email to the Moda Bake Shop website to let them know about this.

  4. Lisa Calle says:

    Hi ladies! I’m not sure why this PDF link stopped working but I’ve re-linked it and you should be able to download it now.

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