Tips and Tricks: Become a Chef


We are always on the look out for new projects and new Chefs. Today Oda May shares a few tips on how to submit a project.

Oda May here! We have a diverse group of talented {Chefs} here at the Moda Bake Shop and we’d love to have you join the team. Here are my tips for submitting your proposal:

  1. Plan your project. No need to make it (unless you just want to!) but map it out to be sure that it can be replicated by other readers.
  2. Make a sample block or create a sketch of the project.
  3. Be sure that you’ve used at least one type of precut. Check our {Equivalent Measures} printout for detailed information on each type of precut we offer (quantity, dimensions, etc.)
  4. Search our site to see if we’ve already published something similar. With so many posts it can be hard to narrow it down so try searching by the precut you intend to use.
  5. Look ahead at our {Future Groups} to see if there is one that would be a good fit for your design. If desired, download image files of the prints to use in your sketch.
  6. Submit your proposal using our new submission form {here}. Fill out the form in its entirety.

A few other things that will help your submission stand out:

  • A web presence (blog, Flickr, Instagram) with clear photos of your work
  • Links to other tutorials you’ve written

One of the most often asked questions about project submissions is “Can I remake something I’ve already made?” The answer is yes!

3 comments on “Tips and Tricks: Become a Chef

  1. casey says:

    why has your main page changed so much? I cannot find anything and never saw an announcement as to when or why this was happening.

  2. RRRegena f says:

    They don’t need a why…… chefs are sprouting up every single day….why not tap into all that new, fresh goodness??? I just may write me a recipe…….Can’t think of a single reason not to don a
    me-made apron and get to “cookin”

  3. SoozeM says:

    Are you accepting submissions from Australia?

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