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Hello, Bake Shop readers! Oda May here today to answer some of your questions about the recent redesign to the Moda Bake Shop. Click through for the mostly frequently asked questions and our answers.

I find the new blog hard to read. Why did you change to a white background?

The white background is a design element that we kept from the previous version of the Moda Bake Shop. All of the legacy graphics on the blog have a white background so we’ve kept that design element to maintain a cohesive look.

When trying to search through recipes, I have to scroll through the whole post. It used to just show a preview of the post, which made scrolling faster. Are you going to fix that?

The page breaks did not come through from our old blog and we are manually adding them to all posts along with featured images that will show in search results.

I can’t find the search button.

The search bar is located in the upper right just under the header image. Click on the magnifying glass icon to make it appear.

Where to find…fabric collections?

Fabric collections can be searched for via the search bar mentioned above. You can also click on the tags at the bottom of the post to see all recipes using that particular collection.

Where to find…pre-cut type?

To search by pre-cut type, simply click on the desired pre-cut in the bakery menu on the right side of the blog.

Why did you change the design of the Moda Bake Shop?

After 5 years, the blog was due for a new look. Earlier this year, Moda’s {Cutting Table} blog and the {Moda Fabrics/United Notions} website were redesigned from top to bottom and the Moda Bake Shop needed to be rebranded in order to keep up with the rest of the beautiful new family of websites.  The new platform allows for more features, better organization, more streamlined management behind the scenes, and improved access for our large team of contributors.

 I used to be able to search by Quilts or Baby and Kids items but now I can’t. Is that feature coming back?

Our recipes are categorized into project type: Accessories, Apparel, Baby and Kids, Bags and Totes, Home Decor, Quilts, Seasonal, and Stuffed Stuff. You can click on these categories via the {homepage} menu that scrolls through the latest recipe in each category.

I subscribe via Bloglovin’ and I’m not getting updated posts. What happened?

Bloglovin’ mistakenly had two feeds for the Moda Bake Shop. This is has been corrected so all new published posts will show up for Bloglovin’ subscribers.

There used to be an index with all projects listed by type. I am not going to scroll through post after post just to find a project. Try out seasonal. Let’s say you want all Valentine’s project. As far as I can tell, I have to page through  everything. There is no quick way to find just Valentine’s projects. Am I mistaken?

This is actually not a change from the previous blog to the current one. The Index tab shows the exact same content as it did before – posts are listed by date and title. Seasonal is a category of projects which could be clicked on a from a menu on the old blog. The results would have shown everything tagged Seasonal, not specific holidays like Valentine’s, which is the same on this version of the blog. The improvement is that we have clickable tags like Valentine’s/Winter/Spring/Christmas that make it easier to find specific holidays. See screen cap below for how Categories and Tags are displayed on each post:



However, the easiest way to find specific content is probably to use the search bar.

Did we answer all of your questions? If not, leave a comment and we will update the post with the answer. Thank you for reading the Moda Bake Shop!

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22 comments on “Blog Redesign FAQ

  1. Jenny says:

    Why can’t you access the chef’s individual websites anymore? I liked to find out more about a certain chef if I liked their current post. It’s okay to see their picture but I would rather go to their site and find out more about them and what inspires their creation and use of colors. I understand having to do an update to match the rest of Moda’s websites but this I think is harder to navigate.

  2. CruiseFan says:

    Quote: I find the new blog hard to read. Why did you change to a white background?

    You give a reason why you are using the white background. Okay- but why did you switch to grey writing? Why can’t it be black which is much easier to read. My monitor is all set up correctly, the surrounding light is just great (I can read all other “stuff” on that screen) but I am having problems in reading yours.
    Is it just that “modern style” that makes you change it? Or is there any plausible reason?? Change just for the sake of change??? Just because 2 or 3 years are over and everything “needs” a brush-up?

