Bitty Bits and Pieces


“Bits and Pieces” of fun fabric will make this super easy and colorful pillow

4 Moda Candy (mini charms) packs

1/2 yard white fabric

16″ store bought pillow form

house and MBS 038


Making the front of the pillow.  

Cut a 15 1/2″ square from white fabric. Yes, smaller than the pillow form. This is fill out the pillow form better if the cover is a tiny bit smaller.

house and MBS 011

Use your ruler and pencil to draw a faint pencil line 3″ from the edge.

house and MBS 012

Continue to draw the pencil lines 3″ apart until you have 5 pencil lines on your fabric square.

house and MBS 014

Start by taking a few mini charms and laying them wonky on the pencil line. They should overlap each other.

house and MBS 015

Use 17-20 mini charms for each row. Have a variety of color in your rows. Overlapping, twisting and turning them until you have the desired look. Leave a 1/2″ space on the sides.

house and MBS 016

Pin the first row in place and start on the second row. Remember to use the pencil line as a guide to keep the rows straight. Use 17-20 mini charms on each row. Pin row 2 in place

house and MBS 017

Row 3 same as above

house and MBS 018

Pin carefully so you don’t have a Moda Candy piece slip out of place.

house and MBS 021

Row 4, same as before.

house and MBS 022

Row 5. Set aside the extra mini charms.  You should have used 2 1/2  of the mini charm packs.  You can use less minis in each row if you prefer.

house and MBS 023

Get out your ruler again and line it up with that pencil line. Or measure in 3″ from the white fabric edge.

house and MBS 024

Place a strip of masking tape right along the edge of the ruler. The masking tape will be your sewing guide.  Gently  hand press the making tape in place, so it’s easy to take off.

house and MBS 025

Sew along the masking tape with a thread that will blend into the fabrics. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of each row.

house and MBS 029

Sewing on row 2. Again find the pencil line you drew and line up your ruler to that and place your masking tape guide on. Sew your row in place.

house and MBS 030

Continue to sew the rest of the rows in place following the directions above. Back stitch at the beginning and end of each row. Set the front of the pillow aside for now.

house and MBS 033

Making the back of the pillow.

Use the last mini charm pack and the left over minis and lay them out in 8 rows of 8, for a total of 64 minis.

house and MBS 037

Sew the minis together in rows as shown. Press your seams to one side, alternating the sides so your seam nestle to each other.

house and MBS 073

Your back is sewn together and pressed. With right sides together, place the front of the pillow on top of the back piece.

house and MBS 075

The back is just larger then the front. Center the front piece and pin in place. Use the edge of the white fabric as your guide to sew 1/4″ seam around. Leave enough space open so you can inset the pillow form.

house and MBS 076

Showing your seam allowance.

house and MBS 077

With your ruler, trim off the excess all the way around. Turn your pillow cover right side out.

house and MBS 078

Insert your pillow form and carefully pin the opening closed. Turning under the raw edges 1/4″.

house and MBS 079

Whip stitch the opening closed.

house and MBS 080

There you have it!!! Here’s the front and ……

house and MBS 082

There’s the back. A fun reversible pillow.

house and MBS 083

Margie Ullery

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  1. Lea Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing such a cute idea, love it!

  2. Kalynn says:

    So cute and easy. THanks for sharing

  3. Pat Christie says:

    What a fun, cute project! Perfect for using up lots of little pieces of leftover projects! I love it!

  4. CruiseFan says:

    Really cute and interesting!
    How do you wash the pillow? Won’t the small pieces fray a lot at the raw edges?

  5. Megan says:

    OH wow! I am LOVING this pillow! What a neat idea and so simple to create the texture! I am obsessed with pillows and this has now become a MUST make!

  6. Janet Ward says:

    Missed the contest, but live the pillow!

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