Welcome to the New Moda Bake Shop!

The Moda Bake Shop was started in 2009 as a resource for quilters and sewists to find original patterns for using Moda Fabrics’ wonderful range of precuts. Five years and nearly 1000 posts later, Oda May decided that it was time to shake things up a bit. Our redesigned site is filled with the same high quality recipes you’ve come to expect with a more streamlined look that should make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A few of the exciting changes:



  • Bake Shop Basics, Tips from Oda May, and Q&A with Oda May can all be found under the {Tips} tab
  • Our {Weights & Measures} page provides a set of printables for working with precuts as well as some basic sewing/quilting tips
  • We’ve added a Chef info box at the bottom of each post that lets you connect with your favorite Chef on various social media outlets and check out their Latest Posts



  • And finally, we’ve added a form to Contact Us also found on the right side menu. Let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

MBS-contact-us-captureWe hope you enjoy the redesigned Moda Bake Shop. We are looking forward to the next 1000 posts!

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24 comments on “Welcome to the New Moda Bake Shop!

  1. Miss Ruthie says:

    I love the new look.

  2. Sharon says:

    Nice new design.
    Sadly it is now highly annoying to search through the recipes because every recipe is shown with full desciption and all pictures. It takes forever to look through the various projects and at one point I simply gave up. Not fun at all.
    Why was this changed? It was so well-arranged bevore, with only the name, a picture of the finished quilt and a short introduction + rating on display.
    If I wanted to see how the whole project is done, I would open it.
    For a recipe summary absolutely not suitable. 🙁

    • modafabrics says:

      Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for your comment. We made the switch from Blogger to WordPress just yesterday morning and we are still working on going back to all our previous posts to add the “break” that displays only the first picture, name, short description and rating. The breaks were not transferred over from blogger and so we are going back one by one to add that break back in. We are continually updating our site to help make it more user-friendly for our readers. Thanks so much for choosing Moda Fabrics!

      • Sharon says:

        Great, that’s good to know. 🙂 I wanted to look for a baby quilt, so I just check back later. Thank you for your fast reply.

    • phyllis says:

      I agree. I find the Bake Shop very frustrating. I can’t find many items I use to.

    • pam in illinois says:

      I agree. Was going to look in the baby quilts and I just don’t have the time to look at every quilt along the directions before I can chose one. The only entry that is truncated is the first one. All the rest are the full directions.
      Seems enough time has gone by to fix that. I’ll maybe check back at a later date. In the mean time I guess I will have to find a pattern elsewhere. So disappointed.
      I have made many of the quilts in the past when the site was user friendly.
      I have no issue with the new look at all. Just with having to click on the site more times than before.

  3. pam in illinois says:

    I also liked the option to go to ‘baby quilts’ accessories, etc without having to look thru every post. Is this coming back? The way it is now isn’t very user friendly or time saving.

    • modafabrics says:

      Hi pam in illinois… The option to click to see Baby, Quilts, accessories, etc. is still available on our website. When you are on our Homepage, there is a slider image with all of these categories. If you click on the blue name of the category that is overlaid on top of each sliding image, it will take you to the specified category so you can peruse through the beautiful projects from all our Chefs.

  4. Judy Lowery says:

    Hi my name is Judy and I just want you to know that this is my first time on this site and to me I like it I have bought you mini charm packs on Amazon before but I have yet to use them now I can get on here and find one of your projects to make and again I think it’s great .

  5. M. says:

    Too bad….I just do not like the new site (so far). Sorry.
    I have to join Sharon (Sept. 25, 7,51 am) in her comment.
    Also I do find the new writing in color and typeface very annoying. The grey color is not easy for me to read and my monitor is adjusted in the correct way!
    Well- you asked for opinion- and this is mine.

  6. Cori says:

    Hate the new look. Can not find anything, trying to get fabric ideas. Very confusing! I give up, will look some where else!

  7. Lisa "Finnie" Finn says:

    Well I think the new site is GREAT!
    Change is a normal growing everyday thing for all living things. To keep new life breathing into a site you must change, and keep things up to date. It can be a little unsettling at first, but keep at it and you will soon get the hang of it and will LOVE the new site. Don’t be a nay sayer- give them a chance to work out all the bugs. Great things come to those who wait.
    Great work Moda-again you have shown you are at the top in your league!!!

  8. Christine Gibbons says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new set up. Love, love, love this site. You all do a wonderful job keeping it up. Is there a place we can add our e-mail to get notifications on any updates? Oh I think I just found it at the bottom.

  9. Biggy says:

    I don´t like the new look. Agree with Sharon´s post from Sep.25

  10. terrieannie says:

    Congrats on being proactive and stepping into the ‘here and now’! Some people will always find change difficult, and there are often hiccups when moving into new technology, but things will work out and be better than ever, I am sure! I’ve followed this site for several years and now follow several of your contributors. They are some of the fresh, young quilters at the forefront of the Modern Quilt movement. Great job y’all!

  11. myloquacity says:

    I love Moda… but I’m not a fan of the new look either. So sorry. My first thought was – why fix it if it isn’t broken?

  12. Marg Sutherland says:

    I really liked the nold site but will probably get used to this one. A ‘search box’ to the names or types of quilts eg. Christmas, scrap, log cabin, etc. would be very helpful. It’s very time consuming & often frustrating to find one of the older posts.

    • Thanks for your comment. We do have a search feature on the site. Simply click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand side of the top menu bar and enter in your keyword.

  13. MargS says:

    Ooops, that should read ‘old’ site.

  14. MargS says:

    Thanks, although having the word ‘search’ next to the magnifying glass would help. Also, searching the name of a quilt brings up the name with your cupcake icon. Are you planning to replace the icon with a thumbnail of the quilt? It make make the search much easier..

    • Yes, we are currently working on updating every post with a “featured image” so it shows up properly in searches and a “read more” break to help shorten all the posts for easier browsing. Unfortunately, when we moved our posts from blogger to WordPress, these features did not translate over to the new platform. We have over 5 years worth of posts to update and are working as quickly as we can to get them all updated. We appreciate your patience as we work at improving the site. Thank you for your comments and hope you enjoy the free tutorials provided by all the chefs.

  15. MargS says:

    Great, I think once all the changes are complete, the site will be even better than it was. Thank you for responding to the comments so quickly. May I suggest that you put the last reply prominently on the website until the changes are made so that everyone knows what is to come.
    I’ve made many of the free tutorials & love all the ideas and fabrics!

  16. S.rpRobertson says:

    Sorry but I don’t like the new site – it’s messy.

  17. Jen B says:

    I like the new look. On the old version you could view projects by fabric collection, and although it stopped working a while ago, I was wondering if you had any plans to bring it back? Also, there seems to be a problem with bloglovin’, I haven’t seen the 3 posts published since the change, and only learned about it through another blog I follow. Do I need to re-follow you?

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