    • Oda May says:

      We have always had a white background, even on our old look of our site. This is not a new change. The dark grey is used across the board on all our web sites. The Moda Bake Shop used a Brown text color on our old website and has never been black. When technology changes, there are times when a website must too in order to keep up with the new code standards and functionality which enabled us to freshen up the site at the same time. We hope you will enjoy all the Free Patterns that we provide from various talented Chef’s across the world.

    • rosemarazzle says:

      Rosemary B here
      I think this font is rather boring and tedious to read.
      It needs to be larger, and perhaps dump the serifs

      • Lisa Calle says:

        Hi Rosemarazzle! You can increase the font size to what is comfortable for you in your browser. How to do so varies with each internet browser, but a quick Google search should walk you through it.

        P.S. This is a sans serif font.

        • rosemarazzle says:

          Rosemary B here again.
          Oh thanks for this reply.
          I just noticed that the font is only serif in comments 😛
          I will see if increasing the size helps. Thanks for the tip

  3. I agree, the font color is extremely difficult to read, everything else I like.

    • myloquacity says:

      I also agree that the font color is hard on the eyes. I know it’s a trend to go with grey, but I’ve always found it difficult to read. Looks good as long as I don’t try to read it! Please use black or at least something deep and dark!

      • CruiseFan says:

        Thank you “myloquacity”,
        that is just what I meant. OdaMay’s answer in general and especially the line “we have never had black” is a joke. I never asserted that.
        I just mean black would be better.
        Well….it is changed, people. That is it. They won’t change it again, even if we can’t read it.It is modern…we have to live with it.
        The designer is probably half our age. He/she is right…..always…..

        • Melody says:

          Seems like you guys are getting hung up on this – I bet if you give it a little time you’ll get used to it. Moda Bake Shop is a fantastic website with lots of information and tons of free patterns! Focus on the positive!

          • Andrea says:

            It is not an issue of getting used to it. For anyone who has visual challenges, you need good contrast. There are many people who have vision difficulties on top of all of us who face difficulties as we age. Why make it so difficult for a significant part of your base?

  4. Marcia says:

    Is there any way to ask Moda a question? Is there any way they could put the print number on the selvage of the Bella Solids. I have now messed up two projects because I can’t tell the difference between two whites 97 and I think 200, until I’m in the middle of it. Then, awwww man, that white looks different. There is also a couple off blues or pond color that the hues are so close I can’t tell them apart till it’s too late. Am I the only one who is frustrated by this? I try to put them in a seperate bag with the a sticker to write the number on but oh how I fail.

    • Oda May says:

      The Bella Solids are actually a dyed fabric, not printed with screens, so this makes it very difficult to add a selvage with names and numbers on it. We do have Bella Solid color cards that you can ask your local quilt shop if you can purchase to keep as a reference when making projects with Bella Solids.

      • Karee says:

        you could still print the bella solid name & number on the selvage. I agree about the nuances of the color separation is almost impossible to tell until it is in a quilt. I have the color card and it is good for picking colors to go with your project but to tell the differences between whites and some of the blues.
        Listen to your customers. Print the name & number, please.

  5. LeAnne B says:

    Thanks for all the hard work to update the website! It looks great! When I click to another page on the blog, my background flashes to a burgundy/brown stripe background before the next page loads and there is a delay. It may be just me, and I can deal with it, but just wanted you to know. Thanks Angela and Lisa!

  6. Mary Says Sew! says:

    i find the gray and and the aqua type almost impossible to read, too.

  7. Maren Potter says:

    About a year ago I found on your site a pattern called: Coblestone path quilt. I printed the pattern and bought all the fabrics. Just started working on the quilt. Pattern refers to “A” block for the the 5×5 1/2″ and instructs to add a 21/2 piece to either end and calls it for rows 1,3,5,7 then says to start rows 2,4,6 with a piece size of 9.5″. Here’s the problem the picture shows both sizes with a 2.5″ piece on either end as well. Doesn’t that make too many white pieces as they are alternated ? As a reference
    Quiltin Queen is mentioned in the 9.5 block. Please help me figure out this “easy” pattern. Thanks. M. Potter

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